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We couldn't have said this any better than these veteran SW models, but we might have said "We told you so.." and we're denounced as "trolls" by them for saying so at the time...lol...
look here: http://camgirlnotes.15.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=2710
But we won't because the deteroriating working conditions on SM and MFC really aren't that funny.. It's terrible to see these women's high hopes for financial independence and security crushed in this way... As MzXxxx puts it, it's " sad just sad."

And remember guys and gals, these are independent American cam models talking here..not the studio girls from Eastern Europe or the Philippines who must share half of their earnings payout from the web-sites with a studio middleman.


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Duh, 20 cents a min ! COME ON!!!

smh at the race to the bottom on Streamates....$2 for 10 min party chat total $50 and she couldnt even get that.....showing pussy and everything .....sad just sad!


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OMG! she FAILS so now she comes back doing the same thing but the total is 25$ .....this is sickening

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smh never met that goal so she goes for $17......wow so this dummy does a 10 min show to cash out $5 oh and she took about 30 mins of her time......ppl have to realize this is time vs. money .....this isnt even worth minimum wage lmao .....skandelous( i know i spelled that wrong...dont correct me lmao)
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Posted by TheBxxxxFxx
[email protected] calling her a dummy...you big bully!

Desperation, I guess.

Lol I know I'm mean.....but they are hurting us all....these guys are begging me for partychat and my price per min is dirt cheap!!!!....they can KISS MY ASS! lol

Plus I'm seeing the partychats being recorded and reposted on other sites....
They better get they act together...because if i do partychat imma act an ass
$25 tokens for a 10 min show goal $500
lmao!.....show will never start!!!!

I mean gold....(someone on MFC must be talking about me lol)


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Re: 20 cents a min ! COME ON!!!

Posted by Fxxxxxs
SM should made $100 goal mandatory!

Yeah, I agree. $100 is my cam site goal anyway, and it sounds like most cam girls have a goal of over $100/day.

If I'm gonna be fucking myself on SM for a bunch of guys to watch and jerk off to, I need to know that I'm AT LEAST making $100 off of it.



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Re: 20 cents a min ! COME ON!!!
Sometimes they don't care enough to learn to sell the 2 $20 shows instead of 20 $2 shows....
They think that selling more shows = more money... even though that's not always the case... especially not when they're doing stupid crazy discount shows.


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Re: 20 cents a min ! COME ON!!! Reply With Quote
Time for prayer......... Lord please stop these crack whores from destroying the game.....please give the studios the brains to see what they are doing....Please......

Wait! .....I'm going to hell for this! damn.


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Re: 20 cents a min ! COME ON!!!
Originally Posted by MzXsss
omg she FAILS so now she comes back doing the same thing but the total is 25$ .....this is sickening

I feel the same about it as you but I'm not surprised. I can just imagine next month when everyone that meets the requirements can do it. There will be a lot more competition and a lot more of that behavior

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Jul 16 11 1:37 PM

Perhaps I can comment on this from the perspective of another industry: I am a professional musician. As such, I try to stick to a fee schedule and usually don't pay a gig for less than $100 (often for a lot more) However, there are now places all over the city where young cats will play for just a percentage of the bar and/or for tips or even for nothing - that's how desperate they are to perform. Bars take advantage of this and the next time I ask for my $100 - $150 minimum, they turn me down because they can hire some 20 year old who will strum three chords and go home after four hours of work with a free beer in his belly and $15 in his pocket. I have a mortgage to pay and I spent years studying and honing my craft - there is no way that I can compete.

I am lucky in that I have built a solid base of clients over the years and I also write and produce music for other folks. I'm not afraid of losing my livelihood. But I can see the trend and it ain't good.

Now, having said that, we all (including cam girls) need to realize that these are simply market forces. There is NOTHING that can be done in the long run. Yes, in the short run you can bring in regulations etc. but eventually, market forces always win. There will always be the desperate chick willing to rub her pussy for pennies and the know-nothing young musician willing to go home (to his parents' house, no doubt) with no money in his/her pocket. All we can do is innovate, stand our ground, build a solid clientele and persevere. Or else, find another job.

I don't visit MFC any longer but when I did, I enjoyed chatting with - and tipping - nice gals who joked with me, laughed with me and had fun in their room. I was not interested either in the uterus showing pussy spreads for 10 tokens, nor in bitchy, bitter chicks resenting their time and chiding clients for not tipping.

My $0.02


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Jul 17 11 12:39 AM

Nurgg, in a way it may be part of the global economics and the inequality that some find themselves in, that changes things.

A comparison of Western(USA,Canadian,UK, etc) vs. other countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America, that displays the inequalities of wages, government entitlements etc,that makes life much harder for them.In turn, that causes some hosts to "undercut" their colleagues in this line of work.

Same could be said for why Corporations go overseas to set up shop where labor is cheaper than in their home countries.

What some western based hosts are complaining about is that what is cheap to them, or affects their bottom lines and how they have to compete with others, on a global scale, may not be cheap to a host from a less well to do country.

Desperation may also be a factor.

I also feel, that the free content, the free shows for tips, the undercutting of others to gain that market share(from customers) is combining to lower the profit margins. Not to mention the global economies of many people(the clients) is many countries, that do not have the luxury or liquidity to pay for higher priced shows.

As one example of websites having a hand in this, PF, has lowered the cost of shows and has moved to the token system. That also drives competition and lowers the profit margins for other websites. Of course, some hosts will find a way to capture a greater percentage of that market which compensates for the lower price for admission, if you catch my drift now.

It all just makes it more competitive and more cut throat. Also factor in the supply and demand.

Back in the day, a model could work one website and make bank and become wealthy, nowadays, if a model works one site, she is doomed for the most part.

How many hosts work one site these days?

What can be done is for websites and their hosts to agree to a lower limit of what can be charged and adhering to their own rules. Something MFC as an example rarely does.

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Oct 24 11 2:35 AM

And now for another point of view..Are Cam-girls the PornStars of the future and the only profit center left for an Adult industry devastated by free content; piracy and the "Tubes" ? BTW, Pay attention to what's being said here about web-sites charging for "bandwidth" the on-line equivalent of "stage fees' in the Strip Cubs.
Apparently MFC is still an exception to this new trend in "price gouging."


Camming future

Rarely do I start a post. We will start seeing more and more of the companies coming in as supposed cam gals trying to get us to join their networks.

Porn biz is almost dead, between the economy, tubesites & dvds sales disappearing have production way down. Companies do way less shooting, cut budgets and pay in half. Over 3/4 of the Porn companies in LA have gone under. All the people in the business that were content providers have gone out of business. Cable VOD is for the first time NOT making money. VOD porn is the ONLY thing that kept cable companies out of the red. Hotels, 80% of their profit margin was from guys renting porn in the room. So they are NOT buying or having 3rd party producers making new softcore porn.

Tube sites are having to produce their own free content these days due to the lack of content to steal. There major money did come from Affiliates, but that has died out too.

Affiliate programs were huge money makers and traffic providers for online porn companies. They are obselete and not making money anymore.

Only thing left making money is camming. Only porn industry has always considered girls in this biz as stupid and disposable. This has been a cold hard fact since the beginning of porn.

Now, today... Social media has helped change the game. Girls with huge fan base on social networks and traffic gold. We can greatly effect the bottom line.

Average new cam girl only last 2 weeks then she quits. If you look most of us work for more than one company. The number of girls online camming is not as big as ya'll think. Considering the population of the world maybe about 10,000 cam girls serving Millions of customers.

Future is cam companie will start competiting for our business. To Get us to work for them and only them. Girls with a huge following, a huge customer base and social media will be the cream of the crop.

Most cam companies still consider us disposable, but not for long. Times are changing.

Soon, many new cam companies will be popping up like never before as porn companies try to find away to still make money.

My advice is to work on your branding, your social networks. Become a power player in the cam game.

And here's one interesting response to this post from another senior model.


Re: Camming future 

I can personally attest that Xxx's points about building a 'Brand' for yourself has been in the past, is now, and will continue to be, the single best way to attract serious paying customers !

I also agree with Sam that the social media websites have made it much easier today to build a 'Brand' than it ever was in the past ... because you no longer need to first get past a magazine editor / video producer / distributor / booking agent in order to be able to 'reach' your potential fan base.

I also more or less agree that 'cream of the crop' webcam girls will be increasingly sought after ... but perhaps not for the reasons one would think.

While not mentioned in this particular thread, it is a fact that webcam hosts have to pay for 'free' bandwidth provided to support the 'free chat' of every webcam girl. As such, when they do the detailed accounting, they find that some number of webcam girls using their hosting service are actually COSTING them money since paid customer sales rates ( from which the webcam hosts actually collect a percentage as revenue ) aren't high enough to cover the costs of providing 'free advertising' bandwidth. I can see this leading to an adult porn video industry-like 'concentration' effect ... where the Jenna Jamisons / Jesse Jane's / Sasha Grey's of the webcam industry are HIGHLY sought after, but where unknown 'new talent' will face a steep uphill battle. This will obviously be 'positive' for 'cream of the crop' webcam girls, but will potentially be 'negative' for average girls / new girls. And the increasing presence of HD will only accelerate this change as it already has for adult videos, since HD shows up every 'flaw' thus many girls cannot 'survive' being viewed 'through a magnifying glass'.


many new cam companies will be popping up like never before as porn companies try to find away to still make money.

Yes ... and just like an 'upscale' strip club, a new webcam host company that attempts to attract webcam girls with 'Brands' thus high proportion of paid stream time versus free stream time, and that attempts to discourage 'average' talent with very low proportion of paid stream time versus free stream time, is going to both attract higher spending customers via the 'higher quality' offerings, and also provide higher earnings potential for the webcam girls with 'Brands' ( since their paid stream sales won't have to be used to subsidize the costs of providing 'free' bandwidth for girls of 'average' talent ) ! Such a change would directly follow in the footsteps of recent changes in the adult video industry. Ultimately, this sort of change is being driven by present webcam host business realities i.e. costs of bandwidth are rising while total dollar spending by recession impacted webcam customers is falling. Again this will be a 'positive' for 'cream of the crop' webcam girls, but a 'negative' for 'average' talent.

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