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I haven't visited another forum for months until today.

This caught my eye, because I have seen it happen to someone I know.

What does cam burnout feel like for you?
What are some symptoms of cam burnout for you?

How do you know when you're burnt out?

How often do you feel burnt out?

What do you do to feel better and get back to work?

When I first started I thought burnout was just lazy camgirls not being disciplined enough to get on cam! *silly me*. I think having this thread might be helpful to newbies who don't understand burnout, as well as cathartic for us vets. So, let's discuss!


I just do not want to go on cam and I DREAD IT.

I am burned out when I KNOW that I get up in the morning and I am doing everything I can NOT to go on cam.

When I want to go back I will go back - that's just it.

I haven't cammed since May. I had all my teeth pulled and I am still insecure so I am just doing whatever to stay busy. My ass is just too sick to deal with BB. LMAO I will kill a mofo. LOL

What are some symptoms of cam burnout for you?
1. It's hard for me to get online, I procrastinate later and later.
2. Every guy and request gets on my nerves, including normal requests.
3. I don't stay online as long.
4. I ban more guys.
5. I start falling way short of my weekly goals.

How do you know when you're burnt out?
Any of the above start happening!

How often do you feel burnt out?
This is my 4th month in a row working and I am feeling the burn. But usually it comes and goes.

What do you do to feel better and get back to work?
The more B2B sessions I have, and the easier the money comes in, the more I want to work. Man the summer is depressing!

"When I first started I thought burnout was just lazy camgirls not being disciplined enough to get on cam!" To me burnout is a result of one irritating thing happening after another... and being a bit lazy!

I'm dealing with all of this right now. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who goes through this! It comes and goes for me too and the last couple weeks I've been waaay burnt out.
I just have to try to power through it. Sometimes to motivate myself, I window shop online, and pick out something that I'll buy for myself if I meet my goals. Nothing majorly expensive, just a small treat

I worked 6 hours today
I m so tired.... mentally more then anything...
this work is so robotic,,, we gotta do the same things over n over again..and smile while at it and act like we're on cloud 9....and its tiring to not know if doing all this will make u $$$ or not... cause if its not, its like a bitch slap in the face..
thats whats draining..

I was going to start a similar thread asking you girls is u too zone out when u log off..
I zone the fuck out... lol
its so silly its like i cant move.. im sitting near my pc, thinking of things,, looking at this and that on the web...moving in slow motion..i dont even go in the living room to watch tv.. its like im glued here...

I don't think I've experienced the burn yet.

I don't do free chat though because I know I'd get burnt out rapidly. I work on AW and do Private sessions only. I just sit there watching movies and browsing SW until a session pops up and the guys are always polite and pretty vanilla (phew! Lol)..

I may come back in this thread at a later date foaming at the mouth with a rant though as I've only been camming part time up until now, and I've just started full time; who knows? Heh

Wow xxxxxxxl, I find I have to go on freechat on AW just to get any shows. I can go for 3 hours at a time with no groups/privates if I go on 'no free chat' option. Good on you x

I am chronically burnt out inside! haha. I'm quite a tomboy at heart and a 'say it like it is' person so I am rubbish at sucking up to people's egos I don't like, but if I'm getting paid I can go all full glamour and stroke lots of egos even if inwardly I think they are an idiot!

It's mainly the 'non-paid' time I resent too. Sometimes I go an hour in free chat with no shows, and I HATE that. I have just dealt with idiots for no reward!

When doing bodyrubs, I HATE the timewaster phone and answering emails. (unless they go on to book at some point in the future).

In both jobs, I dislike the time spent getting ready when I could just be lounging in PJs with spotty face and no make-up! haha.

Yes, I am a cynical bitch!

Things I find which help -

*Have a scheduled day off every week and every work day for just 5 mins plan what I'm going to do on that day for MYSELF. Something I really like to do. If I'm short on cash, it can be something free (non-goal-making dependant).

*If I'm not short on cash, I find that browsing for something I'd really like to buy and treating myself to it AFTER I have completed my hours working really helps the motivation.

* Telling myself I will log out if I haven't made x amount in x amount of time.

whats interesting is that when I make great $ I dont really feel a burnout..
its only when things are slow that I start to feel tired and "bleah!"

When your ready to collapse from f*ing yourself for 60 mins straight during a long ass pvt that you wish would just end NOW! LOL!


And your vagina starts bleeding... (not kidding... I think I tore something.)

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Mar 6 12 8:01 PM

Cam Burnout is the virtual feelings of playing hooky with an outside job to me.

I have burned a candle at both ends a few years back doing Cam. Thank God I don't have to do that anymore, but still I have to say to any Cam Model that if you are not feeling the job when you are about to work, Play hooky! It's one night/day. And it sure feels good.

I have seen so many Cam Models working who are not happy. They don't talk or smile. They sit or lay there, and the look on their face says i'm angry or hate this job. We the audience don't know what is going on with the Cam Model so we do assume (lol, yea) she/he hates the job but has to work.

Then you see her/him again and that same person on a different day/night is happy, talking smiling! That is Cam Burnout, she/he is not Bi-polar! IMO a person should not work if they are going to be peeved at everyone in their room. Take a break.

Web Cam work tops the list as the most tough job to do. Many try and fail. Because in a job outside the virtual world, you have a boss with an office who you can walk up to and complain about a person. Also people are more likely to treat us with respect face to face. Online is the new way of cyberbullying, harassment and even stalking. So, yes many Cam Models get burned out. Many to the point where they quit.
You need major backbone to do this job!

Aside from the crap we Cam Models put up with while working, we have to prepare to work. Make-up, hair, clothing etc. It's a process indeed. Seems too much work for many to hang in there if the money is not a major motivator IMHO.

I don't like to see new Cam Models fail. Due to burnout or whatever else.

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Apr 15 12 12:10 PM

Great topic indeed. I have never ever seen any similar on the net.
I have seen many models who actually could really benefit from such help when they are feeling down.

It would be really interesting to see the "life cycle" of a model from the beginning to the potential outcomes.

As for sure, like in many aspects of life, if you feel that you had too much of something, have a break and continue it later, and never overdo it, know your limits.

Unfortunately many models do it for a must and they do not have a choice but to be online and bear the results, but if they would get or they would know about proper help or mental higiene that would really do some good for them.

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