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Aug 24 10 7:01 PM

Haha... Smoke.

Be careful.

Good luck as well.

Lol, EB, aren't we all crazy?

Coolbreeze, I meant the same thing I just beat around the bush(no pun intended there).

Burgie, Burgie, where art thou?

Did Batman ever use that line,camgirljen?

Holy cow. What do you think, Robin?

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Sep 19 10 1:20 PM

I booked the flights and hotel, Im going to see her in 2 weeks.

Will post an update when I get back.

I have no idea whats going to happen! Will just be nice to meet this person Ive been talking to and having fun with for the last 10 months anyway.

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Oct 8 10 2:27 AM

Well I haven't posted since my introduction, but I wanted to share that the girl I have been building a friendship with is now open to me visiting her. I'm tentatively planning a trip at some point over the next 2-4 months. We have mutually established that we will meet as friends, but she knows that I have very strong feelings for her. That said, my expectations are low as I a count the days with mixed feelings of insecurity and excitement. At the least, it will be an educational (and simultaneously expensive) experience.

Looking forward to hearing about Smoked's trip... hopefully he will let us know how it went...

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Oct 8 10 8:33 AM

mine wants to meet me too

why shouldn't she?

it's my traveling expenses

once I calculated the costs, which only financial could be estimated, I reneged

the bottom line for me is I would be completely out of element in Romania. I live in California. I think I would be a easy target there.

I am staying put.

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Oct 8 10 8:38 AM

QUOTE (markfx @ October 08, 2010 08:33 am)

the bottom line for me is I would be completely out of element in Romania. I live in California. I think I would be a easy target there.

I am staying put.

I've been "in the middle of nowhere" in more than one Muslim country, and I was always treated like a guest, not like a crusader or a walking wallet (of course, in "tourist zone" things may be different, and I am not talking about Afganistan).

Just use your brains to avoid stupid situations.

This is about the general situation. About the girl you wish to meet, I can't give you any advice.

�I do not agree with a word that you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it�


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Oct 8 10 10:38 AM

Well, before any Romanian gets pissed off because of the comparison, I should add that even if I haven't been there yet, it doesn't sound "extreme" for me. I've been in many CEE countries, including Russia, and the worst thing what ever happened to me was that in some Sarajevo hostel, some Americans stole my breakfast (as there was a common fridge)

�I do not agree with a word that you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it�


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Oct 8 10 10:41 AM

that's so funny

Markland is right. U can come as tourist without worries, but the question is how much can you trust the girl, from here or anywhere. U might not be a target as tourist, but u can be a target for that girl. especially if u spent enough on-line to make the effort of trapping u worthwhile.

You cannot be part of the crowd and achieve your dream at the same time.

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Oct 8 10 3:20 PM

My ex-wife was Romanian, and I went to Bucharest twice. Not bad, if you know where the bad neighbourhoods to avoid are.

Being divorced twice, I am now developing feelings to a camgirl who is somewhere, either in Russia or in Ukraine (she won't tell me where).

I am hopeless...

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Oct 8 10 10:56 PM

QUOTE (camgirl @ October 08, 2010 10:41 am)
that's so funny

I definitely did not like the situation, as I was hungry, and in hurry to reach some 5-hours-bus, but then a miracle happened - the bus stopped in front of some countryside pub: "You have 30 minutes, do whatever you like" Corruption

�I do not agree with a word that you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it�


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Oct 9 10 1:48 PM

I am back safe and sound

The visit went pretty well. We had some fun and managed to be friends in real life too. I spent 4-5 days over there and we met each other every day. We went for walks through the city, tried a 4D cinema, did some shopping and spent the evenings eating out or having some drinks. Also spent one evening at her apartment drinking tea.

There were some obvious differences in culture - the roles of a man and a woman are much more traditional than I'm used to in the UK. This was almost nice once I got used to it, its kind of romantic to hold all the doors, pick up all the bills (!) and make most of the decisions. If this makes her sound weak, she was far from it. Her take on this was that I can make the decisions but if she disagrees with it she will surely let me know I am sure there is a happy middle ground here, between the two cultures with the traditional romantic roles married to a more modern idea of equality.

There was also the problem of language. Whilst we could communicate, the conversation could break down, mainly due to her not understanding me or her trying to find the right words she wanted to use. I think its much easier for her to read English than to hear it. As you would expect.

Overall I am really happy that I went. It was interesting to see another country and of course it was so nice to meet this girl. She was even more beautiful and charming in reality than I could have wished for. I think she enjoyed it too and we have agreed to do it again.

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Oct 9 10 9:32 PM

Congratulations, Smoked.
I have been lurking the forum for a while but it seems that your and my situation is similar but I have yet to make arrangements to see my girl.

Like you , I found her on a web cam and for the past several months we chat more "offline" through emails and yahoo almost daily than at her site. I log on to her cam page when she is on for a few minutes just so I can actually see her and say hi. We "privated" early on of course but have not for some time now. We were even in contact while she was on vacation away from the cam. No money has been exchanged and she hasn't asked. It seems that she legitimately enjoys my company and I hers.

Your experience is good to hear and is causing me to really consider the next step and going and actually meeting.

I know there are a lot of cautionary tales out there and rightfully so but is there a thread anywhere that discusses and acknowledges the ways to tell if the relationship might truly be legitimate from her side?

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Oct 10 10 11:46 AM

Thanks Eow.

I think you need to make your own mind up as to whether her desire to meet you is genuine or not. Talk to her about it and really listen to what she says. Forget about the situation in which you met and just see her as a real person. Dont allow wishful thinking to cloud your judgement but equally dont be too paranoid. A hard task to manage as I think I might know better than most!

Your situation sounds positive to me. A lot of offline contact and even communication while she was on vacation. She doesnt even have any financial incentive to do this.

I think you should consider are you really matched in reality? Does she know what you look like? Are your ages compatible? Have you been able to date similar girls in your life, or at least nearly the same ballpark?

I would keep your hope and expectations down too. I think your goal at this moment just should be to meet her at least once. Its nice to dream about the rest, but let it happen naturally or not at all. You really need to meet to even think about the rest. Another thing to consider is that after the holiday you will still be however many thousand miles apart. Thats where I find myself now, back in reality. I have no idea how my relationship will progress from here and it certainly wont be quick or easy.

Good luck to you and your friend. I hope you both can find at least some happiness. Keep a positive attitude and your hopes down and I think youll be ok.

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Oct 17 10 4:59 PM

Its really good to hear you had a good time as I will be going to meet a model in four weeks and have been a bit dubious as to how it is going to turn out. Knowing someone else has been just lately and things worked out is good to hear.

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Nov 1 10 10:27 PM

Hello, I'm all new here and I want to share my "holidays" too... Maybe, this will be advice for people who hesitate to make the step between virtuality and reality. Maybe not....

I'm french, very good professional situation, many friends, happy family... All a man can ask in this world, I can have it. The problem is that I'm not happy in couple with my wife and not good in communication. So, I started to chat on webcam, in the beginning it was really to test my "seduction capacity" with words. I know it's silly bc webcam girls are in a way "programmed" to be seduced. I mean, it's a game, and I know that in this game, nothing is completely really true. Anyway.

So, I suscribed on a site in July, and started by a research in physical settings that matched with my own "ideal". I found some girls, and finally start to talk with one. After first private show, she sent me a message on the site telling me that she was interested in me. I took a second private show where I wrote her my email adress, and important thing, told her that it would be my last private show. That I didn't want to pay for talking with her and that if she really wanted to talk with me, to know me better, she was knowing how to reach me.

She sent me a first email, and we start to have correspondance like this and in free chat only. In our mails, we talk a lot about our personal lives, but I never mentioned my professional situation neither the fact that I was married. She told me that she was having strong feelings for me, and I have to say that I felt (and still feel) something strong for her too. A kind of connection, I had never felt something like that before. I asked her to come in Paris for a few days, because I really wanted to see her in REAL. She agreed but we considered it was too complicated because she is from Ukraine and need visa. So, I said that I would come to see her in Kiev. We planned it for September. Then we exchanged phone numbers and correspondance became daily, even many times per day.

August was a period of huge hesitation for me. On the one hand, I thought that I was completely crazy to go to a country I didn't know, with a girl I knew only from virtuality.... On the other hand, I felt an uncontrollable desire for this meeting. I really wanted to know how it could be in reality with her.

So I booked everything and finally did it. And it was the most perfect holidays of all my life, I felt really myself. We forget everything for 3 short days.

Then we went back to our lives in France for me, in Ukraine for her. Separation is hard, and I think it's even harder for her. And I told her all truth about me, she forgave me.... We continue to see each other everyday, off the site, on our personal webcams at home.

Worst is to come. My wife learned all the story. I really wanted to divorce for long time but never had the strength to admit it myself. Maybe I have unconsciously let my phone open one night . She searched in it and finally found sms. Anyway, now we are separated. The hardest part is to make people understand that I'm in love with a woman that work on a sex-site, even if she never did or does nude shows. My parents, friends, wife had very rude words for me and for my lover. I heard that I was manipulated, maybe enrolled in a sect, that she was a whore, only looking to get a long time visa to leave her country. I really don't think so. I see psychiatrists and I'm not crazy. I'm in love. But I'm not ready to leave everything for her. I think we will start a love on distance relationship, with advantages and and inconveniences. I will go back to see her in one month. Then she will come in France, and we'll do like that to see if we can really match. I'm not thinking about asking her to live in France and she never tell me about living Ukraine, I don't believe in marriage anymore. I'm just in mood of enjoying life and enjoying this nascent love. I learn russian, she learns french. Carpe diem.

As you read, we never talk about money except to say that we needed to share every costs of meetings : Taxi, Planes, Appartments, Food. We agreed on that from the very start.

Finally, in my position, I think it's possible to meet someone thanks to internet, even if this person is far away. We just have to be careful on some subjects like work or money to avoid scammers. Nothing replaces a good conversation, face to face, with honesty.

I'm lucky, I took risks, but in my case, it's worth.

I hope it had been helpful to some hesitating guys here. And I'm open to read your opinion about my story, or to answer questions if you have some.

Regards ant thanks for reading,

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Nov 1 10 10:54 PM

new job for cam girls: saving lonely souls of males unsatisfied with their wives, who they cheat and get divorced from "mistake", looking to have a long distance "relationship" for they are "unprepared" for more.

Useless to say more, especially that you call that a "good experience" and you are proud about.

I feel pity for that girl, you might be lucky, but she entered in this sad situation by her choice (for better life maybe)

You took risks? Think about what risks she took meeting with you. What if it wouldnt be you but an obsessed perv? She risked for some reasons - many girls from poorer countries want to "escape" and live an European life. Don't get drunk with water.

From now on all the posts that encourage abusive situations to drag models in, taking advantages of and that involves risks, will be deleted.

You cannot be part of the crowd and achieve your dream at the same time.

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