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How to bring members to your web cam chat room
So you want to make money as a cam girl. Well that seems straightforward enough. You already have the necessary attributes; a nice body, a bright smile and a winning personality (you do have those donít you?). All you have to do is go out and buy yourself a decent web cam, a computer and an Internet connection then decide where you want to sit while guys chat with you. If you want to go independent like the girls who charge for shows on yahoo, you should also set up a merchant account to accept credit cards, which can be quite difficult to obtain, but for the most part thatís all you need. Now all you have to do is advertise.

Wait just a minute you say? You are going to work on a video chat site that already has members? Why should you care about advertising? Isnít that the responsibility of the site youíre working on? Well the answer is yes and no. It is the responsibility of the adult chat site to advertise for the site, but it is you who must advertise for you.

Because of the way search engines work today, it is impossible for any site to apply a dedicated advertising campaign just for you across the diversity of their sites. Sure they can bring members to the site, but they canít do anything to make the guys hang out with you in your video chat room; thatís all up to you. The competition out there is incredible and if you donít learn to change with the times and use the tools at your disposal, you wonít last long. There are hundreds of girls out there that are all willing to do what is necessary to make a good living in live video chat, and thousands that are not; which group are you in?

You need to promote yourself! Even if you work on a site that already has members, you must promote yourself, especially if they have a lot of girls. There are girls out there still making $2000 dollars a week working on the same sites where other girls make $10 per week. The difference in the girls is how well they present themselves to the guys. A nice smile, a great personality, and well lighted cam and of course how well they advertise.

The purpose of this is not to train you to be marketing experts. I could not possibly teach you everything you need to know in a month, let alone in a single Blog posting. So rather than bore you with theory and inflate this with background references, I will cut to the chase and just tell you what you currently need to do to get the most number of guys into your web cam chat room.

The key to any successful web cam girl marketing plan is to get the most amount of exposure you possibly can. A few years ago, the best way to get the most guys was to set up your own dedicated website and work on it everyday, guys would find your website in the search engines and discover you but that simply doesnít work anymore. Today the best thing any cam girl can do is create a Blog on a relevant web site and contribute to it everyday. But what does that mean?

Notice I used the word írelevantí when I described the type of site a girl should Blog on. The importance of relevancy cannot be overstated; it is the only thing that matters to the search engines! This is why cam girl blogs donít work on sites like Myspace and Yahoo; they arenít designed to be relevant for adult sex chat girls. You might have the nicest Blog out there, but unless the site itself caters to web cam girls, you will be lucky to get a trickle of guys to your chat room. Cam Girl Index was created to be the most heavily optimized Blog site for live cam girls on the Internet today. It is totally relevant to you in every respect and gives you a huge advantage over your competition.

Now that you know the site, all you have to do is Blog away. Search engines already love blogs so now all you have to do is make minor additions to it everyday to start your climb to the top of the rankings. But before you dive in, there are a few tricks you should know about.

First, make sure you pick relevant titles for all your Blog postings. The titles are picked up by news feed readers and search engines alike. Making a title like íHello Everyoneí is a total waste of time. So always make your title as descriptive as possible and most of all relevant to your posting.

Second, post every day. We are already telling the Googlebot to visit Cam Girl Index everyday for updates to get you the most exposure. By posting every day, the search engines will make a habit of updating your rankings more often.

Finally, make sure to use "site relevant" words as often as possible in your postings. Most sites do not tell you their site relevancy word list so others wonít copy them, but honestly thatís just paranoia. Basically every site has a few words that are applicable to the site in general. In the old days, these were knows as keywords, but today keywords are nearly meaningless. All that matters is relevancy.

When you write Blog articles at Cam Girl Index you should include the following words where appropriate within your text: chat, girls, live, cam, cams, sex, web, adult, webcam, webcams, rooms, nude, video, chats, online, private, hot, amateur By using the words listed above you will give your Blog the maximum boost in the search engines.

Finally, donít ever copy anything from another site into your Blog. Every search engine compares what you have in your Blog to over a trillion other pages on the Internet. If you are copying anyone else, even a little, you will be dropped from the listings.

Iím sure over time I will add to this posting, but for now, I hope you understand the huge role that personal promotion plays in your life as a web cam girl and how important your Blog at Cam Girl Index is to your advertising campaign