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Apr 26 11 6:45 AM

QUOTE (NakedNormaRae April 24 @ 2011 11:51 am)
However, this creativity has flourished because of the tipping system, not because of the lax enforcement of rules.
Yes, the tipping and more personalized format on MFC is mostly behind the creativity. Two rules on MFC are:

1. for any sales at offsite links, arrange payment using tokens.
2. no boy-girl hardcore

These rules are being broken at personal online stores and by use of chip-in accounts.

I like models who are honest about what they will and will not do and most of them are honest.

QUOTE (NakedNormaRae)

Due to the public performances and camscores on MFC it is easier to determine whether a model is a good, honest performer before spending tokens.

Are you saying that if you are satisfied with a performer's public dildo show, you will be more likely to take her private? Because that is exactly the opposite of what actually happens. And if not, what *are* you saying here?
No, I don't ask models to do dildo shows in public chat. I have advised several models to reserve dildo shows for group or private shows. I shun private shows on MFC because 60 or 80 tokens / minute is too expensive.

For several years I thought that models should never get naked in public chat because members would never take them into private until I saw models doing it successfully. I have seen models sit naked in public chat and receive nothing for hours. Others sit naked blocking their private parts, flash their tits and get many private shows. One rule does not fit all models. The best that I can describe it is that models should be sexy, seductive and enticing in public chat making the men horny and willing to pay to see more. However this advise is completely meaningless for popular models. They have discovered a routine that work well for them.

Dildo shows in public chat can earn many tokens when combined with a countdown. When a model begins a dildo show in public chat hoping that members will come watch and tip, the tipping part usually ends in failure. She does the show for little or nothing, so my observations agree with you on this point.

The camscore relates to the earnings of the models. Models who have high camscores usually do good shows but may be expensive. A model with an established camscore around 1000 is also likely to do a good show, but will probably be in a price range that I like to pay. The probability is high that something is wrong with a model whose camscore is low. It could be her appearance, technical issues, bad shows, knowledge of English or attitude. I must be careful with models with low camscores to avoid disappointment. When entering a chat room on sites without camscores, I do not know what to expect.

A model who does a great show in public chat, like a strip dance, posing or teasing, is one who will probably do a great show in the more expensive group or private. Before you argue that group shows are cheap at 10 tokens / minute, I usually stay in a group show for more than 20 minutes and sometimes tip causing the tokens I spend to exceed the cost of shows in public chat. On SM I carefully planned what I wanted the models to do, watched the clock and expected the model to do what I asked immediately. On MFC I am much more relaxed because a group show only cost me about 80 cents / minute. I get longer shows for my money and am more satisfied. Consequently I have spent more money on MFC than on all the other sites combined.

I agree that the changing economic climate is harming models who want to minimize their exposure by working exclusively in private shows and who want high fixed rates. If the U.S. gets power outages that persist for 5 years as is projected for Japan due to their earthquake or the U.S. dollar collapses, then the webcam industry will become smaller. Successful models will figure out how to collect a larger piece of a shrinking pie.

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Sep 13 11 1:05 AM

QUOTE (someonehasposted @ April 27, 2011 05:27 am)
I wish there was a formula to turn a cam score into a rough earnings figure!  LOL

Well, PolarBear posted his:

A camscore that has been roughly stable over several months with the model working regularly is about half of the average number of tokens she earns each day that she works. Because the camscore does not change on days the model does not work, you have to estimate the number of days she works to caclulate her approximate earnings. The models are paid 5 cents per token although they might have to share some of it with a studio. A camscore of 11,000 is very good allowing her to earn much money, an average of $1,100 each day she works.

I think the only way to refine the camscore/money earned equation (since there are now sites dedicated to tracking camscores) would be current and former models releasing detailed data about what they earned (which they are unlikely to do for obvious reasons).

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Sep 13 11 2:52 AM

I don't know if my experience is typical but I would venture to say that it's likely. I have now been away from MFC for ten days and intend to extend it to ten years
I may fall off the wagon, of course - it has happened to me before - but the third degree burn I got last time out will, I hope, ensure my absence from that site.

Here's the problem as I see it: unlike almost all other sites, the high degree of interaction between models and clients that MFC fosters, the illusion of almost camaraderie, serves as a conduit for the client to get much more involved emotionally than on other sites. The other sites I have visited were truly "wank and split" as far as I was concerned. The PM system, the MFC mail system, the chip-ins and off-line tipping, plus the ease of opening many rooms at the same time, they all serve as a brilliant emotional trap. I, for one, do not want to find myself in that trap again.

MFC is also a lot more expensive than the other sites - paradoxically, because one can ogle girls for free forever! However, one tends to spend way, way more time there and get sucked into the vortex of tipping and group shows like there's no tomorrow.

I have become friends with one U.S. model - we exchange emails and I ask her about her experiences. She has indeed confirmed that invariable the guys with whom she starts exchanging a lot of PM's and to whom she shows "affection" are the ones who "fall in love", email her, message her and generally make pests of themselves BUT - a huge BUT - they send gifts and tip like crazy, so it's worth the hassle. Well, worth the hassle for the model maybe, but having been in the guy's shoes (i.e. obsessed with a model), I don't want to go there again.

All in all, MFC is a brilliant commercial enterprise. It's the Facebook of camming. Whoever invented the format is probably swimming in money. But for me it's been totally toxic and I don't ever want to see it again . Lots of free porn out there, not to mention also lots of gorgeous women. Since I quit MFC (for the second time and hopefully the last, fingers crossed), I have been paying a bit more attention to my poor wife but - I will admit this - have also flirted lightly with a couple of ladies at a bar (nothing but light flirty banter) and it felt better than any "cum show" ever did


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Nov 19 11 5:51 PM

From Trainer.. a post by an MFC model who just woke up to the fact that the real rate of exploitation on MFC - and most of the other cam-sites - is actually pretty high - even if you're an independent cam model who's not splitting your 50% of the fees with a studio middleman (aka WEB-PIMP0....


Posted by PriXXypuXXy: September 21, 2011

Hi! i was just wondering why MFC get 50% of what i work my ass off for. looking at from my point of view its not fair in the least little bit sol maybe you can give me a different point of view. the fact is that there are thousands of models on here that make a couple hundred dollars a day before you take half of that. i understand that you need to make money but take half of every girls pay check is so not fair for our part.

Photo: Karl Max in Shades - who was wise to all this rate of exploitation stuff.
Click here to view the attachment

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Nov 19 11 6:27 PM

Interesting, I must have missed nurgg's post here, but he pinned the tail on the donkey... or shall I say ducky.

The analogy of a sexual facebook, comparing MFC to facebook.

I remind you that the marketing of a persona encompasses, facebook, twitter and a host of many other social networking websites.

Come on... connect the dots already!!!!

I came across an MFC's models blog from canada.

You can see quite clearly how all the social networking sites are used to capture a fan base and more market share of business opportunities.

This one model, uses all these websites, for various exposure.

Such as:

1) Business exchanges.... emails, photo packages, videos etc that any person can be charged a fee.

2) The model has created a wishlist and specific methods of obtaining gifts and presents

I understand the business side of it all. But with all due respect, and as nurgg has pointed out.... there are many ways to hook a fish out there.

Ripe for the taking.

I have come to the conclusion, that when an individual becomes so enthralled with all of this, as a customer, that the chemistry that occurs within the brain alters rational thinking into a subtle yet powerful addiction.

The feeling of having tokens or credits, and then the euphoria of using them in various ways and methods, creates a type of "feeling of importance" for many individuals.

No longer would just sex shows suffice, it is the brain altering its brain patterns that when in this type of environment, it gives pleasure. That pleasure, is placated by a model towards the member, in a sense and feeling of euphoric importance. Since having tokens and using them elicits attention and making a person feel important at that moment, it simply modifies and alters a way a person feels and thinks in these environments.

Before you know it, you are hooked, filleted, and cooked.

There are people out there that use this knowledge and the expertise to prey on those inherent weaknesses and use the psychological human traits of others to exploit or manipulate people into altering their views and lifestyles.

This is the essence of creating what I call fodder.

Before you realize it, you look at yourself and realize you sit in a chat room for 8 hours, wasting time, thinking you are so important, yet in reality, you are nothing but a dollar sign.

Or you realize you have been an active member of a chat site for almost 10 years. My,my, my, no wonder, some women make this a career. Yet, humans do this anyway, because it makes them feel good or justify to themselves that there is nothing wrong or improper with it. It's a legal type of business but in the end it really is not normal social interaction, to say the least.

Shall I mention how many individuals are even more "hooked" when you do not see what occurs when the "business" moves away from a chat site to more intimate realities, using all the other social networking sites out there.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil...is for good men to do nothing
Edmund Burke(1729-1797)
Irish Philosopher,statesman

�With integrity, nothing else counts. Without integrity, nothing else counts.�

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. � Albert Einstein.

"To see what is right, and not to do it, is want of courage or of principle."


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Jan 3 12 8:53 PM

This video by minnieclips, "How much can I make as a web-cam model," may shed some light on the issue; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9660WLov3Cc&feature=related

But then again, look at this rather long and detailed reply from the web-site Extra Lunch Money.



How Much Money Do Webcam Models REALLY Make?
by ELM Admin on November 2nd, 2010

Recently I've taken an interest in cam modeling. It's a fascinating concept; getting paid to strip or perform various adult things for money via web cam. It's something I would never consider doing myself. For one I'm way too shy. And secondly I don't have anything guys would pay to look at (and I'm not being modest). You hear about strippers, the ones dancing in gentlemans clubs, making good money, but you don't hear much about the world of virtual strippers. That's what inspired me to discover just how much money a webcam model can make.

One other thing I learned is that in addition to live webcam modeling how some models make money by selling nude video clips. It's a good way to make passive income either with our without cam modeling.

The Hype of Webcam Modeling

Not to say webcam modeling is a get-rich-quick scheme, but I think cam modeling website owners and operators like to sell models on that idea. On the surface becoming a cam "girl" or cam boy' isn't difficult. Aside from being over 18 years old, having a computer with an internet connection, and the courage to reveal some skin that's really all you need to get started. And just how much can you earn by doing this? I decided to look at 3 popular web modeling websites to see what they say in terms of money you can earn.
imLive.com: Live Cams | Live Sex Chat And Webcam Expert Advice

how much do Imlive webcam models make?

ImLive, unfortunately, doesn't give you any numbers in terms of money you could be earning. Instead they tell you you can "Earn Big Money Online," you get paid every 2 weeks, and if you are top host that you'll be showered with Versace dinner sets (didn't know Versace made dinner sets).Other than that there is no information how you get paid and how much you'll be paid for your time. But maybe you'd rather be paid in Versace dinner sets (a $159.95 value according to Amazon)
Cams.com: Live Cams, Adult Webcams & Sex Chat Shows

how much money you can earn from cams.com

Cams.com does a better job than imLive at revealing some numbers to give you an idea of potential income, but again there is no specific information. What you know is that you could earn up to $120 an hour and if you are a top model you could make  "over $20,000 a month!"  It would be nice if they mentioned how much an average model makes. I have a feeling there are a lot less top models than average models. But I could be crazy.

*MFC*s.com: The #1 adult webcam community

how much money can you make at *MFC*s

Of all the cam websites *MFC*s.com gives the most information regarding potential income. Interestingly they also have a wiki page dedicated to answering a lot of question you might have about webcam modeling. Of the 3 sites I looked at they had the most information publicly available.�But again if you are just a "plain Jane" it's hard to get an idea how much money you can make. Though be comforted for if you have what it takes to to be a top model you'll be making $40,000 a month in no time or $280,000 a year. That's more than most doctors and all minor league baseball players make!

The Reality of Webcam Modeling

Many of these websites tell you how much their top models make ($20,000 to $40,000 a month), but surprise surprise they do leave out a few key points:

What percentage of models are making that kind of money? If there are 1000 models and only 1 model makes that amount then chances are you won't be making that kind of money (sorry if I burst your bubble, just keeping it real)

How many hours are they working to make that kind of money? Are they working 4 hours a week or 100 hours a week?

What kind of stuff are they doing in their shows to earn their money? Are they just IM chatting with different people or are they sticking various, fun objects in different orifices?

Is their monthly income sustained throughout the year? Meaning are they making consistently $20,000 a month or was it a fluke where the rest of the months they only made $3000 a month?

Those questions are just the one's I had for the top models for those websites. Chances are 80% of the people joining these webcam modeling sites won't be top models. This of course raises the question that inspired this post, how much could a real person make by web camming?

Webcam Modeling Income Shared by Actual Webcam Models

I decided to take my research direct to actual webcam models and ask them directly how much money they made. I wasn't sure how I was going to contact these models as I didn't want to pay money to join cam websites just to chat with models. Luckily the friendly community over at Stripper Web (a forum for exotic dancers and other adult industry workers) had members willing to share their webcam modeling income.

You can read the thread for yourself on Stripper Web, but I'll pull out the good parts. I asked two questions:

How much do you make in a month using cam modeling sites?
How how much time do you spend on these sites in a month?

Here are the answers I received along with my income analysis:

Between $5000 and $8000 working between 30-40 hours per week and working a range of sites.

Assuming income of $6500 a month for 35 hours of work a week this models income is $46 an hour.

Just recently I made a lil over a $1000 for ten hours. which was five days for me at 2 hrs a pop. So I know that if i put my heart into it and actually worked my ass off. I could make the thousands a month.

That comes out to $100 an hour.

$31 an hour is possible sometimes I can pull in $80 an hour.

For her it's $80 an hour.

I don't web cam myself but know girls that do. One I know made $800 in four hours the other day and that is on a new site that doesn't have a lot of people on it yet.

That comes out to $200 an hour.

Sometimes you might make $10 in an hour, and other times you will make $50 to $100 an hour. I have had good days and bad days. I have been doing this over 2 years now, and I am still learning! The more I learn the more I make Let's just say on my worst day I couldn't even make 20 bucks!!!

Her answer speaks volume to what you probably can expect if you get into camming? "ups and downs."

"Logged on, made $10 in the first hour and a half.Took about an hour break. logged back on, made $50 in an hour."

For two and half hours of work that's an average of $24 an hour.

"I have been camming over a year now .Horrible nights I've made $10 (LOL). Great nights I've made $500+. Average pay every 2 weeks around $1500. (working prob one week out of the two)"

Assuming she's putting in 30 hours a week and working only 2 weeks in a month she's making $50 an hour.

"I make $4000-$6000 a month.  Don't really have "bad days" when I dont make a lot of money because I work diff sites so if its slow one place I'm making $$$ somewhere else. Once you get a solid fanbase it's much easier, though."

I'll assume she's working 30 hours a week making on average $5000 a month. Her earning rate is $42 an hour.

Average Webcam Model Hourly Rate

Taking these income numbers I can calculate the average hourly rate of a "normal" webcam model. Top models, assuming they make $30,000 at 120 hours of work a month, make an average of $250 an hour. Normal everyday webcam models can expect to earn $77 an hour. Of course even with my number you have to remember this is only based on the responses from 7 models. Even so it's a big difference from the $250 an hour that some of these websites say you can make.


From the responses I got from actual webcam models it is possible to make good money doing webcam modeling. Chances are you won't be making the money that is promised to top models from these websites, but at a potential rate of $77 an hour it's still good money. It should be noted that none of these women said that it was easy money. Like any job, profession, or endeavor it takes hard work to be successful. There's no guarantee everyone can make this kind of money.

However, at least you have a better idea of what to expect in terms of money you can make doing webcam modeling.

At the end of the day if you are serious about making money then there's only one way to find out,and that's by trying it. If you do try it out let us know how it worked out for you. If you are looking for additional ways to make money by modeling be sure to check out our digital adult goods marketplace, Extra Lunch Money

Interviews with Real Cam Models

Below are some interviews we've done to learn more about the world of web camming and how some models got started how much they made, and tips for being successful as a model. Be sure to check it out:

Interview with Amber Dawn  Spanking fetish cam model
Interview with Alex Mantra  a *MFC*s cam model
Interivew with Aria DeLaunanay OnHerCam, Streamate, *MFC*s model

You can also check out interviews with web cam models section to see the most up to date interviews we've done.

Related posts:

� � Where Can I Sell Nude Photos of Myself?
� � Want to be a Model? Start Modeling Online
� � The Adult Fiverr and Micro Gig Site
� � Selling Yourself: The Ethics of �Girl Funds�
� � MyGirlFund.com Review: Read the Fine Print Before You Sleep with Them

This is what MFC tells its model to expect in terms of earnings on their site.
Click here to view the attachment

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Jan 4 12 9:36 AM

It's irrelevant to talk about % of models who do X amount. Rill you dont try a site you cant know if you are from the category who is making $1000, 3000 or 24000. Theoretically it's very possible to be on the 3rd category, cause after a certain amount there isnt about your skills or the number of hours you put, but it's a matter of luck. ON a site with traffic for sure if you work your ass off you can do $4000, but if you are lucky you can make 5 time more and the level of good karma of somebody don't fit in statistic or logical estimations.

You cannot be part of the crowd and achieve your dream at the same time.

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Jan 5 12 4:14 AM

Apparently a camscore of 1000 represents the average earnings of all the models on MFC making the relationship between the camscore and money earned variable.

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Jan 12 12 11:38 PM

Oh My...


Re: UGH break from Streamate...more idiots than I can handle atm...

    Hey, I'm new to these forums so first off hey everyone :-) Lol. I have noticed an increasing amount of idiots on SM and have heard that there's a ton of freeloaders on mfc so I didn't bother signing up there. Yesterday was the FIRST time anyone actually asked me to lower my rates for them oh and the NERVE LOL he asked for .99 a min so he could spend a whopping 10 min c2c with me...wow so I'm going to make a whole $3.50? Go fuck yourself. Oh wait, he probably already is...lol.I am getting pretty fed up with SHOW ASS or SHOW TITS or LEMME SEE PUZZY ...ofc I became used to that sort of shit when I was working on a different site which is also full of freeloaders and not doing as well as SM. Every site is gonna have freeloaders and rude, stupid people. I'm gonna bite the bullet and also point out to my knowledge no one's holding a gun to anyone's head to cam...So I guess what I'm trying to say is even though there's a lot of shitty people we should try to still keep our positive outlook going or it's gonna be even more shitty...or if you find a site that better suits your needs, leave and go to it? LOL...It is what it is, and yes I'm hoping it gets better too but in the mean time fuck all that nonsense, use your ban button when necessary and have fun, fuck all the freeloading mother fuckers trying to make it not fun.I dunno, that's just my outlook...some days will be better than others.

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Jan 23 12 1:26 AM

This topic here has got a striking similarity with - online poker.

At first you will find perhaps 000 things that these 2 topics have in common.
But that is not the whole truth.
The questions and answers in this very topic are so similar to the ones new "wannabe" online poker-professionals usualy have.

Please decide for yourself; read what I have to say about poker and then you may say "yes" or "no"

Those players who make a decent living (the 10K+/month type) are in general those with the most professional personal attitude. They work regular hours, they work frequently. They take the time to review themselfs and studie what they did and what could be improved for the future.
When they have a particular good week they wont take a week off to celebrate but instead go on with their daily routine.
If they have a bad week or a bad month they dont bother because they know shit happens and have saved enough to keep their lives going.

This kind of person is not a looser. Not someone who just tries to find "a real job" or tries to survive. The later two wont ever make it. He actualy likes playing poker. Does not mean 10 hours/day and 7 days per week is always fun but if the money keeps coming he wont quit.

The game is different but i highly suspect it is even the same kind of men who pay the bill for both groups. What do you think?

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Jan 29 12 8:06 PM

Weclome Elena.. but please no spam or you will be banned.

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Feb 20 12 12:03 AM

Here's a comment on SW, that more or less confirms what was written here two years ago - not mention camgirl's words of caution about ever working on MFC.


Re: The *MFC*s Thread

Originally Posted by TeenxxxAnnie

    Yeah girls set high goals for the public cumshows. Usually 4000 tokens.
    But only the top models ever reach those goals. The rest of the girls sit there waiting hours for the tips but end up logging off half way through.

    The tops girls have rich guy regulars who like to compete with each other who can tip the most. It's like some male ego thing.

    You ever been addicted to a chatroom before? It's like that. I think most of them couldn't give a shit about the model. They only go in because they have other premium friends in there who make the experience much more fun... I can only really compare it to a bunch of lads meeting up at the pub. They dont like the pub much, but they like the company and the banter and they like to show off who earns the most money by buying the most girls a drink... even though they have no interest in taking her home... well the top models rooms are like that. You'll see the rich guys in there everynight, greeting each other like best buds, discussing who gave the biggest tip last month, and declaring they will beat it soon. They will pay high tokens (1000ish) just for their names on the models mirror/wall/profile page, which is silly really. They buy about 700 raffle tickets (i fucking hate raffles they just remind me of old people) but they don't even care if they win - they just want to be noticed. They won't go into the lower rated models rooms though (models who are actually doing really awesome amazing 1000% effort shows) because there's none of their mates there to see him drop the big tip. So the lower rated girls, no matter how good they are, will always struggle to reach the countdowns. And its swings&roundabouts then. Because the higher rated girl gets the tokens fastfastfast for her show - she gets the basics/guests&freeloaders in her room the most (because the cheapasses sit and hover over the most popular rooms list) and that leads to more and more 'small tips' from randomers, who happened across her when she had a dildo in her fanny. This then in turn means the lower tippers don't have tips left to spend on the lower rated models.
    So all in all.
    I quit MFC.

    Even if you are super fucking hot with an amazing personality and a totally fun room. The most you'll probably end up with is a bunch of broke ass guys who hang in your room all day everyday telling you how much they love you and telling other guys to tip you... even though they only ever tipped you 25 tokens in the space of 6 months !!! it's like they think you can pay your bills with compliments. most think we hang out on mfc to be exhibitionists... they THINK we LIKE being on there... and they think we will stick around and CHAT after 2 hours and only 90 TOKENS (from other people!!) towards the topless countdown..


    then when you say "DOESNT ANYONE WANT TO SEE MY BOOBS?" they think that "not really we just like chatting to you darling =)" is a fucking brilliant thing to say.

This is the kind of traffic I got 100% of the time. That site is awful, unless you have a promo team or get lucky. Why do people even bother with it anymore?

reply by TeenxxxAnnie.. Need we say more?

Well I think the "decent girls" are all starting to leave the site now. Soon it'll be full of that cheap-as-fuck kind of model that doesn't even wash or put on makeup - comes in already naked and asks for 100 tokens to fist her arse in free. There will be 1000 of those online and then the MISS MFC top 20 crew will still be there ... obviously... they are loaded why would they leave?? but the decent girls like us will be long given up with this site - and the guys will have only ruined it for themselves.

I remember when there was a thread here about stopping cumshows in public chat. What ever happened to that?

The owners of MFC really need to start enforcing their rules and stop all this graphic nudity in free. I won't pretend I did not do it myself - a long time ago it seems now - but if I could turn back the time I wouldn't do it again - the dollar was nice for a while until my new-girl status dissapeared.


Re: my 1st time on MFC ( non nude )

    Im non nude too, but on other webcam sites, I tried MFC for a while, at first since I was 'new' and have the logo on I get lots of traffic, I don't flash or get naked in front of cam, I just sit there and chat and interact with members, but I'm the typical girl with jeans and shirt on while on free chat. They do ask for flash and stuff like that which I mostly said no, so they pvt chat me a few of them just to see me naked (I don't mind at all to went naked on pvt and play with myself if needed). Well the first like 3 days in MFC where very good I remember whitout nude in free chat of course, then after my 'new' logo went off I started to get less traffic, and no tips and since I don't do flash or dance strip like a monkey barely naked to entertaint lots of cheapost to my room and have like 400 guests and basic and like 10 premium who maybe just maybe 2 or 3 of them tip while the rest watch and maybe record too to put me on some tube site...

I gave up a few weeks after it since I wasn't making no money at all there, that was just my case I do hope for you it works out, but keep in mind that if you let the camscore go down (1000 tks per day won;t help you much in your camscore) after 'new' logo dissappear, and if your camscore gets down you're gona went to the last pages which means barely no traffic and the few you wil get since you have a low camscore they think you're not very good and if other girls flash boobs for 100 tks since your camscore is low they expect you to flash boobs for 25 tks or free LOL, so good luck on that, I'm on SM and others I have the same attitude in free chat non nude no flash, if they expect me to flash boobs or ass I request tips first if they said 'ohhh others are showing it here for free' I answer 'im not others, and if you wish to see mine you have to tip otherwise you won't see anything from me' some leave (freeloaders) others tip me, but always keep your attitude on, don't offer stuff for free just because they said 'others here are doing it bb, and it will attract more traffic (freeloaders) and more money to you' LOL yeah right.

the reliablity of SW as an "open source" for information is endorsed by the premium fucktards on MFC. Look below.
Click here to view the attachment

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#36 [url]

Mar 6 12 12:17 PM

Just wanted to share my experience with MFC.
First (for me) money is fantastic! I have not found a site that I can make as much money on as of yet.
But there are cons on MFC. These cons made me take a very long break.
I can't work the 6 hour daily shifts (or longer) anymore. These hours or more are pretty much what are needed to get into the top 10. When MFC first rolled around I was there knocking at the door. Made and held a very high position for a long time. But with this 'job' came the downside. I simply was neglecting myself.
I would stop working, eat junk food quickly and sleep. My RL was suffering. I am single and did not have anyone to cook me a nice meal, or warm bubble bath or take care of my many pets while I was working MFC. So, my RL suffered.

I could not do well on MFC pulling a few hours a day. I needed to pull 6 or more hours daily in. And working MFC is tough when you are playing games with your customers. Setting up my room for the days event took about an hour. Then taking the boards paper etc. down after working was about 30 minutes.

Sure I could have stayed and worked a couple hours here and there, and tried. But had many messages and offline tips with customers who had just missed me. Not good.
Now I work 4 (at times 5) different companies 4 days a week, off 3. No split cam, no MFC. All different computers. I can work 3 or 4 hours a day/evening and make as much as I did on MFC and more! It's also easier work IMHO for me.

Yes, MFC is good, real good when it comes to money. But not worth getting sick over from neglecting myself.
PS I thank the customers of MFC for being able to purchase the vehicles I wanted, Bedroom set and more. The customers and I had a great online friendship. They rain out tokens and I delivered!

Now I am only nude in privates. I stopped all the nudity in open chat for respect to the customers who are paying, while the guests get a free show. I'm over that, does not seem fair to me. And often bothered many paying customers too. But privates on MFC are not cheap.
I no longer strive to be the top Cam Girl on any site. I look for quality not quantity.

If your gonna come into my cam room and call be a bitch, as least spell it right

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#37 [url]

Mar 11 12 8:39 PM

Well MFC certainly sounds like a better deal than this one on Streamate. From SW yesterday on cheap "gold shows" and "rate busters". What was it that that German Trade Union Guy once said: "With Globalization, the screw always cuts downward."



The desperation of desperation

    Everybody fucks for 2 dollars for 15 minutes on the FIRST page on Streamate. Single , couple , doesn't matter... me love you long time bb. God help you if you are on page 2 or further back.


I don't know if you missed the part when the OP(BxxxGxxx) said it was $2 FOR 15 minutes. If you do the math that's about 13 or 14 cents a minute for 15 minutes and that's before the 65% is taken out. After that, she/he(solo girl/boy) or they(couples) that the OP was talking about would ONLY get about 4 or 5 cents for the 35% payout. So can you please explain how anyone who almost working for free for dirt cheap could possibly make more than any of us besides those who never gone online or haven't been in awhile? With that kind of change you can't get even a soda can out of the vending machine for that amount. Come on now.


Re: The desperation of desperation

    Ughhhhh, I take back what I said about cheap gold shows, i thought they weren't a big deal when I seen 2 or 3 girls doing it but it's starting to catch on now...$2 and $3 buy in???sheesh!!!! fuck gold shows! lol

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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#38 [url]

Mar 11 12 11:30 PM

you can't compare them. There are "desperate" people everywhere. On MFC there are models who do free shows "in the hope of receiving tips" so they dont even get those 2$, because they dont understand how things work, while on Streamate also there are models who will never drop under 4$/min or do Gold shows and they earn very well.
And indeed, it's silly to work for so less.

You cannot be part of the crowd and achieve your dream at the same time.

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#39 [url]

Mar 12 12 9:08 AM

MFC and its owners are concidered in the inner circle of this bizz like a kind of cancer.

Maybe it looks like a free treat to free-wankers, but that is only temporary...short-minded !

They show a total lack of respect for their models, making them work for peanuts,
which of course, like always, on the long run, will turn against them.

Quantity over quality...a very short-minded policy !

The owners like to shout about the enormous earnings of the models...
the truth is that the good earning models there, are only a handfull,
while hundreds others are begging and showing for peanuts...
in the mean time risking to be recorded and published on some sites
against their will...

It must be said, we were worried about the utherly succes of MFC...
but as time went by...we calmed down from this shock !
Knowing that like always, like in all businesses,
quality and correctness wins on the long term !

Even stronger, MFC is becoming a blessing for the business...
being the garbadge-bin which attrackts the free-wankers (bad traffic) away
from all other serious projects...

See how a coin can spin and eventually fall in the right way ?

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#40 [url]

Mar 16 12 1:35 PM

The 2 dollar Gold shows cited above were on Streamate.
This post by TBF is more typical of what a good model expects to earn on MFC.
But her threshold is whether she beats minimum wage for an hour.


The *MFC*s Thread


    500 tokens in an hour? Ugh MFC is so slowww >< i kind of want to go back to SM

I think 500 tokens ($25 in your pocket) in one hour is good (500 tokens is my topless goal), but I understand that for some models that amount may be considered too low.

The most I've ever made at a regular job was like $8/hr...lol.

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