Pygmalion explains the line between the virtual and the real

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Nov 2 10 1:52 PM

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Welcome back Pygmalion. And Trainer was right: You are not confused. You understand clearly what's in play in Cyberia. So I thought that this insightful and candid statement deserves to be repeated here as its own topic....
Thanks again.

QUOTE (TRAINER @ November 02, 2010 02:03 am)

And I do not blame you for being offended by being asked if you will escort or prostitute yourself, but then again, look at the atmosphere your work is conducted within. Need I say, it is pornography or are we going to argue the semantics again?

But hey, most men get emotionally too involved,hmmm.... or is it women, eh... nevermind, we all are robots.

So is it a videochat site - a porn site or is it a date site with emotions involved? got me confused Trainer.

The thing is that the members have a choice to view this as they please and is our job to fulfill their fantasies and keep our personal lives to ourselves..

How should I know how a member thinks? I have many polite, charming members that want shows but also conversations that imply some sort of emotional connection. Should I use my time to understand each and every member? Should I use my time to put them in distinct categories? For what? Members are paying for our services and there are 3 kinds of services that we provide in my opinion sexual shows, interesting discussions, emotional shows..and all have a common liaison named fantasy.

I don't want to be misinterpreted so I will explain what I mean by "how should I know how a member thinks?" - I get to know them as much as they let me know them...I have in my mind that we are talking about fantasies no matter what..So when they say they are in love with me, I say I care about them also. They love my body. I want to give them a special show. They like my funny jokes. I tell them I enjoy spending my time with them ( Ok this is superficial but you get the point) I take what they give and work with that..It's their own business if they mix these two worlds together, and they get too emotionally involved.

Camgirl said in another thread something like it's a cam girl's job to seduce the guys, not the other way round. I agree completely. And all members should know this or at least have a clue about this. They are paying customers and not some guys we might meet in a coffee shop. I am not going to tell a member of mine that he is a "perv," but I will tell him tell I have never met someone that is so open to new experiences, and I absolutely love whatever he is saying or doing on the other side of the long as he is paying.

About the services they should get ( none of these imply meeting them face to face )

1. sexual shows - they know what you do and they ask you to do some specific things or let your imagination lead the way. They start with a sexual fantasy and things evolve from there to the actual show - things are easy here or they should be.

2. interesting discussions - they are bored and they want to be entertained ...We take out of the closet all our wit, charm, general knowledge about everything and anything and we spice up everything with our funny side

3. emotional shows - sometimes they start to be like this from the start " wow you have warm smile or your eyes are so are you?..why are you on this site..what do you do besides this job etc etc" and you, as a camgirl talk about your strong points, make him aware how interesting you are; your fine taste in literature, wine ,music..It depends also on what he likes;)...At this point you know he is searching for something more than just a show..and you play along...They talk about their feelings, their disappointments in life and you make them feel important and you make them feel they are amazing human beings ( maybe they are)..but who doesn't want a woman at home who loves his man no matter what..?

Some other times this fantasy play is continued from the interesting discussions thing..They like your wit and the fact you are funny and most of all that you laugh at their jokes. This is the most complex fantasy in my opinion..It might imply sex talk, political talk, feelings talk ..some sort of connection might be established for real ..and you have to be careful as a camgirl, you don't want to give him the impression that you want a real relation with him...But that you would like a man like him in your life..and you are happy you met him..There is hope and they feel good about themselves, and they come back because they want to feel special somemore and they might get some hope they will find something special in their real lives also

Ok this is still superficial but again you all get the point..if you want to meet a girl a person you can always go check out escort sites...They will let you live your fantasies in another way..more touchable

I am not against cam girls and members that meet because ..oh well ...IF They really really felt a strong connection but let's face it...this happens rarely...The thing that happens more often is thinking that you can experience the fantasy for real..It's like oh wow I never had sex while doing bungee jumping..and you find someone that want that you do it..again and again The rush is amazing..but you will get tired ..and you will find the fantasy is gone.

And what is this going to lead to? This is going to set a pattern..oh if that girl met with this guy and had fun, I will met with my girl and so on and so the point it will be something normal, to the point where if you refuse, they will consider you rude or whatever. I give you another example..There were some sites which they considers soft core sites ( video-chat) and of course they were a lot cheaper that the other ones..At some point some girls or studios considered they could attract more members, and therefore more money, if they performed hardcore shows ...Now those sites pay as little money as they paid before, but the clients' expectation are high like on a hardcore site..If you refuse to do what they request, they insult you and give you bad ratings and so on so forth.

This is why i think we should keep this plain and simple...well as much as we can.

Dream the dream. Don't try to live it..It's bad for our business and it's bad for you.

I don't even want to go to the bad side of these encounters..the potential dangers for members and camgirls as well. (camgirl did a very good job already)

Ok this is too long..hope you don't fall asleep:P

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Nov 2 10 2:48 PM

Wow Pygmalion..Nice post indeed. And an interesting typology of shows and customers that matches up in many respects with what our member Tom78 observed and posted here four years ago (to the day) in this section. Look here:

But the Adult Video Chat industry has generally evolved away from "Live Chat" towards more emphasis Hard core, Sex Shows - but apparently that doesn't seem to be true for the site where you appear. Is this correct interpretation of what you are telling us here?
Of three types of shows and customers that you describe, what kind of shows do your clients request the most often?

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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