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God Bless the "lovely ladies" on SW. Sometimes they really lay it out in black and white terms that are so appallingly clear -as in this little exchange over the topic:
"Custie In LUV With Me..HELP!"


Mind Blowing Customer "in love" with me.....help! 

Ok girls, what do u do when u have a regular customer who spends a fair amount of money on you, u spend pvts talkin and he declares his love for me and honestly thinks we are gonna be together! Yesterday he asked how i would feel if he moved home nearer to me to be closer to me! (id given him fake location anyway)
I dont wanna lose him as a customer but running out of things to say to why we can't be together!
Any ideas?

And here are some replies all of which have pretty much the same idea.
"Take this golden opportunity to play this pathetic loser until he goes absolutely broke." Nice one, girls...


OMG that has happened to me in a different context. It was nice because he would always buy me gifts/even bought me a car...he'd take me shopping n stuff I guess like a Sugar Daddy or watevs.

He eventually after about 8 months went completely BROKE and expected me to continue seeing him cuz he was in love 'n thought for some twisted reason that I actually liked him (i guess im a good actor). I felt bad because he had bought me all this stuff and now that he can't pay me I don't want to see him so I just told him straight up... you have your business where u make money, this is my business where I make money..as mean as that sounds im sorry. So ya basically I was 100% honest about where I was at with the whole thing/my feelings(or lack there of lol) and it made me feel better. I do not see him anymore tho because he can't afford to. I had to cut him off.

Sometimes u gotta cut off those 'super in love' custies. Cuz they turn out creapy. Ive had crazy in love customers follow me home from work before n stuff like that. Gotta keep it at a professional level idk if that helped.


Drain him for all he is worth without making promises you cant keep, without leading him on.

I have been in this situation a few times and recently a new dillusional boy has entered my life, wanting to come "visit me" soon after only having about 4 shows with me lol.

The crazy part is I have straight up told this dude i am not interested in a relationship or dating or meeting, any of the above, I have told him I am here for NSA online fun only. After I explained this and the guy still mentions meeting......I decided the hell with it I will make all the money I can from him with no remorse...I warned him. I have been upfront and told him the truth, but they will all believe their own lies.

That is exactly HOW you make money off of this type without leading them on, or making promises you cannot keep to make money. YOU LET THEM BELIEVE THEIR OWN LIES AND DISILLUSIONS. Tell them (MAKE IT VERY CLEAR) that you will NOT MEET THEM, and tell them this ONLY ONCE...ONLY ONE WARNING! A guy seriously intrested in meeting will quickly move on but the dillusional guy will ignore your denial and will continue to try to meet you. From this point on he is believing his own truth. There is nothing you can really do or say to change his mind, anyways, we all know this type. Be warned, these guys do have an expiration date. Eventually they will move on. There are only two ways it will end: either one day he will just disappear and move on to the next poor girl, or after believing their own disillusions for months on end, they may possibly try to take it out on you. However, you did not lead them on, or make promises you could not keep to them, you merely let them believe their own lies and disillusions.

And then this.


Eventually most go broke... sad but true, they realize they can't keep you, eventually most fall away, then on to the next. As far as Im concerned they can love me all they want while im on their computer screen. But do not let them into your personal life more than you are willing to handle. you give them an inch they WILL TRY to take a mile!

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