Jun 26 09 4:33 AM

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Hey guys,

I'm going to want some room to maneuver around here I think, and can see that already. I understand that I'm new, but would like at least access to email either of you if that's ok? More later as you deem fit, but for now, I would appreciate a more direct line of communication than opening a new topic like this one.

Thanks much,


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Jun 26 09 5:50 PM

Sorry Breeze, I don't understand what is your request exactly, but we are reachable by mail at : [email protected]


Do whatever you enjoy, Enjoy whatever you do.

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Jun 26 09 6:03 PM

Don't be sorry SlideR. My request was vague. Uncle already emailed me w/ Dean's "Informational Email" so I have his address, and if the gmail address below is your's that's enough for now.

Down the road, after you get to know me, I would like access to the restricted areas of the forum would like to help with upkeep and moderation if you can use it. I'm very very pleased to have found you here, and personally thank you for the work you've put into it. It's my opinion, but I truly believe that this forum is a much needed resource for those working in the industry and I would see it grow.

You're welcome to ask me anything you like. You'll always get a straight answer.


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Jun 27 09 12:35 PM

Thanks Cool Breeze for the offer of aid and for all of your helpful comments.

There are several areas where we could use some help...

If you read our "mission statement" it includes "mapping the network" that ties together the different regional players in this global industry - Western sex consumers, Web-content providers and web-masters ("web-pimps") and studio admins and owners in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America who recruit the largest groups of models.

Look here for the most recent statement of what we think we have accomplished:

We really don't know enough about the studios and Model Agencies in Western Europe who are the "middlemen" and the "clearing house" for lots of these transactions that occur "off cam." Anything you can add to clarify that would be most helpful. The other has to do with understanding better how models are marketed as both "Live and Recorded Content" and the partnerships between web-masters, porn meisters and pirates.. What I called the "unified vaginal economy" that generates "pussy-cash."

Ofc, you need to understand that we are looking at all this as outside researchers as well as either admins, clients or performers.

As for your future membership status, if you keep making these kinds of interesting posts and comments, you will become a "Silver Member" with greater access to the restricted areas of the forum and mailbox privileges very soon.

And certainly as we come to know each other better, Cool Breeze, ideas will naturally emerge about what other role you could play on this forum in the future.
Thanks again for your feedback and help.


"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Jun 28 09 10:34 AM

Hehe...Guys u are expecting too much Would it be better if all areas were left open to free view then? Uncle, I know that "restricted" should really mean "restricted." Then why u should be allowed to get in there? Uncle...if you'll allow this...then rename respective area some thing like...non-restricted

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Jun 28 09 1:06 PM

Andra, the models area is and always will be restricted as far as non-models are concerned. What we are discussing here who gets to become a "Silver member" and gain access to the restricted forum which is open to both models and senior members - and only to them.

Onan, membership in the silver group is not automatic, anymore than gaining "platinium status" is on your pirate forum..

Maybe when you give up piracy...and stop harassing models, we can revisit your status on this forum. Or maybe not. But for now, you are on permanent probation.


"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Jun 28 09 8:29 PM

Oh I`m sorry Uncle, for my irascibility I thought it was about the models' area too And...Onan, you should pay attention to the advice that Uncle gave you. Btw, you pirates...don`t you have a life?

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Jun 28 09 8:52 PM

That was priceless, Andra.

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Jun 29 09 9:38 PM

QUOTE (onan @ June 28, 2009 09:09 am)
Oooh, so when do I get my access? Since you know, I've added more to your knowledge than anyone else here.

And this one was HILARIOUS !


Do whatever you enjoy, Enjoy whatever you do.

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