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May 25 14 7:05 PM

Some guys like blondes, some like brunettes or redheads. Some guys prefer feature-worthy parts of anatomy. Some guys just prefer to be gender-specific. If I may, you seem to prefer women with a specific career. That's an interesting proclivity. Are you specifically combing the cam sites with the intention to find models to meet/date? Or are you particularly "lucky" to break that model/member barrier that ought to exist and you're able to capitalize on this fortune? Just curious.

You stuck your forearm up the backside of an antelope
and you didn't know that you're going for a ride?

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Feb 7 17 12:00 AM

Meeting cam girl??

Okay so I was using the app hot or not to pass time and came opon a really attractive girl. So I looked her up on Facebook because I really wanted to talk to her. Well I add her and ask her about what she does and she said shes a stylist assistant and that she also does live cam shows. Well ive been talking to her for a while now 2months and ive never once been to one of her shows out of respect. I was talking to her a week ago and I mentioned how it would be nice to meet her in person but she lives in California. She agreed that it would be nice as well. She is also constantly talking about her wanting to find a relationship with someone with great detail about what she wants. Well, she said that she is doing a photoshoot in the Philippines and she wants to come visit ME yeah. She wants to fly to meet me and stay for a week to get to know me. Should I be concerned I see alot of stories about guys going to meet the cam girls but none of the gorls coming to meet the person shes talking to. Again ive never viewed any of her shows out of respect for her.

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