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Hmm it turns out that there was another Cam-model forum that we didn't know about until recently - the CamGirlsLounge. They came into existence around the same time as we did in 2006 but they don't seem to have lasted for long.. Most of their posts date from the Fall of 2006.

But among their posts one can find a few gems like this one by Erica called "Types of Cam Losers." which describes the different kinds of problem members with whom Cam-models have to deal on line.

So Guys, take a look and ask yourself: "What kind of "Cam-Loser" am I?" Lol.

As for me, I guess that ol' Uncle Lewis would be classified as more of "The Socialist" than the "Curious Critic" type. Why? Because that's what I am in real life - a middle-aged Social Democrat - who sees this industry as one of the most of extreme expressions of neo-liberal globalization imaginable.
And No Guys, I am not "freaking kidding." This time I am deadly serious. Lol.


Here's Erica's Post from October 2006 on the CamGirlsLounge:

  The types of cam losers 

Written by Erica 
Thursday, 12 October 2006

The turnover rate for camgirls is high. Every day it seems like a new girl is closing down her site, only to leave a vague "screw you guys, I'm goin' home" notice. Who is driving these girls away? You've heard about the dangerous denizens of the cam world. Men who will scam you, stalk you, and hunt you down. But that's not who I'm here to talk about. The guys I am about to describe are more benign but much more common. Without further adieu, I present you with the losers of the cam world. It's a jungle out there.

The Luddite

Profile: Far too banal to be amusing, The Luddite will grate on the sanity of even the most stoic camgirl. He is intent upon viewing your site and all you have to offer, but hasn't the slightest clue how. Instructions like "double click" or "log in" baffle The Luddite, causing you to wonder how he managed to load your site in the first place.
How to spot him: Watch out for the call of The Luddite: "Can I see your cam?". If you have a pay site, look for anyone who seems puzzled as to why he can't log in when he hasn't registered.

How he sucks you in: The Luddite often seems polite and genuinely interested. He poses an inquiry that seems so simple, you assume it must be a careless oversight. But, a simple question quickly becomes a draining rapid fire of mind-numbing questions.

What a conversation with him is like: Expect a lengthy tech support session. The first five minutes will likely be spent with him asking where your cam is, you pointing it out, and him repeatedly insisting that he can't see it. After extensive probing, you will figure out that he is looking for a streaming cam, after which you will unsuccessfully try to explain the difference between a webcam and a streaming cam.

Best way to deal: Write and maintain a clear and very specfic FAQ. Direct him toward it, polietly explain that you're much too busy to chat, and stop talking to him. Immediately.

Annoyance factor: 8. Unlike genuine assholes, once you start talking to The Luddite, it becomes difficult to leave the conversation.

The White Knight

Profile: Not to be confused with a genuinely interested, caring guy, The White Knight hungrily scours blogs looking for a damsel in distress. He views a tiff with a boyfriend as an abusive relationship, a new diet as warped self-image, and frustration as low self-esteem. He bubbles with an outpouring of "wisdom", explaining in a disgruntled torrent of advice how he will SAVE YOU FROM YOURSELF!!! This is a guy who knows everything there is to know about interpersonal relationships, yet can't get a date. He claims it's because girls only want jerks.

How to spot him: Keep an eye out for pointed questions. The White Knight will express frustration with your naivete, poor decision making ability, and blatant self-loathing, while simultaneously praising how smart, beautiful, and witty you are -- though you don't realize it. Expect lots of drug store psychology and blatant misunderstanding of concepts like "regression". Oh, and his advice regarding any lovers quarrel is to DUMP THAT LOSER, YOU DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER!

What a conversation with him is like: He'll constantly use his cursory understanding of psychology to explain the deep-rooted motivations behind your "self-destructive behavior".

Best way to deal: The most sure-fire way is to never post any negative musings about your boyfriend, your body, or yourself. If that is not an option, ignore ignore ignore. Don't try to "explain" anything to him -- you'll only make it worse. I promise.

Annoyance factor: 9.5. The White Knight makes unabashed self-expression very difficult.

The Suave Schlemiel

Profile: The Suave Schlemiel's typing leads you to believe that he has fingers the size of Polish sausages. Reading his abhorrent spelling and grammar brings to mind a swollen-tongued man foaming at the mouth, frantically conveying pickup lines in mealy, garbled tones. If you can read his munged messages without your eyeballs bleeding, you'll see that he is attempting to persuade you to show your wide-open beaver on cam, just for him.

How to spot him: The telltale signs include overuse of acronyms such as "o i c", strange abbreviations i.e. "cn u sho me ur bbs?", intentional mispelling of words like "baybee", and curious mispellings of two-letter words. Oh, and he wants to see your b00bs.

What a conversation with him is like: It'll make you feel like a first-grader is hitting on you. No, that's not a good thing. You perv P

Best way to deal: If you're REALLY bored, the Suave Schlemiel is usually dumb enough that you can get some cheap amusement out of him. Otherwise, block him from your buddy list.

Annoyance factor: 6 if you get a laugh out of this sort of thing, 8 if you don't.

The Couch Commando

Profile: The Couch Commando believes that all camgirls come with a personal remote control. Expect frequent requests for a fansign, photos of your naughty bits, or a video of you juggling flaming llamas.
How to spot him: Lots of self-important requests, and he doesn't take no for an answer!

What a conversation with him is like: He'll probably start with a bit of begging and pleading, either for a specific request or simply for you to get on cam. After repeatedly declining, he'll harriedly sign off with a mutter of "fuck u, u fat whore", or a similarly creative insult.

Best way to deal: Don't indulge him unless you're in a performing mood. You'll hate yourself in the morning

Annoyance factor: 10. These are the life-suckers of the cam world, and a major contributor toward Camgirl Burnout ™.

The Curious Critic

Profile: The Curious Critic hates camgirls with a bloody passion. To the Curious Critic, camgirls are flabby harlots, exposing their intimate body parts for a CD from Amazon.com. Likewise, cam watchers are pathetic geeks with whom camgirls feign friendship to extort gifts and money. And he will tell you this. Repeatedly. In your blog, on your forum, at Camwhores...everywhere. It kind of makes you wonder why he spends so much time on cam sites if he hates them so much. Hmmm?
How to spot him: The Curious Critic seems to come from out of nowhere. One day you'll post in your blog only to find a belligerent unsolicited reply. You'll be happy that you got a new job, and he'll respond with, "Good to see that the little whore found a REAL occupation". Don't take the bait!

What a conversation with him is like: If you DO decide to give him a cogent, well-reasoned defense, he'll respond with an illogical one-liner. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Best way to deal: Turn The White Knight loose on him and kill two birds with one stone

Annoyance factor: 7.5 as they usually leave as quickly as they come, assuming you ignore them.

Even more cam losers on page two...

The Maude Lebowski

Profile: An unusual breed of cam loser, The Maude Lebowski is of the cunted gender and is either a nude model or non-nude camgirl. She maintains that her pictures merit high artistic value. Nude camgirls, however, are classless skanks whose lewd behavior objectifies not only themselves, but the whole of womynkind. Despite the fact that her image is on a portal or website that advertises "FRESH YOUNG TEENS TAKING IT ALL OFF!", The Maude Lebowski views herself as a sultry glamour girl. It's analogous to highly paid callgirls who feel superior for indulging the infantalism fantasies of venture capitalists instead of a neighborhood joe. Similarly, The Maude Lebowski feels that getting wishlist gifts for non-nude or high-res images is the difference between art and prostitution.

How to spot him her: Look for a gal who refers to herself as "burlesque" without being ironic or kitschy, or talks about prostitution like it's inherently a bad thing.
How she sucks you in: One minute you were browsing the web, the next you find yourself furiously typing a ten page essay on how criticizing a woman's choice is actually misaligned with post-feminist ideology!!!!
What a conversation with her is like: Any attempts to explain that you like what you do will be countered with histrionic rambling littered with a sickening overdose of adjectives. "How can a man respect you if you're uploading grainy, blurred thumbnail images of yourself on your sweaty moth-eaten basement couch showing your shaved prepubescent vulva and drinking barbaric water from an analog faucet with your primitive mouth in exchange for a menial degrading plastic trinket from your insipid wishlist!!!"

Best way to deal: Direct her to The Webwhore Manifesto. Trixie says it all better than you could Or repeatedly harrass her, begging for pictures of her hymen.

Annoyance factor: 11. If there's one thing I hate, it's women calling other women sluts and whores.

The Larry Flynt

Profile: The Larry Flynt doesn't understand the difference between a cam site and a porn site. Sure, your blog, bio, writings, and artwork span the majority of the page. But the thumbnail of your cam in the corner leads him to believe that you are striving to be the next Bang Bus. Well, DUH.
How to spot him: Keep a lookout for anyone who sounds like a Howard Stern wannabe.
How he sucks you in: His callous oversight merits a whack on the head with a clue by four.

What a conversation with him is like: The Larry Flynt will snap orders at you for squirting, DP, and gang banging. When he tells you to take down your blog because he doesn't care about your thoughts and demands more hardcore girl-girl action, he truly thinks that he is giving you constructive criticism. Because you're trying to make the greatest porn site ever, right?

Best way to deal: Install a bot on your instant messenger client that replies with "it's not a porn site" every time he IMs you.

Annoyance factor: 7. They usually leave quickly in search of bukakke.

The Freeloader

Profile: The Freeloader refuses to pay for porn and chastises anyone who does as "pathetic". Hence, you'd think that he'd get his jollies through Kazaa or one of the 9273750275932478382^10 free TGP sites. But no -- for some reason he is intent upon seeing you naked. Additionally, he is insulted that you would be so ostentatious as to suggest that he pay for a membership. How dare you try to fund your college tuition!

How to spot him: Often, he'll bypass you completely and post in your site's forum, asking members to trade or send videos. If your cam is members only on Camwhores, he'll jump on the forum there and ask members to post your pics. A warning from the forum moderator doesn't faze him in the least; they're only carrying on because they don't UNDERSTAND that he doesn't PAY for porn! If he decides to contact you directly, either he'll take the "show your tits, bitch" approach, or insist that he needs a sample to decide if your pay site is worth his money. And, uh, the samples in the tour don't cut it. Mmmmyeah.
What a conversation with him is like: He may be indignant, insisting, "Look, I don't pay for porn, so just pony up with the videos, okay?". He may plead, begging you because the CURIOSITY IS KILLING HIM!! In any case, when you respond by telling him to get his credit card out, the notion of paying just doesn't make sense to him. It is as though you answered his demands for free media with, "Yes! I like kiwis, too! Thanks for asking!".

Best way to deal: Respond to his demands for free media with, "Yes! I like kiwis, too! Thanks for asking!". That, or give him a link to xnxx.com. Sweetly explain that you understand he doesn't pay for porn, but likewise you don't give porn for free, so he's at the wrong site. Act like it was a silly accident on his part, and then ignore.

Annoyance factor: 9. Sounds like someone's got the gimmee gimmees! Idn't dat right, widdle fweeloader??

The Socialist

Profile: Remember that punk rawk kid in high school? The one who refused to get a job because that meant buying into capitalist corruption, but was happy to accept a new Jeep from his corporate lawyer mom? Perhaps he's on food stamps now, accepting money from taxpayers. Anyway, that's The Socialist, and to him, being a camgirl "just for the money" is for YUPPIE SCUM! Yeah!
How to spot him: If you have a pay site or a link to your wishlist, The Socialist will drone on about how laaame it is that camming has become such a greed-driven industry, man. Perhaps he has back-in-the-day syndrome, from when camming was pure and no one thought to capitalize on human sexuality. In any case, his idealism dictates that camgirls should be wanton sluts, dying to get naked for him without wanting anything in return. His hungry eyes on your body should be payment enough!

What a conversation with him is like: Expect the wisdom of the ages from this one. "You're gunna wake up one day, man, with all this STUFF, and you're gunna realize that it doesn't mean a thing. Someday, you're gunna regret having sold your body to the highest bidder, and wishing that you just did it because you loved it. Trust me man, I KNOW. You're probably gunna wake up as a trophy wife to a rich husband in a huge mansion and wish that you were living in a shack with someone you love". What are you again, 19? All this for a PayPal "donate" button? Regardless, he'll express that he has no interest in seeing anyone naked who wants MONEY for it.
Imagine, an industry that sells sex! I know I'M aghast.

Best way to deal: Tell him curtly that you can make money from doing what you love. Then IGNORE.
Annoyance factor: 8.5 -- kind of a White Knight and Freeloader combo. Eep!

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Apr 9 09 9:27 PM

This is amazing. I wonder if it was a joke or if it was an open and honest description of how these women view things online about people.

One point not looked at. This seems kind of condescending and demeaning towards the visitors that they are describing.

What makes it ok for them to speak about these members in this way and not for others on the other side of the screen, regardless if it is in a good or bad way??

All is not fair on the internet I suppose, is it?

In the game of seduction, there is one rule, never fall in love.

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#2 [url]

Apr 10 09 10:39 AM

I think this is *golden* ... funny, interesting, and accurate all at once!

Bittersweet, I don't think it could have been a joke.

Seems like everyone I know is present and accounted for there!

Cheers to Erica where ever she may be.

Be kind, for [nearly] everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. -- Philo
Curiosity Didn't Kill This Cat. -- Studs Terkel
Simply paying attention allows us to build an emotional connection. Lacking attention, empathy hasn't a chance. --Daniel Goleman

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May 7 09 3:56 AM

I don't understand how girls get in such a tiffy. Seriously. If you don't enjoy what you do, you can't do well at it. So girls that can find fault in every person that messages them can't be doing very well anyway.

I'm not on anything like the mass sites like imlive etc so maybe I'm just not experienced in what she's talking about but I don't get that many rude guys to send me into a downward spiral. Girls like that make guys scared to approach and buy.

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#4 [url]

May 7 09 12:52 PM

Its pretty rare to spend time in a room on MFC and not see the model assaulted most
of the time. Good ones will ignore it, especially if there is someone else to talk to.
Besides, members will usually help silence idiots.

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#5 [url]

May 7 09 1:10 PM

Jessie Check out some of the threads in Sexual Tourism that have transcripts of the chats between models and members.. People do feel free to say "the most amazing things" to the Studio models and their right to ban people is usually restricted by the Web-site management.

Read over something like this thread:

And I think you will see why spending an eight hour shift "alone in a room full of crazy minds" can get pretty annoying...

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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#6 [url]

May 8 09 4:07 AM


When you describe the chat rooms and the assault on models as " assaulted" and referring to visitors as "idiots", how do you mean those descriptions?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil...is for good men to do nothing
Edmund Burke(1729-1797)
Irish Philosopher,statesman

�With integrity, nothing else counts. Without integrity, nothing else counts.�

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. � Albert Einstein.

"To see what is right, and not to do it, is want of courage or of principle."


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#7 [url]

May 8 09 4:22 AM

An assault would be a verbal attack, "show me tits" repeated endlessly,
"ah you're just a cam-whore", stuff like that. An idiot would be someone
who writes such stuff. Some guys can get pretty
nasty. Or maybe they are women. Who knows.

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#8 [url]

May 8 09 4:59 AM

Is it ok, for models to pm members constantly while vying for top model of the month? Or just simply for your token stash.

Would you construe that as an assault on a members right to do as they please on that website?

Or is it fair game?

All I am asking is that you look at things with a more unbiased or equal viewpoint.

Predators everywhere, rs3.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil...is for good men to do nothing
Edmund Burke(1729-1797)
Irish Philosopher,statesman

�With integrity, nothing else counts. Without integrity, nothing else counts.�

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. � Albert Einstein.

"To see what is right, and not to do it, is want of courage or of principle."


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#9 [url]

May 9 09 8:35 PM

QUOTE (rs3 @ May 08, 2009 04:22 am)
An assault would be a verbal attack, "show me tits" repeated endlessly,
"ah you're just a cam-whore", stuff like that. An idiot would be someone
who writes such stuff. Some guys can get pretty
nasty. Or maybe they are women. Who knows.

I also want to add the PMs that some models get. You cans see if their
face when they get something really aweful.

I do not talk about models as predators simply because it has not happened to
me. I do not doubt it does happen, but I usually let them know how many
tokens I have (not many :-) ), and, well, I don't know. Once in a while
I'll get a PM, but generally only if I've visited that room for a bit, and usually
not more than once. Normally, I will have PMed that model before, as well.

I can only think of one semi-random PM... and even in that case, we had spoken
before, but not for many months. A very few will PM the second you go to their
room, but that is easy to ignore.

So, actually, are attack PMs from a model an assault? No, not really. So long
as the software lets you block them, or you can always change sites, go do
something else, etc.

However, someone really preying on you will get inside your head, screw with you,
make you think she loves you, needs the money, you help her, etc.... I've
never experienced that, either. But, I have no doubt it is done because I know
models who told me they used to do it, but stopped.

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#10 [url]

Jun 20 13 5:01 AM

Ok so I think I may be a bit of a whiteknight.

[You Won't qualify as a Whiteknight if you use your membership to spam this forum with links to amazon electronic deals ..Read the Rules.. UL ]

Last Edited By: UncleLewis Jun 20 13 12:39 PM. Edited 1 time.

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