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Basic Info for aspiring web-pimps from Web-cam Chat Software.

Webcam chat software - Video chat software

We provide online support via Skype, ICQ, AOL messenger, Yahoo, MSN. Once you re through, contact us with any questions you may have about our webcam chat software and we will help you to find a solution that best fits your specific needs.

We never stop on a reached level, we are always looking for new ways to develop our products we keep on always looking for.
Webcam chat software - Video chat software

Webcam chat software allows you to make a better business of live web cams video chat. Using PPM/PPV webcam chat software you can create your own successful web cam chat site. Webcam chat software includes: easy to use admin panel, enhanced performance content with light version for slow Internet connection, advanced members content with special functions and modules, and fast loading video chat. Our video chatting system is a great way to make money and to have permanent profits. We can help you either to add a video chat software to the existing site or make a new web cams chat site right now!

Are you a site or cam studio owner or a private person who wants to show his own video stream with a web cam? Do you want to make more money? May be you are an agent or a webmaster who has an order on creating a cam site? We have webcam chat software solutions for you whoever you are. If you are interested in making more money, then contact our customer service right now and get a professional advice how to bring your wishes to live!

We will provide you with personal support and will do our best regardless, if you are a private person and have only one video stream to broadcast, or maybe a new studio with only a few models or a big one - You are important for us! We will help you to get the biggest possible profits. Our customer service will personally consult you on each step of making your personal web cam site and registering your first model. We are here to help you! On-line support is available by Skype, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ. You can also contact us by phones in USA and UK or send us an email.

In addition to all standard features that can be found everywhere or in video chat free software, in our webcam chat software you'll find special unique and advanced features. Take a look at the demo version and try all the features of our product. Get a free video chat software demo of the best product of its kind!

Except for standard features, our webcam chat software has lots of special functions like: special show (many cams in one room), hot-or-not photo and video rating, video on demand (vod), autotranslator chat messages to and from +10 languages, simulate stream, record streams, remote video, 2 way video, few variants of ratings, selling models contacts, IP block list, fake models, possibility to use several stream servers, shared models system and much, much more...
You can use chat software for business applications. We can help you to make your own adult chat or non adult video chat empire on the special pricing system: pay per minutes or pay per view!

Start your own profitable live cams business with our professional live chat software that enables adult video chat in both adult chat rooms PPV/PPM and free modes!
We are chat room software experts and we can help you to implement any of your wishes. If you have any questions about webcam chat software you are looking at, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to give you a professional consultation! We are working personally with each client who is interested in our webcam chat software, and we are ready to work with you!

Adv Demo Function 16:9 HDTV Multi lang Design Billing Servers Hosting Offers Customize

If you are not interested in our best video chat software, but may be you are interested in video on demand software? Or you are interested in read some blogs: Best cam sites, Live web cam sites, Cam to cam sites, Popular web cam sites, Web cam chat sites, Adult web cam site. Your romantic dream working for you!, Make your cam sites public - become a producer, Asian cam sites, Live cam site girl, Wireless cam sites, Free web cam sites, Best web cam chat sites, Free cam chat sites, Best free cam chat sites review, Adult free web cam sites, Adult action cam site, Cam 2 cam sites - a key to success, Web cam site, Free cam sites, Cam site very popular type of the web sites business, Cool fast cars

English |Spanish |Dutch |Russian |Arabic |French |Portuguese |German |Greek |Italian |Norvegian |Swedish |Bulgarian |Croatian |Danish |Finnish |Hindi |Polish |Romanian |Hungarian |Indonesian |Afrikaans |Chinese |Japanese |Korean

Webcam chat software demo site
Video Chat Software can be used for creating web cam sites of any theme, particularly it is perfect for pay per minute and pay per view web cam sites, chat portals, entertainment sites, dating sites, e-learning portals, educational sites, community chat sites, audio video conferencing and live supporters online.
Admin panel is very comfortable for site management and allows you to have a full control over all aspects of the Video chat software without any knowledge.
With our Streaming video cam Software you have a possibility even to choose performer's categories which will be used for creating your video chat site. It could be for example: non adult, adult, models, women, girl, woman, female, performer, lesbians, male, gays, men, homosexuals, friend, couples, personals, community, swinger, romance, sex, relationship, marriage, fashion, party, dating, music fans, Christians, philosophy, conference, friendship, escort, social network, wedding, dates, MBA programs, support, advice, love, agency, astrology, singles, religious, clubs, health or education cams site...

Demo sites

Video chat software flexible functionality
You can make sure that we offer highly developed product by making tests of video chat software demo sites. Video chat software is not a toy for few days. It has a lot of possibilities for a site owners to make a profitable Live cams business. Business chat software will help you to create and run most featured and professional online chatting rooms service and can control every aspect of it. Our webcam chat software give you possibilities starting your own personals web cam business fast and easy.
Want to be as an adult video chat host? Run your own profitable video chat business by making a Live Cams website on the base our video chatting script!

Demo sites

16:9 HDTV quality video chat script
There is no need to download any additional software for members or performers, all live content could be accessed from web pages. Video chat script has video stream in High-definition (HD) 16:9 quality and real-time Audio and Video deliveries. Minimal delay in transferring video/audio from performer to member.
For quality video stream you can use FMS or RED5 Server (free alternative of Adobe Flash Media Server) or Wowza. How to setup a webcam

RED5 server

Multi language video chat
You can use as many different languages for your website as you wish. Also you will have no problem in case if you want to run Multilanguage website or use any other language instead of English. There is nothing more simple then that! All you have to do is to translate texts to another language or add more languages, as in original Streaming Video Software is available only in English version.

Template design integration in to chat software
Chat software is Template-based system. Do you want a design that's uniquely yours? There are several options for you how to make a design of your web cam site!
1. You can use one of our free web cam site templates
2. If you have your own chat site design we can integrate it in to chat software for free.
3. You can buy or create a template of the same structure as one of our default chat software templates.
You can buy a template from any template seller. For example try search in Google "adult web templates".

Web design

Billing gateway integrated into pay per minute software
Pay per-view and pay per-minute price for chat, pre-recorded videos and another modules depending on delegated rights and adjustable by performers, studio administrators or site owner.
Any billing payment gateway can be installed and integrated into our pay per minute software. In Pay per minute software can be integrated any billing payment gateways which has IPN (Instant Payment Notification) function. At the moment we have integration withCCBill, 2checkout, PayPall, Eurobill, eProcessing, PayMate, Authorize.net, oxBill, WebMoney, Yaskifo, Paycom, iBill, Yandex and some other gateways. And also our video chat software support Phone Billing payment gateway.


Server requirements for webcam chat software
To install and run chat server software, your server has to meet all requirements given below:
Host for running webcam chat software should be Linux/Unix or Windows OS (Windows OS not recommended), GD library, Zend Optimizer, Apache web server, PHP 5 or higher, MySQL Database. To run Audio/video chat system, webcam chat software can use FMS, FMS2, FMS3, Flash media server or RED5 Server (free alternative of Adobe Flash Media Server) or Wowza.
Disk space: Full version requires minimal 10Mb of disk space and 10Mb for MySQL database.
Web interface of adult webcam chat software stable work with Windows PCs and Macintosh based computers.


Free adult web hosting for streaming video chat script
We offer free web hosting for your video chat script on our servers!
Servers hardware: Corel duo 3 GGC, 250 HDD, RAM 2GB, Intel Mather board.
Our servers has all necessary software installed.
Web hosting allows sites with adult contents.


Video chat program special offers
At this month we have following special offer for new customers.
In the package with PPM/PPV video chat program you will get:
Installation of your video chat script site by our specialists will be done for free.
Your own design will be integrated into your adult pay per view streaming video software site for free.
Any payment gateway (PayPall for example) will be integrated into your live cams software site for free.
Half a year you can use our fast reliable web site hosting on our servers for your webcam chat software site for free.
Any modifications which you would like during one month after purchase streaming video script will be done for free.
We will register a domain name for your video chat software site for free.
Lifetime free upgrades to enhance your pay per minute video software.
Outstanding support for free!

Buy Now

Unrestricted functionality and easy customization of pay per view software
We provide a custom programming for your special requirements.
If you have any specific needs, anything can be customized in any way you want in our chat rooms script. Customizations can be made as a part of set-up and included in the price PPV software. You can order development any custom functions and modifications PPM software anytime. Our technical stuff can develop it for you. Everything is possible and we can help you to make your website work the way you want. Feel free to contact our support staff if you need any custom modifications for your pay per view software site.
Our technical stuff working on increase in functionality of the pay per view software (PPV software) every day. We are always creating new modules for Streaming video chat (PPM software) which are available as a free upgrade for all our customers.

Copyright 1997-2008 Web-Support.org All Rights Reserved.

How to make webcam business?

So you want to make webcam business and earn some big money online? Earn easy money from home or office as a Webcam Video Chat owner. Our software allows you to earn from 60 USD per hour with one model. Some of top models have made over 20.000 USD a month! We can show you how exactly you can do it...

Who is who in webcam business?
Model - Performer that works on your webcam business site. Performer should have a fast PC, a broadband connection, and a webcam with microphone. With the help of our webcam business software and webcam, performer communicate with members and earn money for you. There are few ways how she can earn money. For example, people will pay to have a private conversation with performers.
In our days model's rate per minute for private show start from 2 USD. You be able to set the price you want. If your performers don't have internet or webcam or she can not have a totally private space/room to work from home, then she can make a deal that she will work from one of thousand webcam business studios on over the world.
Studio - Organization which has the equipped webcam business rooms where models can work. Studios will give you models for working on your webcam business site and will get % from model's earnings.
Site owner - you, person who installed our software on your webcam business site. You are managing your webcam business site, models and members. Receiving payments from your clients through integrated payment gateway.
Members - Registered users of your webcam business site. They pay money for communication with models in private chats and have few other possibilities how to spent their money on the webcam business site and bring you profit.

How big % should I pay models and studios?
You are the webcam business site owner and this is you who will decide how big % will you pay models and studios. You can make a deal about % with each separate model and studio. Normally when the model belong to you and is not registered in the partner studio then money are shared 50/50. If you will make a deal with studio then mostly % are shared in the next way: 70% for studio (this include also model's %) and 30% for you.

For what exactly will your members pay you?
1. Private show - Performers talk with member in 1 to 1 show. Member pay rate per minute.
2. Peep show - In the time when model is in the private chat with a member, other members can peep them. Each member who is peeping also pay rate per minute.
3. Multi chat - Model talk with the few members at the same time in the paid chat. Each member pay rate per minute for chat with her.
4. Special show - This is a variant when few models make the show in the same time and unlimited quantity of members can watch them. Few video streams are shown in the same time. This special show looks like strip club, there are many models and they show are making their own show. Each member watching this show pay certain amount for entering the room and watch the whole show or pay per minute. More over members can give the special gifts to their favorite models.
5. Pre-recorded video - you can upload the video files on the webcam business site and take money for watching them. There are few variants how members can watch paid videos (video on demand):
a. Pay per view - payment for watching certain video during the certain time. For example he is buying this video for 2 days and during those 2 days he can watch it as much times as he would like.
b. Pay per each view - payment for each view of the certain video.
c. Pay per minute - money is charged for the each minute of watching video.
d. Pay per download - payment for downloading certain video on the member's computer and after he can watch this video as much times as he would like.
You can use one or all of those variants for any uploaded video.
6. Photo albums - You can upload photo files on the webcam business site and take money for watching them.
7. Sell contacts - You can sell models contacts. Their email address, messengers ID or phone numbers. This variant is better for the webcam business sites of the "Brides" type.
8. VIP membership - You can set the monthly fee for using your webcam business site or for the access to the special functions of the site which are available only for VIP members.
9. Except of buying on your webcam business site members also have few other possibilities like record or upload their own pre-recorded videos, other members can pay for watching them and you will get your %.

A little mathematics
Let's calculate how much money will bring your webcam business site.
You have next basic dates:
So if you set performer price at USD 2/min (minimal market price), and set performer receive 50% of what people spent. You'll be able to earn up to 1.00 usd per minute. For 1 hour of 1 model's work you will get 60.00 USD.
We will not think that model be 8 hours per day in private chat, we will calculate by the minimum. Let's say she have 2 hours of private conversation a day at the same price, you'll may earn 120.00 USD each day.
For example she will work only 20 days per month.
20x120=2.400 USD per month.
2.400 USD will earn one model for you per month!!!
Let's say your site is not so big, you don't have 500 models yet as leaders of this business. For example, you have only 10 models.
10x2.400=24.000 USD per month!!!

This amount is few times higher then the price you paid for the webcam business software!!!
Let us remind you that we are calculating only by the minimum. You can take the calculator and calculate by your real plans.

As we wrote above you can not only hire your own models you can also make a deal with thousands of studios in the all over the word for cooperation with you.
Let's imagine that 1 studio has 10 models and all calculations for those models will be the same as we did above.
From the cooperation with studio you don't get 50%, but only 30%. I means that from each studio you will get 14 400 USD. Suppose you will make a deal only with 10 studios.
10x14.400=144.000 USD per month!!!

And this still is not the end! Moreover will be other way to earn that you'll discover above.
You can sell pre-recorded videos, photo gallery, model's contacts and VIP membership on your webcam business site!

Posted by: Stephen
[Stephen]: Where do I find video?
[Tatiana]: a. Upload any videos you have.
b. Each model can record videos from her webcam on your site.
c. You as admin can record model's private and free chat shows in the admin panel, Monitoring.

Posted by: Namsmog
[Namsmog]: You have so nice texts and explanations, but why don't you do this webcam business by yourself?
[Tatiana]: We are software developing company. This is our specialization. We have the high school education for programming. We can develop different kinds of software. And this webcam business chat software is one of our developments. We are earning money in the other kind of business.

Posted by: Bill
[Bill]: I am ready to use your webcam business software, but I don't know how to attract members into my site. Without members I can not earn money.
[Tatiana]: There are many different ways how to attract members on your site. For example: advertising, buying traffic, SEO engineering‶ Our company hires few SEO engineers and they can consult you or organize member's attraction on your site. Contact our managers and they will help you.

Posted by: Tim Zaegel
[Tim Zaegel]: What is necessary for starting the webcam business site?
[Tatiana]: Install the webcam business software
Integrate the payment gateway
Find models
Make a deal with studios
Attract members on your site
Our managers and technical support can consult and help you with each of those points. Contact them and they will help you to start your business today.

Posted by: Roger
[Roger]: Thanks for the deep explanation. I will start looking for models and members and after I get a many models and members I need, I will get back to you.
[Tatiana]: Take your time. But we can't imagine how you will look for models and studios when you couldn't show them webcam business site where would they work. First of all you need to make the site, set it up for working mode and after show it models and attract studios for cooperating with you.

Posted by: Erin
[Erin]: Until I have models and studios why do I need my own webcam business site?
[Tatiana]: As we wrote in the answer for the previous post, for attracting models and studios you would have to show them place where would they work. More over, until you have no models you can use other modules of our software:
1. Fake models - imitation of the model's work on the site.
2. Affiliate module - registration for the affiliate program of the other sites.
3. Upload video on the site and sell it to your members.
4. Use other modules of the site, like Hot-Or-Not vote system, Blocs‶ In his way you will attract traffic, make your site interesting and popular and get the big database of members.

Posted by: Gina
[Gina]: Fake models that's client's delusion!
[Tatiana]: No, this is not. Members think tat this is a real model, but they can not take fake model to the private chat and don't spend their money. In case they could do this, it would be delusion. Fake models will help to make action on your webcam business site. In the fake model's chats members can also chat among themselves and watch pre-recorded video files.

Posted by: Deadspin
[Deadspin]: How can I make my own studios?
[Tatiana]: Rent a place which will be most suitable for this kind of work, connect to the internet, put there necessary furniture with computers and web cams.

Posted by: Defamer
[Defamer]: I have a model who wants to work on my webcam business site, but she doesn't speck English. I heard that this is possible to hire translator who will chat with members from her name. Is it true?
[Tatiana]: Are you already our client? Do you use our software? As I understand, no. We guess that the answer for your question, if you are not using our software, would be: hire translator. You would have to pay him and it means bigger expenses and smaller profits.
If you buy our software, then you don't need hire translator, because our software already have the function of automatically translation to the +10 languages. And your models can chat not only in English but also in Arabic, Chinese and many other languages.

Posted by: William
[William]: I am studio owner. All my models are working on the webcam business sites. I noticed that this is a very good kind of business when I will have my own site, because there will be many studios working with me and it will bring me more money. So I am planning to open my own site, but I am not sure that it will bring me money immediately from the beginning.
[Tatiana]: This is very good that your models already earn money for you on the other sites. Creating of your own site will not stop them working on the other sites, they just need split cam software, which is free and girls can work on the few sites on the same time. It means that even if on the beginning you will not have such a big traffic as you wish you can continue work on the other sites. The sooner you start your web cam business, the earlier you begin earn on your own website and not share your earning with people on whom you are working now.


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