Reddit - Adult: I am A Cam Girl working in a semilegal studio in Romania.

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Jul 29 14 12:48 PM

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I am A Cam Girl working in a semilegal studio in Romania. 

submitted 23 hours ago * by Monixa

My short bio:

Hello world, I'm your dirty girl!

I'm a 25 year old Romanian girl who started camming five months ago. I am employed at a videochat studio in Romania in semilegal conditions. I work 8h a day, 5 days a week. Sometimes I'll even be online for 16h at a time. I have an account and work on ten different websites.

Keep it polite and I'm willing to answer all your questions.

My Proof:

I sent my proof confidentially to mods because I want to keep my real identity a secret.

*edit: Wow, thanks for the gold, whoever you were!

** Thank you everyone for the questions, the support and being generally so understanding and nice. Your sheer curiosity has astonished me trully. I am very tired now and am going to sleep. I will answer all other questions when I wake up. As for those who pm'ed me without me replying, can you please send the pm again? I might have missed it in the little flood I got today. Hope you had a good time :)

*** Edit #3: I am baffled! Second day and the comments and pm's keep on pooring! I didn't expect this topic to have such interest. Some of you told me it even reached the front page and that is utterly impressive and I want to thank everyone again for being so welcoming and taking a true interest in what I do. I appreciate all of your pm's as well and since a lot of you would like to keep up with me, I figured I might as well start a blog and post there. If you want, here it is: - as a general notice, I'm not good with blogs, so I'm not sure how to add a comments section to tumblr or how to make a proper layout for it.

Thanks again for everything!


What is a videochat studio actually like? Is it like a real studio, or just some rented rooms in an apartment?


It depends. Some are rented apartments, some are rented houses.

The studio I work in is a rented house with about 15 rooms, all designed for this line of work. It's mostly IKEA furniture and bright colors on the walls. (IKEA is medium to expensive in Romania).

Is this your first foray into sex work? If not, what other things have you done, or would you consider? Do you feel you're being exploited in any way?


Yes, it is my very first job as a sex worker.

I've considered and still consider shooting porn. I've considered escorting but it's not for me. I'm still considering opening a dungeon and being a bad ass mistress. As a note, I do mistress stuff on cam as well.

I don't feel exploited. I am at liberty to refuse anything I'm not comfortable with. In this respect, I lucked out. There are studios that don't let girls have breaks or don't let them refuse customers. The one I work for is more progressive, I guess. I actually feel really well there.

  • What's the most common thing you are asked to do?

  • What is the most outrageous thing that you have been asked to do?

  • How much money do you make from doing this line of work?


  • Anal (which I do and enjoy). That I don't do: pee

  • There's a lot to say here.

  • I've been asked to watch someone eat his own feces. (refused)

  • Asked to watch someone cut his dick off. (refused)

  • Asked to do a handjob on my glasses, then suck & gag on them. (started doing it, laughed mid session and the guy left)

  • Asked to take out my dildo after doing anal, sniff it and describe the small as being horrible. (did it, but faked the smell thing)

  • I make around $1300 per month, which is great considering I'm a beginner. More experienced models make around $5000 per month. I made $1000 my first month and that is huge. 99% of girls (even experienced ones) don't make more than $300 their first month.

Keep in mind that I make double that, but the studio keeps 50% of my pay to insure training, model support, tech support, lighting & cam equipment, very fast internet connection, and even the lighting bill lol.


you're getting ripped off. you can make way more money doing it on your own.


She's in Romania. I'm sure that's a decent living over there.


According to the Economy of Romania Wikipedia page. The average Romanian gross monthly salary is $680 USD. Take that into account that 22% of the population is below the poverty line, and I would say this girl is doing pretty well.

$1300 per month

That's a ton of money in Romania. An advanced/senior engineer or programmer wage.


I had a Romanian flatmate who's parents were both Doctors on $3000 per month, sounds right.

What does "semilegal" refer to?


In my legal contract, I am employed as a "computer operator" (like telemarketers) and my salary is supposedly fixed to minimum wage (730 RON = ~ $220) + sales commision.

I only get what I earned, meaning if I haven't made any money on the websites, I don't get minimum wage. "Sales commision" is rather fictional, never the exact ammount I make.

About how much do you make from all 10 websites in total? Also, how does your 'sales commision' compare to that total?


I have 5 websites which I am on almost all the time. The other 10 are more like filling if there isn't traffic on my main 5 websites. Each girl has different websites she does best on.

I get 50% of what I make.

What if you have to poop? Or eat a sand which? Or scratch your head? Is there a pause button?


Yeah, you can pause at will. We are allowed 45 cumulated minutes of break time per shift (8h shift).

I noticed on there are many Romanian girls, are they also sexcam studio employees getting 50% of the payments (which are already 50% of what they website gets)?
Are you on that site?
Are some of them just working from home independently?
What stops you from resigning and using your own account to get twice S much?


Oh honey, Romanians are the queens of camming. We have very fast internet here. There's about 2000 studios in Romania and who knows how many indy models.

I for one don't even say I'm from Romania.

  1. I am not allowed per studio contract with the website to disclose my exact location.

  2. I don't want some demented fellow to fly to Romania and give me trouble. And there's a lot of lunatics on these websites. I'm not saying everyone is, but you never know who's going to stalk you.

Yeah, CB is my favorite so far. Let me break it down like this:

You pay $10.99 for 100 tokens.

For an independent model, 100 tokens = $5

For me, 100 tokens = $2.5 (each studio has different commision, most is 50%).

Yeah, I'd make twice as much, but wouldn't have tech and model support 24/7. I would have to pay a very big bill for very fast internet and I would have to invest in some state of the art computer and cams + lighting.


Why are so many people implying that she's a sucker for not going independent?

For work, a lot of us just want to do that one thing... not all of the billing and admin and trying to figure out even basic stuff about other jobs and support. We also just want to show up and get paid and not have the headache of running a business.

List out a monthly expense that looks like an average month's salary in Romania, plus being responsible for your own set-up every single day. It's not necessarily appealing.

There are guys in the US who paint houses. Undoubtedly, you can probably do a lot better by going into business for yourself than by working for another guy.

But if you're independent you have to make the sales calls and estimates, buy all the supplies for every job, manage your expenses and tax liability, collect from customers, prep and plan each job schedule, maintain your equipment, find and manage crew on an ongoing basis, and accept the risk that it occaisionally won't even give positive cash flow in a slow week, month or whatever.

If you work for the other guy, you show up when you told him you were available, you take your cash or check, and you go home and have a beer.

Which way do you want to live?

Besides just stimulating yourself have you ever been legitimately turned on by someone you were talking with?


Yes! A lot of times.

The first step is to show me respect and pay for the time and attention I am offering you. That just makes me pay a lot of attention to you and I will be genuinely interested. Not because you possess the cash I so desperately desire, but because I'm sick and tired of freeloaders so I will just ignore them. This is my job first and foremost.

Secondly, yes I have been so turned on by a fellow at one point that I would look at his profile pic while masturbating for others.

What's something you're not willing to do on camera?


Loaaaads of stuff. Here's my list of stuff I was asked to do on cam and refused:

  • pee / drink pee

  • poo / eat poo

  • vomit / eat vomit

  • insert a hairbrush into my anus

  • insert a bottle into my vag

  • insert show heel into my vag

  • stuff panties into my vag

  • masturbate with food (cucumbers, carrots, bananas)

  • watch someone cut his dick off

  • watch someone try to kill himself

  • cut my boobs

  • cut my vag

  • just cut any part of my body for that matter

  • racial play saying the n word

  • sissy play calling someone a "fag"

  • nothing with animals

  • incest role play

  • play with period blood.

  • suck on an used tampon

nothing else comes to mind

That's a lot of crazy as shit to deal with. Is this job worth it? Is there anything else you'd rather do instead?


Yeah, I'd rather cook all day long which of course has nothing to do with my majors or my BAs.

I enjoy my job. I'd enjoy it even more if I wouldn't read "bb open boobs", "spread asshole" all day long and if 95% of people on those websites wouldn't act like I owe them anything.

How about a naked cooking show?


That's planned. But for later on. I might do a phot shoot with naughty cooking or something.

What was your first day on the job like?



The trainer was this really quiet chick that they have since fired and replaced. She taught me... nothing.

Oh wait! She taught me how to fake masturbate. Which came in handy for all the 3 minute privates I got... and still get very often. I'm not going to dildo my vag 20 times a day for 2 min. No sir. I'd rather fake it. If you're a gentleman and stick around for at least 15 min before the dildo goes in, then it's going to be real. Otherwise, I can't be wet 24/7. Girls don't work like that.

How do you fake masturbate?


The dildo is parellel to your hand and covered by your arm. If you just move your arm... ok wait. Can I make a gif of this?

How do you fake that?


Girls will just rub their clit/labia & make noises. They'll rub the dildo around their vag but not in. Watch any cam girl & you'll see what I mean.

What do you mean when you say you fake it?


Dildo's not going in, it just looks like it does. Baffled? So was I.

If the guy is there for just 3 min, he's not interested in actually seeing it go in, he just wants to see something that looks like it is. Honestly, how can you expect a girl to be ready to put a dildo in her vag in less than 3 min. That's why I have a personal rule of mot getting naked in the first 3 minutes. It takes me longer to put my bra, panties and shirt back on.

What was your most positive experience while on cam?



I met this historian with whom I talked about Ukraine and geopolitics for about 100 minutes. He never came back to see me though :(

This one time on Chaturbate, people were super nice and chatty and tipping me and I made 5000 tokens in 3h and had a super time chatting, stripping and all. I like tip based sites more than being taken private. I'm very social and I can talk about a lot of stuff. Just throw me a subject and we can have fun with it.

Have you ever developed feelings for a customer? Or had a relationship or anything like that?


Yeah, I trully fell for the guy I was discussing geopolitcs with. We had this really flirty smart talk with a lot o sexual tension. 100 minutes of bliss.

If you're reading this, come back to me.

Are you worried that by making sex a part of your job you'll get bored of sex for pleasure and it will become just what you do for a living?


I was worried about that at first, but a few days ago I was really horny and off the job and I don't have a boyfriend, not a fuck buddy ATM so I masturbated to some lesbian porn with Sasha Grey.

How often do guys try to ask you out while you're working? Like, try to make you their girlfriend instead of their camgirl?


All the French guys, all the arab guys, some americans.

Guys who don't even tip or buy private time ask me to marry them. Honestly, I get asked to marry someone at least five times shift.

And I know there's girls who take advantages of men's feelings and promise to marry them in exchange for money, but I want to stay away from that. I don't want to toy with anyone's feelings. I only toy with my private parts.

What are your plans for later? Family plans, or plans for when you are too old to do camstuff etc


I plan on making a sandwich later. Dark bread with seeds, lettuce, ham, cheese, cucumbers. You should try it. Or maybe White bread, baby spinach, olives, tuna, leek. You can try this one too, it's delicious.

All jokes aside, there's no such thing as too old for cam. There's fetishes and there's prefferences. GILFs and such. The oldest woman who works in the studio is 48 or 49.

I don't plan on camming until I'm 50 though. I want to have a stable relationship at some point but that's regardless of my camming. With or without kids, I'm ok - I've given long thought to this.

My biggest dream is traveling the world and teaching people who live in poverty how to cook nutritious meals on a very low budget.

What happens when your family finds out?


They would be very upset. Dad would have a stroke, stuff like that.

My family is very conservative and although I am not ashamed of what I do, they would be. They still nag me about not finishing a certain college they wanted me to finish. I have two BAs in other subjects, the first BA I got on a scholarship.

Where/how did you learn to speak English so well?


Cartoon Network... then I got a BA in English Linguistics.

Made me smile. As a Ukrainian, this is so true.

  • How hard is it to be "in the business" without friends and family finding out?

    Are women ever pressured or coerced into doing cam work?


    My friends know what I do. I'm not ashamed of it.

    I just wish my mom were more open minded and I could tell her as well. That is the hardest part for me. I don't have a close or open relationship with my parents, but I've been working on making it better over the years so it bothers me that I can't be open about my job with my parents.

    Are you recruited by someone at a job fair or is it like taken where they kidnap and drug you?


    They kidnapped and drugged me. I am still under the effect of the drug as I am doing this AMA.

    Neah, I chose to do it. First out of poverty, secondly because I started to really enjoy experimenting with my sexuality. 

    (I figured out anal can actually make me cum if done properly - also, I learned to do anal very well).

    Is there any sort of sexual molestation from your employers?

    How much money of what you make actually gets to you?


    Nope. The studio I work for is like one big familiy. The owner's sister works there, also her cousins and such. And they're all super nice.

    I answered the money question twice before. I make around $1300 per month.

    Did you find this job through classified ads like the matrimoniale section of a paper? Do you know people other than coworkers in the webcam industry?


    Nope, but I wish all the guys asking me to marry them on these websites would hit (matrimoniale) instead of sex cams.

    I found the job through google. I purposely looked for it and I checked out the studio on RECOM and stuff like that. I'm pretty good at being nosey.

    I recently found out a long time friend of mine also does this periodically.

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There isn't such thing as "semi-legal", is an invented term, In laws there is only legal or illegal, because if you hide a part of earnings, even if you declare a part, it is still illegal.

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