Nov 7 08 3:39 PM

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Happy Birthday SlideR...Felicitations to the guy who originally set up this forum and who has stuck with it as its watch-dog guarding against "all the things that go bump in the night"
for two and half long years.....

Hats Off Slider, from the Old MadHatter.

Bonne Anniversaire.

P.S. Et bientot a Paris, non?

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Nov 7 08 5:13 PM

Happy Birthday SlideR and thanks for being here!

Be kind, for [nearly] everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. -- Philo
Curiosity Didn't Kill This Cat. -- Studs Terkel
Simply paying attention allows us to build an emotional connection. Lacking attention, empathy hasn't a chance. --Daniel Goleman

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Nov 7 08 5:48 PM

Thank you guys

QUOTE (UncleLewis)
P.S. Et bientot a Paris, non?

Sure, but i won't attend your classroom this time, I'm done with studies !

Do whatever you enjoy, Enjoy whatever you do.

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Nov 7 08 6:07 PM

Happy birthday Slider, sometimes I wish I was 23 again,sometimes not

In the game of seduction, there is one rule, never fall in love.

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Nov 7 08 9:25 PM

user posted image
Wishing you this
user posted image
Or just something like this
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I am already given to the power which rule my destiny.
I am holding on to nothing, thats why i have nothing to defend.
I have no thoughts, thats why i will SEE
I am afraid of nothing, thats why i will remember myself.
Silvio Manuel

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Nov 9 08 7:36 PM

Both are not incompatible Delfina
And I like your conception of the birthday present !!

Thank you everybody for your greetings

Do whatever you enjoy, Enjoy whatever you do.

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