Feb 2 09 12:36 AM

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I noticed that on some camgirl-websites you can give the girls a tip.

I wonder; does the girl get all of the tip, or just a (small) percentage while the rest goes to the webpimps?

Yes, you noticed; I have sinned too. camgirlnotes/icon_cry.gif

(Okay, this my fourth day without porn...)

Greetings, Donkey

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Feb 2 09 4:24 AM

At one popular site that I know of the tips are given to the models just like ordinary tokens for private shows. This website takes half of the tokens and passes the other half along to the studio or independent model. The FAQ there suggests that the girls receive more from tips that they would from their shows but that is not the case.

Of course, what happens is totally dependent on the cam site that you are curious about. Each will probably have it's own method of tip distribution.

btw ... welcome to the forum. Good for you to be reading here!

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Feb 2 09 4:37 AM


What is sin to anyone?

Is it something that a religious entity provides or forces us to not do? It goes against a belief.

But whose belief is that? A divine entity? Some person that wrote a law on paper many many years ago that others should follow? Or is it what goes against a persons own beliefs, ethics and morality?

But then some will say who are you to judge?

Back to your question, tips just like any type of virtual token(credits,tokens,etc) are the barter system within a community website. Used to show gratitude, friendship,love and yes payment for other things.

Trickle down theory. It always starts at the top(website) and works its way down to the bottom(model). it is never decided by the model. But that tip, so to speak, gets siphoned off bit by bit. Partially to the website and owners, then to the studios, and then finally to the model. If the model is freelance, she will get a bigger cut because the middle man is cut out of the equation.

The percentage whatever the end result is seems to be far more than what some models would earn in a different job in their respective countries.

And some models do this work for the extra cash for whatever reason they need it and wish to do with it.

Some sites will say 75% goes to the models, some say 45%, and some even less. But the that means if a model works from a studio, remember that percentage gets cut by the studio too.

4 days without porn? Are you avoiding reading, or watching tv, have you moved into a cave? Avoided porn..... hard to do isnt it? And once again what is porn?

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Feb 2 09 8:00 PM

Well, you know, porn basically is just dirty pictures, I'm a big consumer of it, just pictures, no problem to look at them. But I also know under what circumstances many of those pictures are made and how hardcore and rough modern-day pornography actually is (look at all the aggressive anal sex, fisting, facials, ass to mouth etc......), having read a lot about the sex industry and trying to expose some harms on my own website; perhaps it would be kind just not to watch pornography at all.

Okay, I'm a sex addict. The longest period have done without porn was three months, made several attempts to stop, but I always make excuses. Perhaps by using people over here as psychiatrists I can definitely kick my habit.

I hoped that by handing out tips to camgirls I could circumvent the situation that the girls only get a small percentage of what the client pays per minute. But if the website and the studio take their share of tips too you might wonder if that helps, I believe it is misleading.

I've cancelled my membership anyway (shouldn't have done it anyway, especially I should have known better.... )

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Feb 4 09 12:28 AM

If you really feel so bad about what you are doing, and it makes you feel bad or guilty or hurts you or others, then the best thing is to seek professional help.

If your true to yourself and you really really want to stop and not feel bad then you are ready to quit. Just like anything in life when you put your mind to it you can do anything no matter what it is.

We here, are not psychiatrists, psychologists or any doctor of the that sort.At least from what I have read and whom I have met.

But there are educated people on this forum with similar experiences.

It seems everyone has their own ideas and ideals on what is the best for themselves. Regardless, when it contradicts what they think to themselves or say to others. If you really want to gain some respect for yourself and from others, prove it!!!!!! Just do it with good intentions and do not try to get over on the next person or yourself, because in the end, your just fooling no one, but yourself.

Don't just say it, do it!!!! And don't lie to yourself and others either.

Enough said........ Good luck.

In the game of seduction, there is one rule, never fall in love.

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Feb 4 09 2:06 PM

QUOTE (Bittersweet @ February 04, 2009 01:28 am)
If your true to yourself and you really really want to stop and not feel bad then you are ready to quit. Just like anything in life when you put your mind to it you can do anything no matter what it is.

That's a good one!!!

Thanks man.

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Feb 4 09 7:19 PM

DonkeyKong.. You are not the only male member here with issues regarding "porn addiction." But I must say that you are one of the only ones who has admitted it so directly - even though some of our model members - most notably "surpriseeee" -have called us all out on that issue. Look here for her comment:

There are several threads on CGN that deal with this that are helpful and which might be worth your time. For instance these two threads in the "Doc's reading room." The first defines "Internet Addiction Disorders>"
and the secnd calls into question the very idea of "internet or porn addictions" http://camgirlnotes.15.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=1069

There are some other posts in Sexual tourism - most notably this thread on "porn creep" which deals with the impact of steady porn use on male users and the women who share their real lives.
Also I can recommend several threads that deal with the actual conditions of production under which most porn is produced.."The Human Price of Our Pleasures.." as it were, that are sobering reading at best...

Two by Robert Jensen the male feminist anti-porn critic:
and http://camgirlnotes.15.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=986

And then Martin Amis' critical piece dealing with extreme content

There's also an interesting Anti-Porn manifesto from American feminist youth site "One Angry Girl" which you can read here. http://camgirlnotes.15.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=501

And last but not least our long thread on "What is Video Chat Really?"
http://camgirlnotes.15.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=262 .

Happy reading.

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Feb 4 09 8:05 PM

Uncle Lewis, I always re-read threads and attached reference threads when you point others to a specific instance the member is speaking about.

I also notice that reading through the older threads that have gone dormant, that some things have changed over time.

For instance: http://camgirlnotes.15.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=262 .

There is more to it than just whether it is called prostitution or not. Or whether it is performance art or not. Or whether it is erotica, soft porn, or hard core.

Things have changed and always adapt to the demand of society and what is, shall I say "the norm" today.

If it is just a job, a place for some to earn money, and for some to relieve themselves of bodily fluids, then for some on both sides of the fence are not getting a full description of what it really is about.

Psychology, friendship, love, hate, jealousy, envy, honesty, deceit, manipulation, lust, trust, greed, selfishness, pirating,abuse, adulation, adoration, innocence, stalking, lonliness, addiction, among many other descriptions and things make up the entire spectrum of this industry and all involved. OMG we must be human!!!! Would you agree?

Not just sliding toys into ones cavities or fingers, for payment of services rendered. I might add those toys have changed. I think you understand where I am coming from.

In the game of seduction, there is one rule, never fall in love.

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Feb 4 09 9:20 PM

I also omitted, the simple fact that as you and all our readers here have read, that members have mentioned that they have someone they care for, care about, or are so called in love with a respective model. You can not overlook the obvious, nor deny that some have gone to other lengths to go beyond the simple cyberian performance that people pay for.

Does this apparent acknowledgement from members and/or models too say something about it all in a deeper sense?

And contemplating the obvious admissions or increase in this reality by some, would you not say that this should be looked at with more scrutiny? Or is it just part of the performance and entertainment that comes with the territory and the training to be all you can be in this industry?

In the game of seduction, there is one rule, never fall in love.




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Feb 4 09 10:50 PM

What happens with the tips? I work for one of the biggest sites and I get them all. They only charge 1$ a tip. So if I get a 15$ tip, 14$ from it is mine

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Feb 4 09 10:58 PM

Well what can I say but, congratulations to you.

Thank you for telling us that on the site you work for when receiving tips you get 94% of the total. I hope it was well worth it for both parties involved.

Can you enlighten us to as how much you get from a private or a semi private show? Or for that matter what did you have to do to receive that gratuity(just for the tips,I mean-or was those tips during a private show)? I have no inclination on knowing the graphic description either. Did you sing and dance? Or you have other talents?

Welcome here, Lesia, I am Mr.rancid oops, Mr. Bitter, OOOPS Mr. Sweet. Just teasing.

In the game of seduction, there is one rule, never fall in love.

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Feb 5 09 1:49 AM

Leisa works as a "free-lance" independent contractor... So she doesn't have to share with a "studio middleman." Maybe that explains the difference between the share she receives and what most studio models get...
Much less than you do, Leisa.. You are fortunate to work for yourself..

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Feb 5 09 2:00 AM

Thanks for pointing that out. Makes sense now. Thanks for informing everyone otherwise I might take up the work too.

I guess she is fortunate in a way.

In the game of seduction, there is one rule, never fall in love.




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Feb 5 09 7:09 AM

I was getting that even when working for a studio And 100% of my VOD money too. But here's the catch - I was earning 5% of my private minutes money

So now I work for myself, I get 100%-1$ of my tips, 30% of my VOD and 30% of my private minutes. And it works out better I find!

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Feb 5 09 11:47 AM

Maybe I am not following you correctly, Lesia.

Your now getting the entire 100% of any tips, $1.00=$1.00,plus 30% of any private shows and any vods?

Excuse my ignorance. Does the purchase price for tip credits versus private show credits cost the same amount for the member?

So if a member purchases $10 worth of tokens, they cost the same amount as tokens or credits for a private show?

A customer buys $10 in credits for tips:you get all of it,$10.
A customer buys $10 in credits for a private show:you earn $3
A customer buys $10 for a vod:you earn $3

It that correct?

But does the cost of the credits or tokens have the same exchange rate for any of these purchasing from a members side?

Thank you

In the game of seduction, there is one rule, never fall in love.




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Feb 5 09 12:42 PM

Yes everything you said is correct.

For a member 10$ is 10$, for me his 10$ is 9$ in tips (remember the 1$ fee!), 3$ in VOD and 3$ in private.

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Feb 6 09 12:00 AM

To summarize, the website gets $1 for each purchase to tip a model. Does that mean that whether a customer purchases $10 dollars or $100 dollars, the website only charges a $1 fee regardless of the amount paid for just tipping? Doesn't sound right to me?
They then get 70% from all vod's purchased by a customer and another 70% from any length of time spent by a customer in a private? Or they deduct $3 for each private and/or vod purchased?

If they get only $1 and $3 per each transaction no matter how much is purchased or spent then that is an excellent exchange.

Sorry, curiosity seems to have the better of me now.

In the game of seduction, there is one rule, never fall in love.

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Feb 7 09 1:11 AM

Well, that was 9 days!

Okay I will start counting again....

Today it is February the 7th, 2009....

(if you want something you can do anything )

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Feb 7 09 2:35 AM

Impressive Mr. Kong. Only 82 more days to break your record.

But one question does come to my mind. Are you doing this to prove something to us, or to yourself?

Best of luck to you, I hope you find that with your success in whatever you accomplish in life makes you happy.

In the game of seduction, there is one rule, never fall in love.

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Feb 7 09 2:25 PM

Well, I use this as a sort of social control. I have nobody really to talk about it. I did ask my psychiatrist about it, but he was waaaaay too curious (he wanted to know if a masturbate while watching porn ). And above all, he said pornography is not real, just like a film is not real. Well, I said, for the actors and actresses the hardcore sex is very real!!!! So it really was basically a difference of opinion. He didn't seem to see it as a problem.

The idea "if you really want something you can do anything" is really a problem for me. Because basically, it is as if multiple persons reside in my brain who want something completely different and who have their own different value systems. Basically I just have to destroy a part of what's me.

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