Recent Money Laundering Busts? Gangs, Studios, & Models

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Apr 11 15 7:54 PM

Been there and done that.

The reality is that to view the truth one must first know what fantasy is as well.

In so far as this business, the reality bites hard when you realize that the fantasy of it all, just ain't worth a dime. It is always the same constant illusions. Some things never change in this world just the technology and the few new ways to create the fantasy.

I would much rather personally, know the real person than some fake persona as entertainment that simply plays to the primal urges of a human being. There is much more to life than an illusion. That is the absolute truth. To find oneself in the fantasy as you have written here, that it frankly is, just a waste of time when you face the reality of it all. Not my words or opinion, but yours.

I do however have met some real people, whom I know in reality and I prefer that to an illusion.  They have no expiration dates, and I am glad, so elated, and blessed that some people can look past the fantasy, to allow themselves to trust and believe that there is more to us all than just a Euro, a Dollar or judge  and categorize a person because of where they have met.I have also met some truly despicable individuals who will play this fantasy to the worst possible means to an end. 

When it is all said and done, there are real friends and real bonds that are made and shared that last a lifetime. 

All this business does is simplify everything into one thing........ in the end. In the end, it all just commodifies everyone.

Hence the original posters topic. Is it all about the money, always?smiley: wink

The only thing necessary for the triumph of for good men to do nothing
Edmund Burke(1729-1797)
Irish Philosopher,statesman

�With integrity, nothing else counts. Without integrity, nothing else counts.�

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. � Albert Einstein.

"To see what is right, and not to do it, is want of courage or of principle."


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#22 [url]

Apr 11 15 11:34 PM

"In the end, it all just commodifies everyone."

There's a statement that trumps all other words on the subject. Mr. T does it again, pulls a gem out of thin air.

Shit, I 've been, in any small way myself, attempting to not get sucked into it and to fight it when I see it, since 1979. That was about when I first saw this thing was more powerful than politics, and maybe even more powerful than war.

It just seems that the forces of commerce, whose purpose is to extract small increments from the largest quantity of consumers, keep coming up with more powerful tools all the time.

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Apr 13 15 10:55 PM

Whoops. There, I said it.

I heard about this news event, but the information was so sparse. I scoured the news but I'm limited to English only. I doubt any Spanglish news outlets would have reported anything. And there was so little to go on other than a hunch that I had. Only then, after gathering whatever info I had, did I post this. All the best, it leads to an interesting discussion despite how off-base my original post was. Sorry for misleading anyone. It's nothing that the tv show 60 Minutes hasn't done. But next time I'll post questions instead of suppositions.

You stuck your forearm up the backside of an antelope
and you didn't know that you're going for a ride?

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Apr 14 15 2:57 AM

No problem man, and again thanks. And the real story is bigger than anything 60 minutes has reported to date. This is transformational, if done fairly and thoroughly, and the leaders use the results for the betterment of Romania.

Look at what is happening in Brazil presently. The people are out in the street, basically because they are fed up and disgusted by official corruption. They've had enough. To boil it down, Petrogras the Brazilian oil company had a few giant discoveries. Contractors were allowed to fix contracts allowing them to overcharge for work (think Halliburton as an Ameirican example). Then those companies recycled some profits from the padded billing back into the election campaigns of the officials that helped fix the overcharged bids. This was a once in a generation windfall, a national treasure squandered in a decade.

Contrast this mess with Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund, created and managed to underpin investment in and shelter from tough times, the nation and it's people.

Combine math, with logical long term planning, and an attitude of integrity. Well, nothing more needs to be said.

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Apr 18 15 5:36 PM

well, trainer .. Reality: you are still stacked here after all this time, posting, instead going outside, visiting places or making babies. Reality: life is short, man, so breath and learn to enjoy it! Reality: I'm not here to debate other's fantasies about my reality ;-) (because when you are not in a person's shoes, everything you imagine about her/his reality it is still a vague image, interpreted from your own point of view, with all the baggage of misconceptions, education, way fo thinking and experience that are your own and not somebody else's, so you can only have an illusion about somebody else's what you call "reality") But limited minds have the sensation they know everything and "been there". No, you haven't :) Id believe that if you'd be a cam girl, but even if you were, you experiences might be different than mine. So you are far, very far of my reality,and even farther of Absolute Truth you fantasies you poses (but as long as you don't pay for that fantasy, thats's probably ok for you and you can get as much as you can take of that fantasy) and I don't intend to ruin it :-)

noname, here's a nice n intriguing short video about Ro :) :) [url=

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Apr 20 15 4:00 AM

Somethings just never change....

well, trainer .. Reality: you are still stacked here after all this time, posting, instead going outside, visiting places or making babies

What are you talking about, honestly, what are you surmising about me? You think I don't go outside? Lool.  Stacked? I think you meant to write stuck. No dear, until very recently I didn't post anything here for almost 6 months, what is the sense, honestly? You and yes you, don't know anything about me yet you come to the conclusion above to start a reply to me? I just came back from a caribbean vacation, so I have no clue why you ASSUME you think I don't leave the house. Secondly, you should stop judging others to cover your own insecurities, and assumptions. Why should anyone make babies as you mention, like you write it with the cavalier attitude that they are easy to produce? You want me to make a baby, without thinking about the consequences? Sure sure, just have casual sex and make a baby lol. Because you believe I should get laid.

The rest of your post is total assumption, anger and judgement as well. I have some very very very close friends from your country. They tell me, daily. all about their lives. I know what ails your country, just as I know what ails my country. I also am aware of the good in yours and mine as well. For you to attack me with assumptive judgements has pissed me off. I don't think you care to be open minded, but just sit there and make assumptions towards a member of this forum, who you do not like. 

I don't take it lightly how you speak with a condescending tone towards me, and I won't accept it nor stand for it. I will likely also visit your country as well, very soon, just to get out, as you say, and face reality which you deem I never do. I mean why shouldn't I face the reality you say I know nothing about, except for me to visit a close friend I have there. Or perhaps visit some others in neighboring countries as well.

Maybe I can confirm my illusions you think I have or perhaps I can confirm your delusions about my illusions just for shits and giggles. I just want you to know, I have no fantasies that you think I have, perhaps it is your fantasy about other people that leads you to know nothing about them that needs some self correction.

If you are going to continue to write in that manner, in response to me, I will do the same, with you. I don't live in a world of fantasy, but you do supply fantasy to your customers though. I ain't your custie and never will be. Don't ever judge a book by it's cover, that is a not so subtle warning, dear.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of for good men to do nothing
Edmund Burke(1729-1797)
Irish Philosopher,statesman

�With integrity, nothing else counts. Without integrity, nothing else counts.�

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. � Albert Einstein.

"To see what is right, and not to do it, is want of courage or of principle."


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Apr 20 15 9:09 AM

You are right, I shouldn't assume I know about your life, my bad. I didn't read the date of replies, nor the entire texts from here (I read in diagonal lately because I try to protect my eyes from tiredness). I am sorry I made you angry, It wasn't my purpose.

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Apr 22 15 6:51 AM

Tesla was born from Serbian parents, in Austrian Empire.
Actually an nteresting fact is that serbians are related with Romanians ancestraly because they come from thraco-dacians, too. There are cities in which over 1 million people speak  a dialect of romanian (they call it valahian), but understandable, and they have cities with Romanian names. But the friendship between Serbia and Romania has issues  because Ro, as part of NATO, offered to NATO an airport to use for american planes that placed bombs in Serbian villages (altought many valah-romanians was living there) and killed civvies. NATO  has been accused of war crimes in Serbia ( 3/4 of their male population died)

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#30 [url]

Apr 27 15 2:59 PM

Maybe "poeple who work in the filed" know, but victims of scam/credit card frauds/and other criminal acts clearly usual in that industry don't.
i take the opportunity to underline all of you still forget "scamS" (all sort of) in the combination of success, a totally and absolutely unpunished combination of scams... because nobody can make connections between girls and studios except "poeple in that field" ofc. sites themselves are registred anonymously by goddady on enom, or impossible to locate, or featuring inoperating (nevertheless paying) support... the list of evidences that industry is based on a conspiracy to defraud is long.

but only "poelple in the field" know who is who. and theses same poeple give moral lessons to their victims, they argue they are "decent", they enjoy a "normal life"...

LOL ! I lost the feeling to laugh for a long time.
coz victims are legion and i'm one of them. with no hope guilts will be bothered by police a next day.

coz only "poeple in the field know" !

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May 4 15 11:15 AM

Actually the models have been hired legally there, but with some taxes avoided, so the authorities made the connection (it wasn't a shady thing, it was officially who was hired there). And of course, not "impossible to locate" at all, And there is one definition in law for scam and another one for not paying all the taxes, that's why I said their problem wasn't about that. I am not sure what your issue is, but I don't think it would help you knowing the person who owned the studio. I mean, what would be the point?

And if you referred at "sentimental scam", if you are over 18 (and thats a must for using an adult site), you are a grown up man, so that if you've been disappointed by a model, legally, that is not scam, is your naivety and a worthy life lesson for you. Or you can make a civil lawsuit against the specific model, and let the judge decide if you deserve a compensation. The lawsuit is made in Court, not on forums.

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May 4 15 2:47 PM

"Breach of Promise"?

Good point camgirl. Actually I don't think that "breach of promise" is still on the books as a criminal offense in most states in the US or UK. But maybe, he could try in an EU court?

Oops, Look here: Apparently this civil offense is still in the statue books in some US states.

On the other hand, states that prohibit these types of actions clearly state so in their statutes:  For example:





Cal. Civ. Code § 43.4 (2005)

A fraudulent promise to marry or to cohabit after marriage does not give rise to a cause of action for damages.


Conn. Gen. Stat. § 52-572b (2004)

No action may be brought upon any cause arising from . . . breach of a promise to marry.


Fla. Stat. § 771.01 (2005)

The rights of action heretofore existing to recover sums of money as damage . . . breach of contract to marry are hereby abolished.

New Jersey

N.J. Stat. § 2A:23-1 (2005)

The rights of action formerly existing to recover sums of money as damage for . . . breach of contract to marry are abolished from and after June 27, 1935.

New York

NY CLS Civ. R. § 80-a (2005)

The rights of action to recover sums of money as damages for . . . breach of contract to marry are abolished.  No act done within this state shall operate to give rise, either within or without this state, to any such right of action. No contract to marry made or entered into in this state shall operate to give rise, either within or without this state, to any cause or right of action for its breach.


23 Pa.C.S. § 1902 (2005)

All causes of action for breach of contract to marry are abolished.

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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#33 [url]

May 4 15 5:21 PM

I see the "game of personnas" started again : some VIP's are one and only one "person"... a "person" i already met on another forum. LOL !

For a new time, no, i'm not talking about a "sentimental scam" nor a "breach of promise", but about a conspiracy to defraud.
I obviously know on what sites i have had been scammed long years long (many sites), i obviously know what model it was too (i mean her numerous screenames, on many sites - but also as an escort), then i'm actually looking for a studio to complete the "trio" (needless to say i also know the escort agency of my cam/escort girl).

Is it clear now ? Does it help to explain why i would like to know what studios were busted ? Or shall i also mention my camgirl talk to me about one of my cousin during our last private show, cousin who has been buglarized three months later ? Maybe it'd help to understand why i'm as well interessed in knowing what studios were connected with gangs ?!

I moreover demonstrated many times here why no court nor judge can be seized of that type of affair coz sites themeselves are impossible to locate, no more than their runners. For your information, first civil courts are not competent in case of conspiracies to defraud, criminal courts are - second no, there is no definition of scam coz that word is an informal one.
Given that matter, let me allow to say if forums are not place to judge as you say, they are not more place to brainwash nor manipulate poeple. Then please stop to insult them with your simulated misunderstandings and misrepresentations.

First conspiracy to defraud, not "breach of promise". Put it in your pimp's minds, coz all of you are in my line of sight.
And second all sort of psychological violences, blackmailing, threatens, ... without forgetting obstruction of justice. "Cases" in which criminal courts are again the competent ones, not civil courts.

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May 4 15 5:34 PM

I think that if you have a case, you should talk to a lawyer instead of throwing your frustration on the internet, and still, if there is a case between a studio and The State regarding taxes, that has nothing to do with your case. It has nothing to do with members, clients, members cards or members money and even nothing to do with the models, it is only about a company.

But if you are who I thunk you are, Guy de Smet, maybe you want to tell how you tried to scam several romnian studios, why you have interdiction to come in Ro and how you pay the models from Ukraine with only 25%

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#35 [url]

May 4 15 5:39 PM

I'm not Guy de Smet but i wonder how UL can edit your posts Camgirl (ofc except if as i assume you and him are the same personas, among others - like on the topix forum's thread called Romanian cam girls a certain guy i already named was playing roles like an American victim, another Swiss one, and also a Romanian man pretending to make scam prevention while i finished to bring the light on he's videochat studio obvious connections).

Closing that parenthesis, yes, I've a case. As each client who had been scammed or is enduring that experience has.
What i need is a studio. Like each client who had been scammed or is enduring that experience.

THEN everything about studios connected with gangs is my business. Is OUR business.
What ever is that connection, money laudering or protection tax or i don't what else illicit trade (i've a quite precise idea in fact LOL).
AND i'm not frustrated nor obsessed, i just refuse coward ruffians hidden behind their "anonymosity" talk to me about "being a man". Coz i'm older than them, more experimented in life than them...
and ofc not a wanker like them.

That field is a club of criminal organizations for the simple reason it is about prostitution and procuring.
I want poeple know it, i want to see guilts punished.

I don't need any laywer for the moment, what i need is a studio name.
Shall i put the one i've in mind on the top of my list or not ? Or is it again my "paranoïd vindicative loser" being wich is misleading me ?

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#36 [url]

May 5 15 3:47 AM

Obviously you don't know the law. In all EU countries, adult videochat is not related to prostitution but pornography. Whether you like it or not, in Ro pornography is legal. The only illegal thing is not paying taxes from any amount you receive (whether is pornography, selling carrots or whatever field you can imagine)

Uncle can edit my posts because he is the admin of this forum, and no, we are not the same person, I am much prettier and I have boobs :)

Nobody can do "scam prevention" but yourself for your own person.

Studios connected to gangs?  You watched too many times "Bad Boys 2" :)  Studios exist for making money on adult sites and that's what they do. They don't need gangs. And you don't need a gang to avoid taxes but a good accountant,  who studied at  Economical Studies Academy, not to gang academy :-) And no, there is no need of "protection tax" for working in this field. You are mixing things too much with your imagination or the legends you've heard. That's why i told you to consult a lawyer who can tell you if you have a case or not.

How would you know that the model you pretend  she scammed you (I don't know what is your definition of scam), is/ has been working for the studio that has problems? She could be in one of the many studios that exist or work from her place. If you know her real name, you don't need any studio for that. If you don't, well, that is extra naivety. Didn't your mom tell you not to speak with strangers?:)

And don't finger point, because you are hidden behind your "anonymosity" here too.

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#37 [url]

May 5 15 6:09 AM

Your inceasant efforts to simulate misunderstandings and to avoid compromissing acknowledged facts is an evidence your "legal" retoric is a mask.

UL himself pointed the ties between that "entertainment" and crimes organisations
A poster whom the screenname was "objectiv" also wrote something about that topic on the Topix thread Romanian camgirls (post 41 to 43) which had been discontinued, and I ofc for my part brought in addition to my testimony a large collection of Romanian online press articles or TV reportages establishing that incestuous relation.
Nothing specific to Romania, it's the same all over the world.

No need to be an accountant to know tips for avoiding taxes, as a business school graduated i know theses tips... Like as an ex. fundraiser for major human developpment NGO's during almost 20 years i vomit theses practices which as legal they are today again, they stay irresponsible on the citizen point of view for many reasons i can't developp here, that's why i enjoy the emerging movment to particulary name and shame tax and legal heavens.
And no need to consult a laywer to know if i have a case, coz as i explained it here many times (something you tries to overshadow), what need every victim of such scam is a studio name to "have a case" as you say. I should better say if i would have that studio name i wouldn't consult a laywer, but i would better write to a long list of Romanian insitutions fighting organised crimes and terrorism, by expecting they run an official investigation as an assessment of the videochat legalization - which is specific to Romania for the matter. By the way, police decide if there is a case, not a laywer.

Coz i'm litterally infuriated to see every day evidences you're incarnating a pretended industry which has something to do with sects and terrosim by your permanent brainwashing, lies, implicit support to criminal acts by culpabilizing and misrepresenting victims. Videochat overcame the scandalous challenge to institutionnalize scam in the same manner as African "brouteurs" do, with that particularity to operate at an industrial scale. Sorry, i can't handle with.
When i said to UL he underestimates my vision, statements and purposes, i ment that i don't reasonnably expect a compensation for my owned suffered dammage.
But i can expect a legal precedent as genuine springboard toward a deep and radical change.
That's called advocacy and civil society mobilization. Maybe it is something a person like you can't iunderstand, but every one is not obsessed by money as main purpose...

Concerning your interrogation about what's my definition of a scam, i just would reply all depends on what scam it is about coz as i said, that informal word is not a legal one... But i can testify videochat achieves records in that matter, actually including credit cards frauds for instance. Biggest adult entertainment operators were (are still ?) involved as insinuates "rawalex" in his comment
Is it a chance i made the mistake to subscribe on that videochat site where my camgirl had two screenames (among numerous accounts on different sites) and if i actually saw 18 or 20 months long multiplying recurring paiements whit each time a different title on my statement of bank account ?
Another reason which leads me to plead the (transnational) conspiracy to defraud at first main but not exclusive charge.
In the same way, i could mention obvious suspect connections between sites operated by Camconomy and Dutch Atlantic Holdings B.V., sensed to be based in two different European countries regarding their legal informations, what consolidates my position regarding my experience with their support obviously based in US for it's part.
I just underline that Ireland, Switzerland and Holland are famous for their tax policies or legal heaven being... and private registrations via are a US contributions to that "100 % legal" building making only a Private court could be competent at the end. Coz everyone is "anonymous" in theses affairs, needless to argue more in what purpose.
Are you sure to want to teach me lesson of laws again Camgirl ? do you still want to me I tolerate your official speech ?

I know my camgirl worked in a studio when the scam started, i even identified two others camgirls having worked in the same studio.
But a new time, what i need is the studio name.
I know that camgirl is also an escort, a reason more why i need the studio name.
A multi located studio, with not only clean nor confortable rooms but absolutely luxurious ones... then a big and represented as "100 % legal" studio, flagship of the Romanian videochat industry efficiency blah blah blah . LOL ?
To further highlights this, i have the pleasure to had i know my camgirl/escort girl has acquitences in the fashion field, know personnally laywers herself... and a young Romanian politician "star" whom has been spear-heading a party which counts another member having run a videochat site :
Are you still sure to suggest me to consult a lawer or don't you think on the contrary i actually exercise caution by choosing another strategy ?
And i spare you probable direct relations, but fore sure indirect, with most famous mafiosii regarding your national press - be they involved in procuring, fast shark, tax protection or money laundering ofc.

Feel free to shed my light about what studios and gangs were recently busted or not. I have to say i'm not surprised to see the Ilfov county in the list coz my "girl" is coming from this area and i keep preciously proofs she published online real estate advertisments with her Yahoo ID, the same one i got used to talk with her on videochat site, wich is today attributed to another camgirl. One of her multiplied Yahoo ID's, ofc Skype ID's but also Linkedin ID's or phone numbers. But everything is normal, most poeple have numerous ID's and phone numbers isn't it ? LOL !
Did i mentionned she studied computer sciences and one of her IP's was attached to a domain name denounced as spammer/identity harvester one wich could also explain some "disageements" not counting it stenghtens my advocacy ? Sorry, i just forgot. No doubt it illustates again the real face of that business and the huge career opportunities it offers to ex. camgirls...

But by waiting, don't expect i'll keep silence by reading you cheating poeple, denying indubitable facts nor muting legitimate opposition. Don't even expect i'll feel shame for the oneline stalking wich drove me to that clues collection. If i would know a hacker myself it would make a long time accounts would have been pirated in order to get the proofs no one can get in that context, without any hesitation.
By waiting, just enjoy the current situation "only poeple in the field know". Coz that situation is temporary, i make the pledge coward ruffians will have to face up their crimes a next day, be they hidden behind their anonymity for the moment, even by numerous manners. They will have to react "like men" as you would say with your usual incredible art of humiliation.

Another detail, my "anonymous" screen name here is the same as on dead topix thread i nammed in introduction to that post, like the same as on camconomy sites where i'm perfectly traceable.
On the contrary with you, i want to be identified, followed and finally joined by a large mobilization against the business you glorifies while everything trend to make it a rotten one.
Admins here are listening comments all over the internet and doing a community management work hidden under their masks, on my side, i implement my own reputation strategy on the same places... by waiting the moment when poeple will be cured of your propaganda, your vicious stratagems, your pervert mental manipulations stricly comparable as sects methods (...) and will choose to tackle the problem to its roots wich are more studios than sites. Because it would permit a criminal proceeding on a national law base, by opposition with a transnational one, again financially inaccessible for the common victim.

As a conclusion, i ask you the question what would it change they are home monitored studios exactly ? Nothing at all. The process is the same : everything is under control, scams are collectively run, in a total and absolute impunity coz "every one is anonymous", coz "only poeple in the field know".

But with a studio name, i would'nt have to hunt my scammers all over the world while i rightfully know two out of three are based in Romania. Even if they spend a significative part of their time in Switzerland.

PS : just for fun : how do you explain a such SEO forum's thread
Is it really reflecting the legal framework of that adult entertainment or better a film extracts from "Bad boys 2" ?



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#38 [url]

May 5 15 10:39 AM

Uncle is not a lawyer in Ro either, nor the people who post on topix or blackhead.. (Seriosly? :))) ). You are free to believe what you want. I disdt read your all posts as I am not interested about the story of your life and also because you make them hard to be read because English is not your first language (neither mine, so no offence) I wont explain you anything more as obviously you have a stable idea. The studio where scam started? Videochat started about 16 years ago :) so I am not sure you will find what you are looking for.
I am working on cam since a while and I never payed any "protection tax" to anybody. I did consult real lawyers and accountars ( I think it is best to let people who know their job, do their job and I had no problem paying for advices) , I even asked at the Official Financial Institution which is the real and ultimate authority, in order to make things right, so I know a bit more than thw speculations made on forums. Also I know studios that are fully legal like on any business and they don't have any problem.
If your case is about prostitution you still have to prove it And even in Ro prostitution is illegal, the prostitute just receive a fine for that and are let go.
But anyway, I wish you good luck with your inveatigation.

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#39 [url]

May 5 15 11:22 AM

The studio where MY scam started.
I already heard that argument "prostitution is legal", that's not the point. The point is the camgirl who dated with me during her shift, then under admins surveillance, was an escort while she ask money to me by WU claiming "her life depends on it", assuming she wouldn't prositute herself for any reason.
I came to the meeting, expecting she would give back the money which was a borrow... the end of the story is she lied to me years long. Again, under the narrow surveillance of both sites and studio admins.

I don't dispute prostitution is "legal", nor videochat is "legal". I just asset their practices are not, icluding all sort of frauds, psychological violences and others crimes.
And it isn't an initial postulate, it is my own experience as a victim, and probably each experience as victims of many clients in my positions if they wouldn't have give up earlier like most of scammers expect, reason why they use to discourage any denouncement, to humiliate witnesses online, intimidate them with official speech or misleading law basis, misquote their stories (...).

In a word, act like the ruffians they are without any doubt. Like you did. Like that topic proves it.
Coz no one must loose in sight the original topic here : yes, everything is about money in that industry, including banks complicity in tax evasion, among the rest...

Did i mention one of my camgirl/escort girl clients is an acountant in bank based in Ireland. Sorry, i forgot again (LOL).

I wish you good luck in your "anonymosity"... coz it seems that Romanian nor police nor justice are cheated at all about that 100 % legal business (LOL again). If videochat has been legalized, it is to get taxes back considering the obvious lucrative business it is in a complex economical situation while the poverty rate is a record in the European area. Certainly not to make richest wankers and ruffians ready to sell their parents for buying their last german model car or glambing big stakes in casines as said to me a videochat studio owner or admin on Topix.

I don't have a stable idea coming from a legend, it just makes a long time i see you like you're really coz i didn't "leave it like this" as you would prefer. No matter what you think about "having a life", about "the real life is outdoor" or the usual provocations i endure for so many years. Like every witness posting here or somewhere else is harassed and insulted.

Then this not my whole life story, but your business story. The real one, in the real world, not the other one written in site's in terms and conditions, in studio's recruiting landing pages, or in most of posts here. This presentation is fiction, yours ! Not mine.

And if none of you are laywers, then don't talk about law in order to intimidate your victims. Less again when you stay on wrong charges.
You should better try to accept the paradygm you tries to impose has changed : clients are not scammed by girls, but by what you still call an industry, hoping poeple will always believe your speech. It changes many things... YOU will learn that lesson !!!

PS : i also already heard my english was not understoodable... i'd say it's objectively an intermediate level one, what means what it means, nothing less, nothing more. Understand who want to understand.

I can't help myself to repost what should be my signature here :
"If somebody offended you, does not try to avenge you. Sit you by the river, and soon you will see crossing his corpse"
Lao Tseu


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May 5 15 2:15 PM

Romanian Studios

Headcleaner.. You are taking us over ground that we have explored extensively over the years.  I suggest that you check out carefully what's been posted in The Situation in the Ukraine and Russia. And then compare that with our posts on Romania. We have had interesting posts on Mafia links to the Russian and Ukrainian studios. But this accusation doesn't hold up for the Studios in Romania and Central European countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, or Slovenia.. Perhaps because the cam-industry is legal and these are EU countries. In particular check out camgirls exchanges with Odessum.. 

If you look at what we have posted in The Situation in Romania, you will find lists with Studio names and their locations, as well as as "infotainment videos" from some of the larger studios in Bucharest which they used for recruitment. If you look in the archives you may find some of our exchanges with studio admins from that studio company which had five studios in major Romanian cities and university towns. Our interest was trying to get a rough estimate of the number of Cam-Studios in Romania and the number of of university students working in them.

This is what we found: 

Later on of course, we realized that most of the cam-models who appear on the bigger web-sites - and who post in the cam-model forums - are actually independent models who work from home and who are self-employed free-lancers who contract directly with the web-sites where they appear. These models don't work for studios and have no administrators supervising them.

You can find our description of the structure of this global industry in this exchange between me and the Cam-Model Nocturne.
 If you can correct our understanding then please share your observations with us here.

Unfortunately, we can't help you identify the specific studio where a model appears. We don't have that kind of information.

Since you seem curious, let me say that I am based in the US. My background is in Comparative Political Sociology with a focus on the EU member states. 
I am not a lawyer. I am a sociologist who's an observer - not a "stakeholder in" - of the global cam industry. I do not write on other forums.
And yes, it's true that camgirl is much prettier than I am; but just as smart, and very well informed about her corner of the world.. 
She's our "in-country expert" on Romania. So mind your manners.
P.S. As moderator, I occasionally copy-edit some posts for grammar.

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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