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Here's the missing topic on working conditions in the Bucharest Studios that supply models for the British owned site, Direct Sex. It was deleted by accident when one of the mods tried to move it to protect our Bucharest Angel's identity.. But I had made a copy of the thread.. so here it is again.
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Posted by: BucharestAngel August 08, 2010 09:25 pm

I started to work in the videochat industry under the assumption that I was going to do nonadult videochat...I didn't know the name of the site or anything but I found out what it is all about in the first month. I saw some referrals to this site on this forum also, but not many...

I will try to explain how this works for any girl that wants to start to work in the videochat industry, thinking that she's unable to get naked and play with her body for others to see...you will do that eventually.

First of all ask the site name, I didn't and I was wrong. Second of all, as many other camgirls from Romania said before, there aren't studios that work in the nonadult section..prepare for a soft-core performance - at the very least.

DS is a site that doesn't have :
- free chat
- accept/decline button
- ban button

Ds has strict rules:
- the admins will come in your chat room to check the chat and the video and if you are not smiling enough they will admonish you
- even if a member is making you feel like a piece of shit you can't talk back to him, you will be fined or even get your account closed
- girls have to be online 24/7 - if you are late you are going to be fined, if no one is there to back you up your account will be closed
you are not allowed to say "no" to a paying customer - he might make a complaint, he will and you are going to be in trouble because they might close the account of the studio ( this doesn't mean that you have to do what they ask all the time, but must be careful of what words you chose to use if you refuse.)
- you are not able to work on any other site while you have an account on their site

DS has a "In Show"button. You can use this button if you are having a show, but all the golden members will see you in full screen for free, and every visitor will see you on a small screen. The small screen has a delay, but it doesn't really matter, because your pussy will be there for everyone to see even if it will be in slow motion.

The "In show" button will not give you a sense of privacy, and most of the time you will have a bunch of members...talking dirty (believing that these words will make you even more aroused, as if you really are, but if you are a good actress, they will think that and they will come, and since is in your interest to have as many members in your room as you can, you have to perform as well as you can)

Since any golden member can see you without entering in your chat, you are an easy prey for all the pirates in the world...and since everyone else can see you ..you will become a target no matter what you do.

The members can connect their cams and you can't close them down or hide , because it will be next to chat window

If you have 6 members in your room and everyone is talking you don't have different chat windows for every member, everything is on the same screen...so be careful what you write to whom you write. You don't want to get the members all upset or anything..smile.gif

The DS site is one of the sites that empowers the members in a way that is hard to explain in words, but because you don't have any control it can make you a bit depressed ( if not a lot).

On DS there are many lonely sad guys that search for a porn girlfriend:)..but even they will make you feel bad about yourself, by getting upset that you had 6 orgasms in an hour or something:)...

Hmmmm except for the first part, the rest is pure subjectivism...On a more personal note I don't believe DS is better or worse than any other videochat site...but then again I have only tried this one.

Take care,

Posted by: camgirl August 08, 2010 09:43 pm
Thanks for the interesting details from inside.

Angel, from just those house rules that you mentioned about not saying no, of always smiling or the admin controlling you all time time, I can definitely say that it's worse than the others. I haven't tried DS, but I tried all the rest and they don't have those rules. On the contrary, they say the models should do what they want and I think that's fair too and even better for business if t makes some competition. I mean who said they all have to act in a standard way? Maybe one model is nicer, another is more in a bitchy mood. There are clients for different type of models. The solution is not to inhibit their personalities. There are clients in my chat room who say they stay there and eventually go private because they like my mean replies to others - It's a niche market that they'll never cover with those rules about "acting nice" only. Even in media, the standard "nice" doesn't necessarily have the biggest audience.

Posted by: CoolBreeze August 09, 2010 05:23 am
Thank you Angel. My respect for you continues to grow. You post for those who are not members here. What you've said could have easily been placed in the restricted area, but you chose to post it where guests can see. You get nothing from it, but others will because of you. You set a good example, not for camgirls, but for people. I admire your character.

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Comment on DS on the franc-tireur forum that says it all.

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[quote name='Camfan' date='Apr 23 2010, 12:30 PM' post='28968']

Well, the only thing cool about *DS* is that once you are a member, you can view everything that is happening on video in every room for free. There is no private there, everything is on main screen for every member to watch. You pay only if you want to chat, but since only idiots pay to chat with the models, like some said, most wankers would say it's a great site. Usually, there is at least one of the 10 to 15 girls online that is showing some skin. So not a bad "backup" website for emergency :-)))))


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