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Here's another interesting analysis and commentary on the MFC Cam Score system and how it's been manipulated to increase the web-sites rate of return - posted six months ago by another dissatisfied client, Mr. DavidBeads.

Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH-bKjSRah4...embedded#at=172

And now foe some comments:

*MFC*s (the ugly truth)
Added: 6 months ago
From: MrDaveBeads

My friend says there's a girl who talks so casually as if it was a Youtube blog.
Mikemc 2 weeks ago

who actually looks at camscores?
cherikeered 1 month ago 4

Anyone who doesn't realize this is obviously retarded.
iClubMidgets 1 month ago

Yeah..Mfc is hard as fuck to work on..I still work there. All the same girls are always in the top 20, camscore is rigged, now most of us models have to beg just to get tipped, or do something crazy just to get viewers.
amplevannahmfc 1 month ago

JuliethaCuervo 1 month ago

i just like that i remain a basic member and just watch shows for free.. i feel bad for all wwho are desperate enough and impatient enough to spend your own hard earnned money just to see a chic take her clothes off. Go to a strip club!! youd probably spend less!
devistheone1 2 months ago

A current problem is russian/columbian studios fixing their new model accounts from the start, so you see a model who started the month you are in now and has a 10k rating and they are plainly boring and don't have a clue.

Another one that needs looking into is why are Porn Stars MFC brings to the site getting an inflated/fixed camscore (15k +) when they literally log in twice a month and get really tiny tips.
TheAsfaloth 2 months ago

this is so fake, its not really larry king
likerollinstone 2 months ago

I find it funny that people are complaining about cam sites. Don't hate the players, hate the game.
minnieclips 2 months ago

so true. Crazysysy makes more $ now than she ever did before but her cam score has gone from the high teens to the 13,000 range. Interesting.
ArmenianAssassin 2 months ago

I'm very familiar with this site, as a viewer as a model. You are right. It's disgusting how they are taking advantage of the models and the girls try to outdo each other by seeing who can take things the farthest. My advice to new models: dont' make this your only site, don't worry what the other gals are doing, stick to your rules and control your room!
catmakes 3 months ago 6

i want a group of smart computer hackers to attack and shut down MFC and repeatedly attack it with computer viruses, and then i want all the girls on mfc to burn and die and go to hell
MrCohibaboy 3 months ago

@MrCohibaboy ur a fucking fool crazy boy!!!!! not all the girl on MFC work cuz they want just buy clothes, some work cuz NEED to bring fucking money to their houses, for ther family, for pay bills and for study.. so please next time u open ur mouth think very good and dont act like a fucking asshole
PearlCcrystal 1 month ago


I just want to see it shut down. I took whatever measly tokens I made there and ran! Come to find out since then, there are fake profiles with money laundering going on too! It's just become a trashy, classless site with a bunch of 20-somethings raping your wallets and their pimps (studio managers) dropping big tips to entice the other viewers to tip.
catmakes 1 month ago

LMAO, my favorites are all under 3000 score.
darloz2 3 months ago 2

This is ture fucking sad
Tammyj732 3 months ago

M.F.C is so retarded, i'm a basic member, and after seeing this....That GOOF Leo, will never even get $20 from me.
ZombieOrchestra 4 months ago

i find this funny, but its absolutely true! its always the same girls on top 20 and most of them dont have the personality that the lower ones do.
theracersedge96 4 months ago 12


as one of those new lower ones who is told i have a great personality I agree!

savannafox11 1 month ago

I have no doubt that this is happening, but how to you know its happening?
Charusho 4 months ago

I find it funny that this has a Sarah Palin CGI toon talking about this since she would most likely try to ban *MFC*s and anything like it
TheInsaneOne288 5 months ago

@TheInsaneOne288 Thats how Republicans have people hoodwinked. 95% of them couldnt care less about things like this. They will PRETEND to in front of cameras and crowds to get votes. But reality says otherwise. What moral issues do you ever see Republicans try to push forward?
bol316 4 months ago

YUP! MFC Is a complete rip off and treat their models like complete shit!! goto DarkDollie,com for the best models !!!
EmoBoyVideos 5 months ago

oh my god! i was sooo upset that i have been getting lower camscores!! aaww i feel better!!!
brandilynnell 5 months ago

@brandilynnell same
LenJessica 3 months ago

DAMN RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
julieanntocoyo 6 months ago 2

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.