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I decided to post this topic hoping to receive some true facts by anyone here.
I have a few close friends that are camgirls from Brno.
My concerns and worse fears have been left unanswered.
Are they being controlled and in debt by pimp bosses ?
Since there only form of recreation is going to bars and clubs to drink and dance,
i cant help but think that there prostituting and escorting.
Obviously theres no gentle way to ask them about it without hurting there feelings.

Thank you UL for the info on Paul Markham,
I found several sites that have been very helpful.

For anyone whos interested :
Paul Markham

Then click on this:

BBC NEWS | Business | Sex trade's reliance on forced labour

Your comments:

For the vast majority of the adult industry there is no need to enslave the girls
Paul Markham, Brno, Czech Republic
I'm a photographer shooting porn and the story you tell is a biased one. We get girls phoning every day to be in porn movies, we don't have to coerce them. We know the bosses of bordellos, they are legal here, the only way to control them, and they have the same situation. In short, for the vast majority of the adult industry there is no need to enslave the girls, they are lured by the money. The truth is few men want a prostitute who's forced into the work and tourists/businessmen can afford the better. More likely the slaves that do exist are being sold to the locals. But that does not make such sensational news. Next time you put on designer clothing, look at the label and see where it's made. Probably in a sweat shop with workers forced to work for poverty wages. Do you care? No you're looking at the price and little else.
Paul Markham, Brno, Czech Republic

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Mar 22 09 7:17 PM

There's some information on the porn studios in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in this article from the Prague Post on the 2005 Erotica Sex-Expo in Prague.

I doubt very much that physical coercion plays much of a role in the Czech or Slovak Web-Cam studios - the system of financial rewards and sanctions that the Studio have in place suffice to keep student models in line.. Quite a few of the Brataslava and Brno girls seem to have found the rewards high enough that they have abandoned their Student careers to devote themselves entirely to becoming porn stars - working in the different markets served by Paul Markham's porn empire.

If you want to find mafia style coercion.. I would look rather at the street prostitution and indoor brothels that serve the Czech Sex Tourist industry and which "employs" thousands of women imported from Moldavia, Romania and the Ukraine.


"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Mar 22 09 8:17 PM

To my favorite Uncle ,

Your advice,suggestions and all the information you provided means alot to me.
I believe you and feel somewhat relieved. I never knew about -->
" the system of financial rewards and sanctions that the Studio have in place suffice to keep student models in line."

Its unfortunate that some girls , " who i think are very intelligent " choose to let go of
there careers to join the porn industry.
But if i was in there shoes it would seem like the easy way to make money and would be hard to turn down.

Keep up the excellent work Uncle Lewis

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Mar 23 09 10:31 AM

Onan, we talked to this guy, Keeef, directly on the forum over a year and a half ago. Look at Delfina's comment on his story in this thread:


I wasn't convinced by his tale of Web-Cam models as Sex Slaves then, and I am not convinced by it now. It does not fit with anything that we have heard from a great many different models from different countries about how they were first recruited and then how they later left the studios where they worked.

I still stand by my reply to Keeef's claims in July 2008. Btw, Onan, do you know of anything that would support his claims? If you do, you certainly haven't said so.

Quote from UL's reply to Keeef:


"However we also will have to debate some of your specific claims here about the role of mafia violence and slavery in the Live Chat Industry. I have interviewed hundreds of models, studio administrators and translators in 12 countries, and forty different cities. And I have heard very little that might support what you are claiming - that cam work is a form of coerced sexual slavery where violence plays the same role that it certainly does play in street and bordello prostitution in Eastern and Western Europe and North America.

"Internet prostitution" involves a simulation of sexual subordination - and a great deal of lonely masturbation on an industrial scale - rather than actual physical contact with and penetration by "foreign bodies."  It is also highly paid by even western standards for "womens' work"....and quite safe compared to regular sex commerce...which explains why it has been able to attract so many middle class women - most of whom are either university graduates or university students. "

But I am very impressed by one thing on his new web-page.. and that is that Keeef has apparently found the Private Feeds' Certificate of Age Declaration that eluded us for nearly three years. We found a partial list for porni's American branch in Las Vegas, but if this turns out to be the DHL Visual Network's CAD (and not the CAD of some other web-site like VS) it lays out their entire studio network of "Custodians of Record." And possibly some Mafia ties in Nevada?? Now that would be truly interesting.


"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Mar 24 09 4:38 AM


Keefe I think has spent too much time in porno chats

he does all this investigation, but the only pics he can show are common tourist pics from travel sites?

I told him a long time ago he's was fake, and I posted it here I think too.

He knows all these super secret stuff, that even the people who live there, and models who working in those place don't know,

He doesn't answer to my emails no more, and I even give him invitation to many of these places. Note! One of places he lists, is address of a coffee shop. Maybe he should do more research instead of making up stories and downloading pics from the Internet lol

Edit: it was in a link that UL posted that I said it was fake, dur de dur

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