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This post is intended for members of an adult webcam website ImLive.com, who are regular visitors of a webcam chathost named "Crazyangelu". Her real name is Lucy Huck, or Lu, or Lucia. First and foremost, DO NOT believe a thing she says. She is a complete LIAR. The only thing she cares about is for you to keep coming back to see her. She will tell you anything to have you keep coming back.She will tell you that she loves you, that she is your girlfriend, that you will be together and will meet in person soon. The fact is, she tells this to a lot of members. She strings you along because she needs you to keep coming back to pay to see her. She will keep making excuses of why you can't meet her in person. She's an extremely good actress and can be very convincing. She will even pretend to be jealous of other women you may meet in person if it helps her sound more convincing. She's so good of an actress, that she can even cry on cue and tell you her entire fake sob story to make you feel sorry for her. She tells you she is only an dominatrix on the site so you won't get jealous, but she does strip for members, but only if they're a frequent visitor. She will give you her email address and keep in touch, just as long as you continue to visit her on the site.

 If any of the above sounds familiar, or coincides with any of your suspicions about Lucy, then congratulations, you have been fooled just like me.

 You may wonder how I know all of this, or how I can make such accusations. It's from experience. I met Lucy on the site about 4 years ago. I became one of her frequent viewers. We also kept in touch through email. We had our "intimate" moments via the site. She told me that she would be coming to NYC to study at the Juilliard School, to become an opera singer and that we would be together soon. She told me she was in love with me. She became my "girlfriend". Year after year, month after month, she would make excuses as to why she couldn't come to NYC just yet. Reasons ranged from her mom's condition worsening (her mom has a brain tumor and in a coma), or her dad falling ill and needing surgery, or she hasn't heard from Juilliard yet, or she couldn't pass her english exam, or she's being evicted from her apartment and needs to find a new one, the list goes on. But like I said above, she's an extremely good actress and very convincing, so like a big fool, I believed her.
When the idea of me coming to visit her in Sao Paulo ever came up, true to form, other excuses were invented, such as her dad being so ill, she couldn't leave him alone to spend time with me. She even told me how dangerous Sao Paulo can be to deter me from visiting her. If you're wondering, she gave me her residential address to help support her lies. After all, if she shares her address with me, then of course she must be telling the truth, right?

The turning point came for me when I decided to actually go visit her in SP. Of course she was less than thrilled at the idea, and again true to form, tried to come up with excuses. Her excuse was that her dad was ill, and that she finally found a hospital, but was far away, that would give him surgery. She would not be able to meet me of course, and would continue to work on the site while at the hospital. Long story short, I obviously found out the hospital story was a lie. Her excuse later was that she was too insecure to meet me in person, and couldn't tell me the truth. That didn't end our "relationship", as I decided to give her a second chance, but was suspicious about her. A couple of months passed, and I suggested the idea of visiting her in SP again. She was again not thrilled at the idea. You would think that if they guy you are so "in love" with, made an effort to come and finally meet you, you would be happy to meet him, right? At that point, I had enough and decided to call her out. I said I would not make a second visit to SP, but asked her to show me some proof that she would be attending Juilliard as she said she would be. I asked her for some kind of document, and acceptance letter from Juilliard, a student visa, etc. She accused me of calling her a liar and promptly "broke up" with me. At that moment I fully realized what a fool I was. If she was so in love with me, and if she was telling me the truth all along, then she shouldn't have had any problems showing me any proof I asked for, especially after waiting for her for 4 years. 

 A reason for me writing this is because I don't want anyone else being fooled by this bitch. And yes, I will admit I am very upset, and if this should lessen the amount of visitors she gets, then it's a double win. But mostly because I know there are other members of the site who believe her lies and are still fooled by her. DON'T BE FOOLED LIKE ME. If you don't believe a word I've said in this post, then don't be afraid to call her out. Ask her for solid proof for whatever story she is telling you. Or, if you so strongly believe in her, go visit her in SP. I guarantee you will realize what a fool you've been, just as I did.

 I'm sure I've left out a lot of details. Four years is tough to summarize in just a few paragraphs. If you are one of her frequent visitors, and would like more details, comment below and I will try to provide as much as I can.

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May 25 14 7:23 PM

I don't get you. You're seeking to hurt her business prospects and why? Because she's an online model doing what many models do? This is part if the nature of the camming industry. Not every model invents stories but they all put on one kind of an act or another, whether it's faking their pleasure or even pretending to be nice and care who you are, let alone how you are. How could you not know this about the world of cam girls? Stop trying to hurt this woman. She didn't steal from you. She didn't pick your pocket. She didn't put a gun to your head and force you to join Club Dumb. So leave her alone, luck your wounds and learn from your own mistakes. Hint: when a waitress brings you your soda and she smiles at you, that smile is at your potential for you to tip her, not because you've come into her life in any meaningful way any way other than what's pecuniary.

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May 25 14 10:52 PM

From the Quote of the Day

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 3:15 pm 

Yeah, god dam those bitches! I mean all I do is lurk around rooms filling up the room chat with inane shit, then like, I decided to tip for pm and she actually started pming me! And now every time I try and lurk in her room she pm's me saying "hi". Chick is obsessed.

As for lying, well, technically almost every single thing a model does on cam is a lie.

Do women sit around the house scantily dressed/naked with full make up on? No. I'm sorry to burst your bubble guys, but that'd be both very cold and also terrible for your skin!

Do models actually get that excitable and happy when they're working? No. Many model really enjoy their jobs, and sometimes camming genuinely can be super fun, but for the most part it's just for show.

Do we really scream loudly and writhe around while masturbating? Hell no. That's all just for your benefit guys! I masturbate like a ninja!

Do we really enjoy blowjobs so much that we like to suck dildos when real cock isn't available? Mmm no, I love giving head, but not on toys so much.

Though these things aren't lies so much, they are also acting out a fantasy. They are not real. Camgirls are real people, but the person you get to know is only a small part of that person. Just the same as a waitress in a restaurant will be nice to you, wait on you, clear up for you and laugh at your jokes, but that same waitress also can't wait to curl up in bed and is nothing like her waitress self when she's at home.

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May 26 14 11:57 PM

I never said she stole from me, and I never said she put a gun to my head and forced me to enter her chat. You are misinterpreting my post.
I realize that many hosts in the camming industry "play nice" and fake things. But her acts go far beyond just faking things. She's not just "nice", she creates elaborate lies and makes you believe you will be together one day. She encourages you to visit her, but then cops out when you actually do. She literally tells you "she loves you". I don't have problems with hosts who are nice, but when you fake being in love with someone, and have them wait for you for years when it's all just lies, then that crosses the line. 
Like I said, I was a fool. I do not refute that statement. And like I also said, this post is intended for other members who are still fooled by her. That is the main purpose of my post. But, realize this, the goal of her lies are to have members continuely return to her chat room. So if my post "wakes up" other members and also "hurts her business", then so be it. It kind of works in parallel. 

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Oct 26 15 11:10 AM

Thanks for posting crymson - I've had a similar experience.  Yes, it's a fantasy, but lots of girls are now pretending to be interested in guys outside of ImLive to keep them interested.  They send you what you think is a persoanl email address and in my case they even send you pictiues of family and firends.  Sure it's a sex chat site, but I think that sort of thing is pretty crap !!  

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