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Nearly every model you meet will claim she is your friend some will ask for your name and will tell you her real name other than her screen name. Alot will not ask though or give you her name even if you ask. The models who want to know your name and give you a real name other than her screen name are these the ones who want to be friends more than the ones who will not share that information with you ? If a model will not give you her real name even when asked does she have something to hide ? If she works for a studio is she not allowed to ?

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Jan 28 13 6:11 AM

The general rule for all models is never reveal your real name to customers.  They are advised to create a fake "real name" to give to customers who want a more personal relationship.

If a model wants you to send her money via Western Union, then she must give you her real name, the name of a friend or the name she has on a forged identification to receive the money.

Often studios and webcam sites have a rule that does not allow their models to give out their real names which could explain why they will not divulge them.

Models definitely have things to hide, like their occupation from their friends, family, boyfriends and future employers.  Because members sometimes cause problems for models, it is safer for models not to reveal their personal information.

You can not judge friendship by whether a model gives a member her real name because she could be trying to lure the member into a more personal relationship to extract more money.  Can the member be certain she divulged her real name?

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Jan 28 13 9:46 AM

Plaything wrote:
I was wondering just because one is given a name does it still make it a real one or is it just to lure you in some more.

Why is any model online? Boredom? Fun? How about to make money. Are you looking for a rule to go by? There are none. Are you looking for what's the most obvious thing to assume? Assume that the model with whom you will have in front of you is there to make money. That's the usual reason that she's online and on your screen. And you can assume that you're there purely by choice and as a matter of entertainment or fun. That's the difference between vocation and avocation.

Each model is different. In general, there's a wall between the life they have in front of a webcam and their private life. And, in general, it's poor judgment for a model to allow a site member on the other side of that wall and into her private life. It's a matter of safety. Polarbear pretty much spells it out.

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Feb 2 13 8:02 AM

Plaything wrote:
I was wondering just because one is given a name does it still make it a real one or is it just to lure you in some more.
Giving a name is not proof that it is her real name nor that she intends to lure you in.  Some models use their real names as their email addresses and do not understand the merits of privacy and the risks from a lack of it.  It is possible for a model to give you her real name to lure you in some more.  She could also give you a fake name to lure you in.  She could give you her real name because she thinks it polite.  The thread asking, can there be real romance between models and members, basically concludes that it is possible but unlikely.  If a member sends the model money by Western Union, then it is more likely the member has her real name but there is no guarantee.

Try to determine why a model divulges her "real name" from context.
Does she give it to many members?
Do other members use her "real name" in public conversations?
Does she divulge it after members pay her a certain amount of money?
Is she looking for a boyfriend or husband?

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Feb 4 13 5:41 PM

Giving their real names can cause serious problems. Right now there's a russian guy, who presents recorded videos of several sites on his own forum. One page dedicated to one special studio in St. Petersburg, linking to pictures of the girls private lifes. Sure he didn't forget to put links to their vkontakte-profile next to the assfuck-videos. It was just a matter of time, until the first hobby-mafiosi started blackmailing the girls, sending "friendly" messages to their real life friends included.

By the way: A certain famous red site doesn't try to remove the videos on request. Why should they? It's good promotion. Same for the studio boss.

Ah... now ontopic: Most of the girls are young girls. Its their flattered naivity, it's their magic youth, which will make them do the strangest things.You (and I) can even not imagine all the reasons, why they give away their real names.

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Feb 4 13 8:53 PM

Thanks anotherguy..the inevitable emergence of the "hobbyist-blackmailer" has been one of our greatest concerns about models' security since this forum began.

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