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As I promised, Uncle, here is my homework!

For those who don't know what this is about, a couple of months ago I had 2 assignments. Im not gonna tell you folks about the 1st one, because it was just a little power-point presentation, and although it had the same subject and I presented it very passionately, I cant really explain it to you. But for the 2nd one, I was suppose to write an essay .. on aaaany kind of topic i wanted. One would think that given the fact that I'm trying to act like the perfect early-to-bed student, I would pick something more.. flowery. But the truth is you can take the girl from behind the web-cam.. but you can never really wash the memories away. So I did a little piece on a little thing called Live Sex Show. It's not much (tried to keep my personal piece of the cheese-cake off the white page), just a little paraphrasing of some of you, professional naked girls, peekers and observers.

How the modern Beast met the modern Beauty

Sex is and always has been one of humanity’s biggest obsessions, and it didn’t take too long to link it with another one of humanity’s biggest obsessions, money. It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, and for a good reason. From the beautiful and intelligent courtesans, sitting in their boats, floating all around the 15th-16th century Venice, to the tea-pouring Geisha, auctioning in Japan for their “mizuage” (virginity), history always found ways of answering the high demand for sex. In those days, and up until recently, both the seller and the buyer were exposed to very high risks, such as violence, venereal diseases, and broken homes, ending a great number of lives. During present times, the internet has become the new alternative medium for selling sex. It did not take too long in the latest chapter of history to use it to marry the two obsessions mentioned above.

Live Internet Sex, an off-shoot of pornography, personalizes the experience for each customer, and allows them to explore deep rooted psycho-sexual instincts, distinguishing itself from prostitution by being a safer and less risky medium for both parties.

When typing the word “porn” in Google’s search box, 104 million results appear, so the Internet-Sex is a big industry, generating a lot of money. There are 4.2 million pornographic websites, which is 12% of all the existing websites on the internet, with 420 million pornographic pages (Ropelato, 2009). They bring home more money than the combined revenues of American networks ABC, CBS, and NBC, more than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink, all together (Ropelato, 2009).

According to Dr. Jxxx Mxxxxx, professor at a New Jersey University, pornography re-establishes the difference between two very different types of women, “the respectable Madonnas” and “the stigmatized whores”, just so it can destroy it and show that in reality, all women are “whores” by their very own nature. The Madonnas are to be respected and honored as mothers and wives of the society, while the others are just easy women, with the sole purpose to satisfy men’s desires with no further strings attached. Given that, he says that the peculiar thing in live sex chat is that it has recruited thousands of “normal looking girls” to play fantasy roles as the “Girl Next Door”. In those roles, they play a Madonna that with just a little touch can change into a “whore”, going back to her “true self”, right in front of the paying customer.

Live Internet Sex is a relatively new branch in the porn industry, and a very expensive one for the customer. Why would one choose to pay to chat to a performer for one hour, instead of making a subscription on any kind of porn site, which would give one access to thousands of pictures and videos, ten times cheaper? According to a research study about the performers and the members (“A typology of client/model interactions”, n.d.), live internet sex is special because it is live, giving the customer the benefit of interacting with a real person, in real time.

Because of that, live internet sex users crave more than just the sexual exposure of the female body. Using their anonymous status, they can buy feelings, and attention, and also put pressure on the model’s dignity, constantly trying to break the “shame” barrier. All the psychological inferiority issues exhibited by the average customer are warmed up by this new ability to own another living person and to toy with her body and emotions, all the while still remaining in the shadows. This makes it irresistible and addictive given the male’s natural dominating instinct.

Has Live Internet Sex begun to slowly replace traditional prostitution? This is, perhaps, a question to be answered in ten years’ time, when more data on the subject has been gathered and published. If sex is in high demand and must be bought and sold, then this is perhaps the wisest way to do it in. The seller, in this case the performer, can do this from the safety of a studio. At the same time, the buyer can do this anonymously from the privacy of their own home, both being far away from the dangers of violence and disease. Negative implications do remain and present themselves in psychological effects on the model’s reputation and the buyer’s bank accounts, both being at the greatest risk. However, in my opinion, this could be a smaller price to pay for the lesser of two evils.

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Mar 22 10 6:06 PM

Multu, multumesc, BB...And very well done..I must say.

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Apr 7 10 2:23 PM

QUOTE (camgirl @ March 22, 2010 07:27 pm)
UncleLewis, are you Romanian? Isn't everybody here? ))

because this has very much to do with the subject in hand, ofc...

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