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cool.gif Ah one of our European "Angels" sent this along - the latest version of the "Rules for Models and Studios on MyFreeCams."

It includes "general tips and suggestions" for Models - something that always catches our attention.. and is worth reading closely if you are really a beginner web-surfer.

Thanks to our Angel whomever you are and whereever you may be.

Rules for Models and Studios on MyFreeCams

Last Updated September 25th, 2008

You must read this WHOLE PAGE before starting to work on our site. Our rules are different from other sites you may have seen. We forbid some things that other sites may allow, and we allow some things that other sites forbid. You are required to understand everything on this page, and if you have any questions please contact us. These rules are here to help you succeed on our site.


This is critical information before you start.

To Do Before Going Online

1) MyFreeCams.com ONLY accepts models that are attractive, friendly, and between 18 and 35 years old.

MyFreeCams does NOT currently allow males, male/female couples, or shemales/transvestites.

Our best performers are always friendly, young, pretty SOLO models. Girl/Girl couples are allowed, but not recommended.

If a studio consistent models that our members do not like, we will ban the studio.

2) Selecting Model Name:

- The name cannot have more than 12 characters.
- No spaces or weird characters, please just use letters, or numbers if needed.
- If possible, please pick a simple name like "Jessica"
- If the name you want is already taken, please make it substantially different than the taken name so there is no confusion.
- Please capitalize the first letter of the name, do not start it with a number.

Example of BAD names: Vanessa_, Vanessa2, -Vanessa
Example of GOOD NAMES: Vanessa, LilVanessa, BabyVanessa, VanessaLove

3) Upload ID and Release Form.

Every model has to upload at least 1 ID and the Release Form before she is allowed to broadcast on the site. When you upload your ID and Release Form, you will need to wait until someone checks and approves them. Then you can go online.

Please read more below about what kind of ID is required.

4) Fill out your profile.

Please fill out your whole profile and upload some pictures.

Our system will not let you go online until you have at least filled out the headline text and uploaded an "avatar" which is the picture that will be displayed on the homepage. A nice picture and headline bring lots of members to the model's room.

Please make sure that the PROFILE PICTURE CONTAINS THE FACE of the performer. Nudity is not forbidden but it is not recommended.

The PROFILE PICTURE MUST BE 90x90 pixels, do not stretch it, make sure it looks in proportion to reality, and make sure the image is a GIF or JPG .. NOT a BMP!

5) Read this whole page and understand all of our rules.

These rules are intended to make it easier for models to succeed on our site.

Working on More than One Site (Split-camming)

We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE doing this! In our experience it will not make more money, it will just make the models distracted and she will receive fewer invitations to private shows from our members. Also, it will hurt your video and audio quality because you will have to upload to more than 1 site at the same time.

BUT if you still want to do this, here are the rules:

a. The model must be ONLY in the MyFreeCams chat room, she CANNOT be in any other chat room at the same time. 100% of her attention must be on the MyFreeCams customers, she cannot ignore them.

b. The problem with working on more than one site is that it divides your Internet connection. Usually a normal DSL or Cable connection is perfect for working on one site, but when you are working on 2, it is split in 2, if you work on 3, it is split in 3. That makes your video quality that the members see very bad. So if you want to work on more than one site, please make sure you have a SUPER FAST internet connection and try to keep the number of sites as low as possible, hopefully only one other one.

NOTE: Our models have told us that in order to make Split-cam work properly with our site, it is necessary to START MYFREECAMS SOFTWARE FIRST. Then once the video and chat in MyFreeCams is working, you should be able to open other sites using Split-cam. If you do not start MyFreeCams first, you may experience all sorts of video and chat problems.

We hope to make all models so happy here that they do not need to work on other sites. :-)

Speed of your Internet Connection

We require all models to have VERY FAST internet connections to our site. When your connection is fast, you will not experience disconnections or other problems. Your video quality and sound quality will be very good. You will get more customers and have a much better experience on our site.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your connection is fast:

1) Please buy the most expensive possible Internet connection in your area. Any extra money is worth it. We promise.

2) Do not Split-Cam. When you Split-cam, you are splitting your Internet connection. So if you work on 2 sites, your video quality will be twice as bad on both sites.

3) Do not download, upload, or do other stuff on your computer while you are working. For example, if you are listening to Internet radio or downloading something then that means your Internet connection is being used for something else and your connection to our site will be worse.

Our site has a signal meter on the homepage which shows how our members the speed of your connection by displaying many "green bars" your connection has, between 0 and 4. The faster the connection, the more bars. Our members usually go to the rooms with at 3 or 4 bars because they know that is where the video and audio quality will be the best.

We require a minimum of 2 bars for models to work on our site. If you have less than 2 bars for a long time, we will have no choice but to close your account. To keep a fast stream, buy a fast Internet connection and do not work on many sites at the same time.

Lighting, Room Decoration, Video Quality

1) Any photographer will tell you that the most important part of a photograph is the LIGHTING. The same is true when you are on camera on our site. Please make sure your room has good quality bright lights so your video transmission looks good.

2) Please decorate your room so it looks nice on the screen. We encourage you to use light, bright colors. If your room looks like a dark factory, our members will not enjoy your room, and we may have to close your account.

3) Please use the best quality video camera or webcam. Please spend money and buy the most expensive video camera and microphone that you can afford. A REAL digital camera will make your video look VERY GOOD. If you cannot afford an expensive camera, then please use the best possible webcam. We promise that it is worth it to have a good camera. You will make back the extra money on the first day! :-)

After you have made all of your adjustments, you should ask someone on the website if everything looks great.

Required Documents: Proof-of-age Documents and Model Releases

BEFORE THEY CAN START WORK, all models are required to upload AT LEAST ONE (2 is recommended) government issued document (passport is recommended) that shows the photograph and age of the model on the same side. Front and back scans are NOT acceptable if there is no way to link the front and back. All models are also required to fill out and upload a SIGNED MODEL RELEASE agreeing to follow our rules.

Basically, our site needs 3 pieces of information, that are all connected to each other:

1) The face of the model
2) The name of the model
3) The birth date of the model

These 3 things must be either on the same side of an ID or if only 2 items are on there, then additional IDs are needed that connect to the first one based on one of the above items that provide the missing item. For example, if an ID contains the face and name of the model, then a birth certificate that connects the name to the birth date of the model would be acceptable as the 2nd ID.

Any studio or model that:

1) goes online without properly uploading this information;
2) uses someone else's ID;
3) uses a fake or "photoshopped" ID


Note: We manually have to check and approve all documents that all models upload, so please be patient and wait until you are approved.

Our rules are very different from other sites. Please understand all of them.

Conduct On Camera

When a model is on camera, she CAN NOT do the following:

1) No animals or children are allowed on camera. No pets, no babies, etc.
2) No "Going to the bathroom" (Urine, Fecal), No Blood, No Pain/Torture.
3) No obscene or illegal behavior.
4) No sleeping. If you are tired or want to go to sleep, please leave our site and then sleep. If we see a model sleeping, we will permanently suspend the whole studio.
5) No hardcore shows in free/public chat.

Other models that have not been approved for a specific account cannot perform on that account.

If you have any questions about our rules, please contact us.

The above rules are very simple. If these rules are are violated, your account will be suspended without pay.

Talking to other models

1) STUDIO MANAGERS can only talk to their own models. You cannot talk with other models because this will upset other studio managers.

2) MODELS can talk to each other and visit each other, but only if they are friends and they are both happy. Models are not allowed to go into each other's rooms and say bad things, otherwise they will be kicked off our site.

Note: If a model comes to your room, you are allowed to ban her if you want.

Note 2: Since many models block certain countries from being able to see them, if you login to the MyFreeCams homepage you will find many models missing (sometimes even yourself). More information about country bans.

Private Shows

Private shows on our site are very expensive. So it is extremely important that our members ENJOY the private shows. That means that the models should try their hardest to show the members a good time and do what the members ask so they are happy and come back again.

Our policy is that if a member does not enjoy the private show, he can request a refund, and the model will LOSE these tokens. If this happens more than once, we may suspect the model and no longer allow her to work on the site.

We allow the models a lot of flexibility in private shows. It is all up to you. You can do whatever you like, or whatever the member asks. We only care that the members are happy.

Our 1 rule: Please do not use the trick where model intentionally takes a very long time to undress, to get extra tokens from the member in private. This is not fair to the member and it may make them angry and ask for a refund and never return to the site. Unless otherwise requested, models should get undressed completely within 1 minute of the private show.

Talking to Guests and Members

We know that models are real people so we will not tell them who to talk to, or how to talk to them. But we would like to provide some recommendations-

- MyFreeCams is a successful site because of the FRIENDLY community we have. People come to our site to relax and talk to the girls and to their friends, and of course when they feel comfortable they spend money.

- Models should not only talk to rich premium members and always ignore everyone else. The next guest can be a very good potential customer. So it is better to first be nice to everyone. :-)

- If anyone is being rude or mean, models are completely allowed to ban them from the room (even if it is a premium member). The model is the manager of her own room so she can do whatever she wants so she is happy.

- If a few guests are causing problems, please just ban those guests. But if there is a big problem with many guests that you cannot control, then you can use our Silence Guests feature. Please do not do this except in real emergencies.

Talking to members outside of this site (On Yahoo, e-mail, etc).

Models are completely allowed to exchange contact information with members if they want to chat outside of this site. We are not here to control friendships. :-)

The only thing that is not allowed is to meet members here but then do shows on Yahoo or outside of this site. We will find out about this right away and ban the model and her entire studio from working on our site, without payment.


The most important rule on our site is that all models are required to have sound turned on while broadcasting on our site. No exceptions, everyone must do it.

This should be very easy because most cameras come with a built-in microphone, or you can use a separate microphone and plug it in. It is up to you, but you must have sound on at ALL TIMES.

Don't speak English? Doesn't matter. Turn on your sound.

Other people in the room? Doesn't matter. Turn on your sound.

When you go online, ask the people in the chat room if they can hear you. If they can not hear you, it means your sound is off and you must fix it if you want to continue to work on this site.

Common problems with sound:

1) Make sure that your webcam or microphone is properly connected.

2) Make sure that the volume setting on your computer is high and that it is NOT muted.

3) Make sure that the volume setting on your webcam software (like Split-cam) is high and that it is NOT muted.

4) Please make sure that the Flash software recognizes your microphone:

a. Open your webcam on MyFreeCams, in the chat and webcam window click on "Settings" in the top toolbar.

b. It should make a popup appear in your webcam video area. Click on the microphone icon tab to change to microphone settings page in flash.

c. There will be a selection box letting you choose from the available sound devices, find your microphone and click OK and reload the chat window.

d. If the chosen one doesn't work, repeat these steps and try a different audio device until audio is working in MFC chat.

Chat rooms with sound (maybe even good music) are more enjoyable and always have more customers so it is in your best interest to do this, you will earn MUCH more money this way.

We often do random checks to make sure everyone is following our rules and if your sound is not working you will be deducted tokens, and your model account may be suspended.

So keep your sound on and make more money! If you have any questions or problems please contact MyFreeCams tech support. Thanks


This should be obvious.

If any model is working together with a customer or "hacker" in order to steal money from this site, then you will be caught right away, you will never be paid, and your entire studio will be banned forever. If a customer speaks Romanian in private chat, there is a good chance he is a "hacker" trying to defraud this site. You must IMMEDIATELY REPORT this if you don't want to be banned from the site WITHOUT PAYMENT!


This should also be obvious.

Models, studios, members, and everyone else are strictly forbidden from spamming anything in chat rooms (advertising another site for example).

If a model or studio advertises another website, we will suspend that model or studio without payment.

If a member or guests advertises another website in the chat room, we expect the model to BAN that person.


Our site is about friendly personal interaction. That is only possible when our members can see the face of the models.

Models must keep their face on camera even in public chat while chatting with their customers. You cannot hide it off-camera or only show your face in private. If this happens the model account will be suspended.

Asking members for money

This is NOT ALLOWED. You cannot tell our customers that your mother is stick and you need $1000 for the hospital. If this happens, your model account and studio account will be closed without payment.

This is a business, not a charity. If you want to earn $1000, you can do it very fast on our site.

Begging for Privates and Bothering Members

Models are NOT allowed to beg for private shows. This is unprofessional, impolite, and hurts the image of both the model and our website. Models may politely ask a member to take you into a private show one time. If a model repeatedly asks for privates, or resorts to begging and pleading, we will CLOSE THAT MODEL ACCOUNT.

Similarly, models may not constantly send private messages to members every time they login. This bothers our members and they can easily put a model on Ignore. If we see many members putting a specific model on "Ignore" we will CLOSE THAT MODEL ACCOUNT.

Creating New Member Accounts

Models are allowed to create new user accounts to learn about how the site works. But please do not try to buy tokens because our fraud filter will think you are a "hacker" and turn off your account. So if you have a reason to buy tokens, please let us know and we will help you.

Logging into Customer Accounts

Models are not allowed to ask users for their passwords, and they are not allowed to login to the customer account under any circumstances. This is because if you do this, our fraud monitoring will think that you are a "hacker" and it will automatically turn off your account and the customer account.

Token Deductions

Token deductions happen very rarely but we want to explain how they work-

A customer might ask us for a refund because there was a technical error which interfered with the private show. Maybe his Internet connection had some problems or maybe the connection of the model had some problems. Our policy is to refund tokens to our members in all of these cases to keep them happy and long-term customers on our site.

In these cases, usually we will split the loss with the model. So if we refund 200 tokens to the customer, we will deduct 100 from the model. If it is a technical error on our side, then we will take the loss ourselves and not deduct the model anything.

However, if the member asks for a refund because he was not happy with the private show (maybe the model refused to get naked), then we will deduct the entire cost of the private show from the model. If this happens a lot, we will suspend the model.

In cases of fraud or chargebacks, we will decide whether to deduct tokens from the model based on the circumstances.

Playing Video Instead of Being Live

This is a LIVE webcam site, meaning the webcam MUST display a live model all the time.

If a model plays a video recording (instead of being live) for any reason, at any time, she will be immediately banned and not paid.

We have many unique features here. Please explore them and learn to use them.

Private Messaging (PM or IM)

One of the most unique features of our website is our advanced instant Private Message system. It works just like any other online messenger (e.g. Yahoo) but only on the site.

Only members are allowed to use PM. Guests cannot use it, they must register to become members first.

Online models can send private messages to normal members and premium members.

Premium members can send PMs to online models. Normal registered members can not send PMs to online models - they have to buy tokens and become a premium member first.

PM is a great tool for models to chat privately with our members, but it is also important that models do not forget about the main chat room.

Ban/Kick and Mute Commands

If someone is causing problems in your room, or they are mean or rude, and you want to kick them out, the best thing to do is to Ban them.

This will block their IP address from being able to enter your chat room. This works on guests, members, and even other models. It is probably a good idea to give a warning before doing the ban. Please do not ban members just because they do not currently have tokens or want to go private right now.

If only a few guests are causing problems, you can do the same thing and ban them. But if it is many guests and they keep coming back again and again (maybe using proxies), then you can use the Silence Guests feature which will prevent ALL guests from talking in the chat room for 5 minutes. Please use this command only in emergencies. DO NOT abuse the Silence Guests feature. You are NOT allowed to always have it on.

Remember that this is YOUR ROOM - so you can do whatever you want to run it that way like and have fun. So even if a rich premium member is being rude to you, you may kick them out. We want you to be happy and have fun. :-)

MyFreeCams Mail / MFC Mail / Message Center

We have a message center called MFC Mail on our site which allows our premium members to exchange private messages (like e-mails) with models. This is different from a normal PM, it is more like an e-mail, because the messages can be longer and stored permanently. This is a really cool way to build relationships with members.

Models must check their messages at least 1 time every day that they work, and they should reply to the messages that they receive. Even a short nice reply is polite. Our members are notified when the model reads their message so if she doesn't read them for a while or reads them but does not respond, it looks like she is ignoring them and that is not so nice.

You will also receive a MFC Mail message every time you receive a Tip. It would be nice to say THANK YOU in reply. :-)

Keeping a schedule

It is recommended that models fill out a schedule that says what time they are usually online. You can change this information any time. It is nice to do because sometimes members see a profile for a model that they like and they would love to know when to come back to see her live.

Also, if you fill out your schedule then you will be automatically listed on our homepage in the "Recent and Upcoming Models" section and you will get new fans that way.

Profiles and Photo galleries

One of the most popular features of our site is the PROFILES SECTION at http://profiles.myfreecams.com. It allows all users and models the opportunity to make a page like on MySpace where they can write info about themselves and upload photos and post messages on each other's pages.

All models automatically have a page set up for this: http://profiles.myfreecams.com/MODELNAME where MODELNAME is whatever name you go online with. Please visit your page often to see how it displays and what members have posted on it.

You MUST fill out your profile and upload at least some photos to the photo gallery. Please take some time and customize your profile.

Most of our members are very active in the profiles section and always check the profiles of new girls and look for new updates and new pictures that are added. If you have a good unique profile, you will make lots of friends on the site very quickly.

We even have contests and pay cash prizes ($$$) for models with the best profiles that are active and updated a lot!

NOTE: If you are a studio, you must give your models access to profiles so that they can play with them. It is not very effective if you just fill out the information and upload a few photos. Members know that this is not real. The best is when the models can create the profiles themselves with their own personality and creativity.


Ratings are determined by members that go private with the models or tip the models. Members can choose a rating between 1 and 10, and most choose 10 because that has become the polite thing to do.

The rating that we display is NOT a simple average of all of the ratings that a model receives. That would not work because many models would just have "10" as their rating all the time.

Instead, we use a math formula called a Bayesian Average. This calculation allows models with more private ratings (or longer private sessions) than other models to come closer to 10. For example, a model with 60 "10" ratings might be listed as 9.98 while a model with 30 "10" ratings might be listed as 9.94.

This is a very common scientific tool for statistical comparisons.

The rating system is completely automatic. We do not control it. Please do not complain about ratings or ask us to change ratings. We cannot do it.

"Away" Status

If you are away from the camera but plan to return shortly, please click the Away button in the software. You will still be listed on our homepage and your chat room will still be open and your video will say that you will come back soon.

Please only use this feature if you plan to come back within 5-10 minutes, otherwise please log off the site. Also, please do not constantly be Away on the site. If we see that you are constantly listed as Away, we will have to close your account.

"In Pvt" Status / Remote Private

If you are performing an interesting private show on your webcam for a different site, you may click the "In Pvt" button which will put you into "Private" mode on our site, rather than clicking "Break" which would normally mark you as "Away".

When you are in "Private" mode, even though you are performing on a different website, this lets MyFreeCams members Spy/Voyeur your show like usual. So you make money on the other site and on our site too, at the same time. :-)

Please do not abuse this feature:

1) Do NOT click it when you are just chatting on a different site, or just in nude chat / group chat on a different site. Just because you are naked does not mean you can use this feature. It must be a REAL interesting private show.

2) Do NOT click it all the time. If we see that you are constantly "In Pvt" mode on our site, we will suspend your account.

If you are spending more time "In Pvt" than in public free chat or in normal private shows, we will change your account so you cannot use this feature again.

If you have any questions about using this feature please contact us.

Voyeur/Spy Shows / TruePrivate

When you are performing a private show on this site, other members have the option of watching the show (voyeur/spy) at a cost of 20 tokens per minute, which is 1/3 of the normal price of a private show. They can see the video and audio but cannot see the chat.

If a member selects he wants a TruePrivate in his options, then the voyeur/spy option is disabled and this private show will cost more for the member (80 tokens per minute).

Banning Countries and Regions

Each model can select to block any countries or regions around the world, from their chat and from their profiles. People from these countries will not even see the model's image on the homepage. You can control this in the Profiles -> Security settings.

For example, if a model has blocked her own country, and then goes to our homepage as a guest, she will NOT see herself online. But if she logs into her account, she will be able to see her own room. In either case, she will NOT be able to see other models who have banned her country. This is why models going on the site will see much fewer models online than there really are.

If the model wants a specific user in a banned country to be able to see her, she needs to just add this user to her list of friends.

Also, our website blocks some countries itself even before the model blocks. We check all countries for risk and fraud, and only allow those countries that contain good customers for our models. So do not worry about blocking fraud countries, just block extra ones where you do not want them to see you. :-)

Some additional advice on how to get the most from our website.

- Because our site is a community with long-time members, it takes some time before new models make friends and get good regular customers. So be patient and come online for a few days or a few weeks and you will do very well long-term on this site.

- Have fun! You do not have to treat this like a job. Of course it is important to make money but you can really do some fun things like make a cool personal profile and really find some friends here. Smile and have fun and the members will come to you. :-)

Some final words.

MyFreeCams is a very unique and interactive site. We only work with attractive friendly girls that want to make our site a FUN place to be. If you have fun and you're nice to the members and you follow the rules on the page, you will make a lot of money. But if you are lazy and don't care about chatting or profiles or all of our extra stuff, PLEASE DO NOT JOIN OUR SITE.

Here are the 2 most common mistakes models make, please do not make these mistakes:

1) Keep your SOUND ON at all times. If you don't, we'll kick you off.
2) Keep your profile filled out and updated, with photos and info uploaded. Visit your profile often and talk to your fans.

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Dec 14 08 3:19 AM

Thanks to our Angel whomever you are and whereever you may be.

I agree whole heartedly!

Be kind, for [nearly] everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. -- Philo
Curiosity Didn't Kill This Cat. -- Studs Terkel
Simply paying attention allows us to build an emotional connection. Lacking attention, empathy hasn't a chance. --Daniel Goleman

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Apr 8 09 11:01 AM

cool.gif Ms.Adler look at the other web-site rules and model handbooks we have posted here and you will see that MyFreeCams is actually better than most.

What are the rules like on your web-site? We would love to see them if they offer protections for models that the other sites don't.

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Apr 9 09 12:01 AM

UPDATED MFC Rules as of March 2009


Dont take too much comfort from those rules because, unfortunately,

This is one reason the Petition to end the contest was started


Conversation with site administrators regarding the above issues
in the lounge made it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR they have no intention of
cracking down on this kind of behavior BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE THEY

What You Can/Can't Do On Camera (Wink Wink Wink)
Public/Free Chat (Including Tips)
- You can chat, talk, dance, have fun, whatever...
- Even full nudity is OK if it is done in a tasteful, beautiful way.

- NO masturbation, penetration, toys, girls licking each other, or other sexual actions. (wink wink wink)

WARNING: If you do something in Public/Free chat that is not allowed, such as masturbating or using toys, your account will be suspended for at least 1 day and probably more. Also you will lose your chance to participate in the Miss MyFreeCams contest. (wink wink wink)

TOTAL BU**SH**.. not enforced.. even when evidence provided


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Apr 22 11 3:11 PM

Here's the most current version of the MFC Rules..that are never enforced...

General Information
Types of members

There are 3 main types of members on *MFC*s.com:

Guests are new visitors to the site who have not registered for an account yet. (Or they have not logged in to their account.)
Basic members are members that have an account, but they have never purchased tokens or spent money on the site.
Premium members are members that have purchased tokens at least once. (But they may not have tokens now.)

Only Premium members are capable of having tokens and spending tokens on models.

Different color nicknames do not mean anything; premium members with many Reward Points are able to change the font and color of their text and nickname.

Employees of this website are Administrators, please read who they are on the Administrators page. All other members are just normal members and no one else has any extra power or privileges. If another member claims to be an administrator, please Contact Model Support.

Tokens are the currency or "money" of *MFC*s.com. Members buy tokens and then they spend them on models through Private shows, Group shows, Voyeur shows, and Tips. *MFC*s.com then pays models for the tokens that they receive from members.
Reward Points

Members also receive reward points every time they purchase tokens (1 reward point for every 10 tokens purchased.) A member that has many reward points means he has purchase a lot of tokens in the life of the account. Reward points cannot be spent on models.
Public Chat

When a model is online, and not Away, or in a Private show or Group show, then the model will primarily be in Public chat or free chat. Models do not automatically earn tokens in public chat (as they do in a private show), but they may still receive Tips from members.

Most models will spend the majority of their time in public chat. Public chat is a great place to meet new members, make new friends, become popular on the site, have fun, and make lots of money from tips!
Private Shows

Members can request Private shows with models which earn the models (and cost the members) 60 tokens per minute, counted at 1 token per second.

After the member requests the private show, the model has an option to accept or reject the private show invitation. If the model accepts, then the model and member can transported into a new private chat room that will only contain these two people.

The member and the model can each end the private show at any time, or the private show will end automatically if the member runs out of tokens.
Voyeur Shows

During a regular private show, other members on the site are able to Voyeur (Spy) on the private show for a cost of 20 tokens per minute (counted at 1 token, every 3 seconds).

Members that are spying will receive the video and audio from the private show but they will 'not be able to enter the chat room and they will not be able to see the private chat between the member and model in the private show.

It is not shown to the model which members are spying on the private shows.
TruePrivate Shows

If a member does not want other members to be able to spy on their private shows, they can activate the TruePrivate feature on their My Account page. This will increase the cost of the private shows (and the earnings of the model) to 80 tokens per minute.
Group Shows

When the model is in Public chat, members are shown a Group show link at the top of the chat room. If 3 members request a group show at the same time, then the model will receive an invitation to group show that she can accept or reject for any reason.

If the model accepts, the model and the 3 members that requested the group show are all taken to a new private chat room. New members can join the Group Show at any time. Members can leave the show at any time.

Members are charged 10 tokens per minute to remain in the Group Show room (1 token every 6 seconds). Members can also Tip the model during the show, which is the reason why the official cost of Group Show is so low. In reality, some members will tip, and some will not, so it is up to the model how to handle this.

The Group show ends when the model ends it, or when all premium members leave the chat room.

Members can also "join the Group show" from a Private Message (PM) window which means they may not appear in the Group show chat room, but they will be able to receive the webcam video feed, and they will still be paying 10 tokens per minute.

Members with tokens are able to tip or send tokens to models at any time for any reason.

Members can even send tips when the model is offline.

CamScore is the automatic score given to models based on their performance on the site. The exact formula is a secret, and many things factor into it, but generally earning more tokens than other models will increase the CamScore.

All models start with a CamScore of 1000 and then it will go up or down from there each day. Any score over 1000 is considered good, and any score over 2500 is very good. High scores are difficult to keep up so models should not be disappointed if the score drops from time to time.

Please do not contact us about your CamScore. It is completely automatic, it is the same for everyone, and absolutely impossible to manually change. (And even if it were possible, it would revert back to its computed value the following day.)

Note: All tokens help CamScore. Even 1 token tips help CamScore. (But members should still not do it, since it is annoying.)

Models on the Asian Homepage have a different CamScore called AsianCamScore. If a model gets a high enough AsianCamScore, she will be displayed on the regular homepage where her regular CamScore will be calculated separately.

After long Private shows, members may rate models on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, and the most common rating given. Tips may also be rated, with the only possible rating being 10.
Features in the Software

This section explains features in the *MFC*s Model Software.
Chat Room

The Chat Room starts automatically when the model clicks the Start Webcam link in the software. It is the central place for interaction between the model and the guests and member in the room.
Room Topic

At the top of the chat room, the model may enter a Room Topic which will be displayed for visitors as they enter the model's chat room on *MFC*s.com.
User Information

The model can click on members in her chat room to get information about them. Depending on the privacy preferences of the users, the model may find out how many Tokens and Reward Points they have, whether they have a profile, and so on.

Upon clicking on a member, the model will also get links to Private message, Ban, Ignore, or Mute the member, or add the member to the model's Friends List.
Friends List

The model can add members to her Friends List which will show the model if those members are Online or Offline, and provide an easy way to find them and send them private messages.
Private Messaging (PM)

Models can send private messages to premium members and basic members. But only premium members may send private messages to a model while she is online.

It may be difficult for models to handle hundreds of private message windows from different users, so we have developed some options to help...
PM Manager

Models can click on Options and Settings and then activate the PM Manager which will put all PMs in a single window.
PM Options

If the PM Manager is not helping sufficiently, models may click on Options and Settings and choose to only let members on their Friends List send them messages, or any of the other options.

Models should think twice before selecting this option, as it is very frustrating for new members to try to message the model only to receive the reply, "Sorry, she is only accepting Private Messages from friends."
Watch Member Webcams

Premium members are able to turn on their own webcams at any time and share their webcam with models.

If a member's webcam is on, and the member has allowed the model to see it, then the model will see an option to view the webcam in the private message window with the member.

It is up to the model to watch the members or not; there are no requirements.

The model can also choose to hear sound from the webcam or not. By default, the member webcams will be muted (sound off).

Models can ban guests and members at any time and for any reason.

For guests, the IP address of the guest will be banned. For members, both the IP address and the username of the member will be banned. Banned users will not be able to re-enter the model's chat room.

By default, bans expire after 6 hours. However, models can click Options and Settings and select specific bans and extend them for 60 days.

In the Options and Settings models may also Un-Ban members at any time.

Models can also ignore guests and members at any time and for any reason.

The model will no longer receive any messages from ignored users, both in the chat room and through private messages.

The Ignore list does not expire, and the model can modify it manually by clicking the Options and Settings link.

A model can click Away to be placed into Away mode, which will temporarily block her webcam video and audio feed, and a message saying "This model is temporarily away" will be displayed for members.

The model's public chat room will be unaffected, and she may still participate in the chat.

After a private show or group show ends, the model will be put in Away mode automatically.

The Away status should only be used if the model is going to be away for 5 minutes or less, otherwise it is better to click Stop Webcam or close the software.

This feature has been removed. See the page on Away Private to learn why.
Guest Chat

Models have an option to allow or not allow unregistered Guests from being able to chat in their chat rooms. Models may set this selection to No at any time. This preference automatically resets to Yes' when the software is restarted.
Mute Basics

Models have an option to stop Basic members from being able to chat in their chat rooms for 10 minutes by clicking the Mute Basics link. After 10 minutes or on software restart, this preference is automatically reset. Models may continue to click this link any time.
User View

Models can click the User View link and specify which users should be displayed in her chat room.

Very popular models with thousands of users in their chat room can switch their User View to display fewer users and therefore make the software operate more smoothly.
Options and Settings

There are lots of other options and settings that models can change to suit their needs by clicking the Options and Settings link right below the webcam video.
Features in the Model Admin

This section describes the features and settings that models can use while logged in to their Model Admin.

Each model has a *MFC*s Profile that is located at: http://profiles.*MFC*s.com/ModelUsername

When logged in to their Model Admin, models can edit their profiles, customize settings, upload photos, and more!
Model Tags

Each model can write some sorts or short phrases called Tags that describe her. Members can then browse and search tags to find the model that they like.
Profile Friends

Profile Friends are different than normal Friends on your Friends List on the site and in the software.

To add someone to your list of Profile Friends, browse to their profile and then click make friend.
Customizing your profile

You may customize your profile using normal HTML code to add music, videos, and more (just like MySpace). If you are not sure how to use HTML code, please read a tutorial on the Internet or ask a friend for help.
Photo Galleries

Models can upload photos into existing photo galleries or create new galleries, and they will all be displayed on the model's profile. Here are the default galleries:

'Avatar photo is the small photo that will be displayed on the *MFC*s.com homepage. 'Main Photo is the big photo on the model's profile. Recent Photo are the 6 smaller photos below the Main Photo.

Models should create multiple new galleries if they want to upload lots of photos.

Galleries can also be password-protected so that members can only see the photos once the model gives them the secret password. Simply create a new gallery and then click the set password link.
MFC Mail

MFC Mail is an internal e-mail system which lets members and models send each other mail. When a model starts the model software or logs in to the Model Admin page, she will be notified if there are new unread MFC Mail messages.

Color code:

Yellow: Unread
Pink: Offline Tip
Green: From an Administrator. (Official MFC Mail)

Block Locations

Each model can specify which countries, regions, or states should be blocked from seeing her profile and account on the website. The Block Locations feature is located under Security -> Profile Settings.

This block functions by looking at the IP Address of users and when it is determined that the IP address is from a blocked location, then the model will simply not appear for that user.

Guests and members are both blocked the same way.

The block even effects the model herself, so if a model has blocked her own country or state, then she will not see herself on the *MFC*s.com homepage.

Models can add users to her Friends List which will circumvent the block. For example, if a model has blocked her own country, but then adds herself as a friend, she should be able to once again see her account as online on the homepage.

For more information please see our page on Blocked Locations.

Models may use the Token Sessions and Token Stats links to see how many tokens they have earned on the site during a given period of time.
Chat Backgrounds

Models may select a chat background image that users will see in their chat room instead of the default white background.

Models may also submit a custom chat background but please note:

The image you submit must be at least 700x350 pixels or larger.
The image must be extremely high quality / resolution (we will fade it ourselves).
Please see our examples below for ideas of what will look good.
99% of submissions will NOT be approved for various reasons.
It may take us up to 6 months to process the submission. We are busy!

So it is much easier to select a current background than submit a custom one.
Common Issues
"Members Can't Find Me"
On the homepage

Models are only listed on http://www.*MFC*s.com/ when they are online and their webcam is turned on.

People from Blocked Locations cannot see the model as being online. That means if a model has blocked her own state, she will not see herself as being online. Models can add themselves as friends to get around this block. See Blocked Locations for more information.
On the profiles page

Profiles are always directly accessible at: http://profiles.*MFC*s.com/MODELUSERNAME where "MODELUSERNAME" is the username of the model.

The Google search on the profiles homepage takes a long time to index new profiles and name changes so please rely on direct navigation.

The profiles homepage at http://profiles.*MFC*s.com/ lists a somewhat random assortment of the top models that have been online recently. Most offline models are not listed here.

You can find the list of administrators and official *MFC*s usernames on our Administrators page.

No one else on this website is an administrator or has any sort of special privileges.

If a member is claiming to be an administrator or moderator or officially connected to this website in any way, this member is lying, and please report him on our Contact Model Support page.

See the additional advice for models page.
Category: Information for Models

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Apr 24 11 3:36 AM


"We are not a Porn site..We are a community of over 2 million members. We treat our models with respect. as our partners."


Yes, our models are always in control of who is allowed to see them.
Models can choose not to appear for users in specific cities, states, or countries around the world."



Become a Webcam Model on *MFC*s.com

Whether you are an experienced webcam model, or you are just getting started, *MFC*s.com is BY FAR the best place for webcam models to work.  No other website even comes close!

After you get some information on this page, you should go to *MFC*s.com and see for yourself how the site works, and when you are ready check out the Model Signup Form. :-)

(Screenshot of the website from the perspective of a premium member.)

If you're looking for more details...

    What makes *XXX*s.com different?
    What do I need to get started?
    Do I have to follow a schedule? / When do I have to work?
    How do I get paid?
    How much money will I make?
    What percentage do I get?  What percentage does *MFC*s take?
    How popular is *XXX*s.com?  Does it get any traffic?
    Can I block members from specific a city or state or country?
    How does the signup process work?

If you have any more questions, simply e-mail:

What makes *XXX*s.com different?

You will make much more money here than any other site. This is because: (1) We pay our models the largest percentage in the industry, and (2) the quality of our website results in the highest earnings-per-model in the industry.

*XXX*s.com is a huge friendly webcam community of over 2 million members.  We are not a porn site.  Our members are generally more respectful and interesting.  Before you start modeling on the site, we encourage you to check out our website at http://www.*XXX*s.com and see for yourself.

We offer the best technology for models and members, offering both the best possible user experience.  You are always in control of your chat room, and you have hundreds of different options and settings to make the site fit your needs.

We treat our models with respect.  Our models are our partners.  We offer friendly technical support to help you with anything you need.

In a model's chat room, the model is the boss.  We do not interfere or tell the models what to do.  Besides our simple rules, you have unlimited opportunity for being creative and making the most out of experience here.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is a computer with a webcam and an Internet connection.  Our software is made for Windows so any PC will be able to run it.  If you have a Mac, then you will have to install Windows on it in order to run our software.

Any Internet connection is OK as long as it is not "dial-up".  Any broadband connection will be fine, but the faster your Internet connection the better the quality of your webcam video stream on our site.

Do I have to follow a schedule? / When do I have to work?

There are no required hours or schedules.  Work (go online) whenever you want, as much or as little as you want.  As soon as you turn on your webcam software, you will automatically appear on *XXXs.com.

How do I get paid?

Models get paid every two weeks with no delays.  We send payment by mailing a check or by sending money straight to your bank account, as well as other payment methods you can explore during the signup process.

How much money will I make?

This obviously depends on how many hours you work and how successful you are on the site.  Our top models make nearly $20,000 per month.

What percentage do I get?  What percentage does *MFC*s take?

Overall, *MFC*s pays out more than 60% of all gross revenue to models.  You will get more details on this during the signup process.

Other webcam sites pay models 20-50% and impose various deductions, fees, delays, and minimum payouts.

From our first day, we have made it a priority to pay models much more than any other site.  You will always make more money here.

How popular is *XXX*s.com?  Does it get any traffic?

*XXX*s.com is one of the largest adult webcam sites on the Internet.  We receive over 5 million unique visitors per month.  According to the website tracking service Alexa, we are one of the top 1000 largest websites in the United States.  But even more importantly, the average person spends more time (and money) on our site than any other webcam site on the Internet.  Here are the statistics.

Can I block members from a city or state or country?

Yes, our models are always in control of who is allowed to see them.

Models can choose not to appear for users in specific cities, states, or countries around the world.

How does the signup process work?

First you should go to the main site at http://www.*XXX*s.com and browse around to familiarize yourself with how the site works.

Then, when you are ready to sign up as a model, go to http://www.*XXX*s.com/models/ and fill out the short form.

After you are approved, you will receive an e-mail to continue your registration where you will read the terms and conditions, fill out your payment information, and so on.

We will review and approve this information and then you will receive a username and password and URL where you can login and access your model administration page.

You will have to upload a scan or photo of your ID and a signed model agreement, and create a short profile including an avatar photo that we can display for you when you go online.  That's it!

The whole signup process is very quick and easy.  When you are ready, click here to sign up to be a model.

If you have any more questions, simply e-mail:

Go to the main site of *XXX*s.com or Sign up as a model at *XXX*s.com

Click here to view the attachment

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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