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the following are quotes taken from the AC forum discussing studio conditions around the world dating from 2010-2011, some comments are from models others are from members

I'm a webcam girl for more than a year!First I've worked from home,but at some point I was bored and looking for a change, I took all from zero in a studio from Bucharest.Now I realise what a bad decision I made then!
Working in a studio as a webcam model its like keeping a wild beast into a cage(and I'm not really into this!),of course this could be only from my point of view!I'm not the type of girl who really enjoy to be restricted and strait-laced to a set of strict rules!That's so fucking boring!Or maybe its just my craziness  
You have to work a number of hours,you don't have legal working papers,You can't(or you are not allowed) do outdoors shows or any other kind of interesting shows or contests,you have no privacy(studios employees like tech support guys,trainers and managers have full access on everything that you do on your pc; rooms may look personal but not really, like if Im in a show trying to please myself besides my moans, guys could hear the girl next door laughing crying swearing and even farting or the cleaning lady using the vacuum) ,you have to share your income with them(and trust me...you have to give a big percent of what you are making),to many girls working at the same time(this can generates so many frictions between them),sexual harassment(yes...it sucks!when your boss is calling you in the middle of the night asking you to have a quickie,otherwise you'll take the consequences!
I agree... you can find good things aswell in a studio. Like good quality equipment, 24h tech support, trainers, photographer... but still, I prefered putting all away and leave it.
God this is a long post lol, but hope it will help some other girls to think twice when they make a decision. Be brave girls and leave the crap studios!!!Kisses and keep up the good work!

I agree with all you said, wanted to add some more, like the bosses customs when they see u left studio and start from home. They start threaten and blackmail you, though they can't do nothing legal against you..

i have a friend in mfc, who has an asian girlfriend, from mfc
the things there are worst
the studios there make you a quota, like 5.000 each week, if u dont make those 5.000 they pay u anything!
that's just unfair

working in a studio in Romania its still not the same thing as working in an asian studio!Things are a bit different!You don't have a quota to make or something!Most of the people think we are(romanian models I mean) just a bunch of whores kidnapped and kept prisoners into a studio with the boss staying behind the cam and threatening us with a baseball bat in his hands..."hey girl...you have to make 5000 today,otherwise I'll beat you to death!"No...it's not like that!And I don't understand a thing...why everyone think...hey,you are romanian = you are a whore(and there's no doubt about it!)?   maybe you all can answer me to this cuz I'm really curious!We are so MANY romanian models having long relationships with our boyfriends,husbands or being single,without dating members or doing esscort!Yes,I agree ,maybe are some romanian models who date members and do some "things" for money,but not all of us!But you dont have to be romanian to be a whore!  I'm living with the hope,maybe oneday the things will change a bit(about this "romanian "thing) from now!

the situation in Romania and Russia is different from here in Asia. In Asia ( read Philippines) most girls especially in the Manila sweatshops are treated like slaves ! Pinay girls are working 12 hour days 7 days a week for $100-150 a month ..and the rest is for the studio. The bosses in these studios are nothing better than modern day slave traders. A lot of these girls work in their rooms for long hours , with their baby 'one sheet' away...and then you hear the premiums in the lounge bragging about how they let a Pinay girl do very extreme things for 5 or 10 tokens ..Those bosses in Manila should be castrated but the Premiums abusing these girls and paying them next to nothing for extreme acts are TOTAL ASSHOLES..... as well

For the Romanian and Russian studios I can be really short , they are 99% Mafia owned. Its the simple truth. This is not a judgement on the girls working there and I know a lot about it as I have a former studio owner among my friends , so I have the inside story. A lot of Romanian studios (not all !) also double as sexclubs..so the story that all Romanian girls are also hookers gets around and is of course a generalization and not true.... The fact that Romanian cam studios are used for white washing stolen credit cards, laundering drug money and related businesses is a known fact..... And yes I can proof all what I am saying..and yes I like a lot of Romanian girls ( this is not against them)

I am glad to see any Romanian, Russian or Pinay girl getting away from those bloodsuckers and venturing out on their own....so a big bravo to any girl doing that !

It is so sad that I can not tell everything I know ......but I see so many things on MFC that are sooooo wrong and so obviously fake and corrupted....but then again I like MFC and have to be careful with what I say even though it is the truth..

Girls doing hour long true pvts and sleeping? yep
Girls doing hour long true pvts and shopping? yep
Girls doing hour long pvts to talk days at an end? yep

Real fans? Don't make me fucking laugh.......If you love that model so much transfer her the fucking money without the MFC-cut...
The truth ? Self tipping for cam rate and positioning or much more dubious> using tokens to ..........(see above)

One was in a terrible situation where she (the model) feared for her life and was separated from her boyfriend overseas - that was in Latvia and I'm glad she is out of it now. It seems that Romania has a similar system in place, BUT at least the girls have a chance to get out if it AND the more information (like this conversation) that gets out there - the better!

Information is power - the power needs to be in the models' hands

Hello, i know this is an old thread but after reading it i feel the need to add a few things:
first of all videochat in Romania is legal , the only ilegal thing about it is that some studio owners or individual performers don't declare their income and pay their taxes, as in the CAEN code (clasificarea activitatilor din economia nationala) Classification of the activities of the national economy, the "video chathost" isnt an option, so they choose "internet consultant, model or entertainer. Most of the studios want to be legal from the tax point of view, we even had a few tv reports where they gave interviews.
Videochat isnt pornography, im not gonna give the definition here, but legally it isnt(unless you work as a couple with your boyfriend and yes that is ilegal.
As a former performer in a studio from my experience some of the things they said could be true, depending on which studio you work in, for example, there are a few big studios in Romania all over the country the same brand, theyw ill give you a work contract, training and a clean safe enviroment to work in.. good conditions and everything... now if you go in a "no name studio who has 3 computers in the same room then yes your boss might wake u up in the middle of the night for " a quickie" lol... my point is that they are alot of studion that will treat you with respect and as a human being...
Ok now to the other point i have... i know i know alot of you are like... " poor girl working in the studio bad bosses etc taking her hard earned moneyz.. 50% oh what a scam... etc"

about that: ALOT of romanian girls dont know how to speak english, dont know how to make an account, dont know what to do in free chat or pvt chat.... or dont have privacy at home, or dont have equipment. Thats why studios exist... to make ur account, to take pictures of you, train you, tell you when to go online (cuz again working from home can cause u to be lazy in your"freedom" ) to have a regular schedule... etc all that... and thats why they take half... cuz they do half of the work... every independent model knows how much "offcam work" is needed.. and just getting naked and shaking ur ass doesnt cut it anymore... its just not enough...
Anyway i know you are curious about studios in Romania.. and Romania alltogether

What I dont get is ...why do people want to work for a studio in the long term? I mean I see the pro's like tech support, equipement, camscore boosts etc. I could imagine working for a studio, but not in long term, cuz i am far too greedy:P. How long does it take to "know" how mfc works? Do they tell the girls that only studios may register there? I think everyone read the wiki about mfc. I have no idea how much a internet connection costs in romania, philipines or russia. And yes, buying a pc or laptop plus cam is prolly very expensive for some of the girls. But what is left on your earned money after everyone got their part of the cake? Do the studios threatening the girls? I read (here) that some have the rule, after quitting that you arent allowed to return to the site for some months. But still, if you are a studio model after some time you (should) know what to do in order to get tokens, why not doing your own thing? I noticed some of the russian cam models even share the same room, and yes they are good in business. So why being at the END of the paylist?

Girls don't work for studios for a long time, the clever ones make their own accounts, some quit videochat alltogether, and the ones who stay, just like the atmosphere and made friends at the studio, its easyer to get a work card from the studio and then you can actually make a loan to buy a car or an apartment, than going legal tax payer on your own... when you colaborate with the studio you can have a contract for one year or 2 years... so you cant really leave... i mean from the studio's point of view.. i tought you everything u know .. i invested my time in you and then u leave after a month.... sometimes knoledge is very valuable.... i had noone to teach me and i learned all by myself in years...

and about threatening the girls... some could be threatened .. kind of depends with what kind of people youre working with, i have worked for 3 studios before working on my own, worked on imlive, *F4F*, *LJ*, camcontacts, etc   so ive had experience with every kind of website and all sorts of people... i have been "threatened" ive heard them all .. lol.... bottom line if u really wanna leave you leave, there is nothing they can do unless they have a signed contract.

I'm from Russia and I've been working in 2 studios and huge amount of sites for 5 years. And I have to say that I guess I was blessed to have great bosses. The first studio was run by models and actually I was there just for some months. But other studio was run by guy. He was strictly against guy-performers and his attitude was very respectful...but I think this was just lucky exception..and other thing I'm from big city, not from Syberia etc (in big cities situation is better because of studios competition)...One lady mentioned she had trainers in her studio, and this is great! Here in Russia we don't have such girls trainers and supporters - noone wants to share their positive experience. And usually girls are just "thrown" in front of the cam with toys in hand to do everything to convince and keep member longer in private and with lack of experience the only thing u can do - is to show off urself and play for ridiculous price...and I think it's soo wrong. During all these years I've been watching russian models' behaviours and I feel upset a little bit because to be honest russian models have bad reputation. And it's very easy to make member run away just by mentioning you are from Russia.

I just wanted to add to this conversation I have a very close friend in Romania she has worked in a studio for sometime and after we both went through a real rough time last year we agreed to meet up have a weekend to celebrate having got through the bad times. Well we talked lots and of course started to talk about work I told her all about my job then she told me about life in the studio. At the time she loved it she had not long been told off for having personal conversations with me on mfc but the bosses had explained they were trying to protect her in case I was a wierdo they had no idea that we knew each other before she started to work for them. The girls were encouraged to make friends with each other have breaks and rests when ever they wanted and it was generally a chilled relaxed place with no pressure.
That was last year come forward a few months and the young lady is speaking to me less and less and I notice she is getting more and more tired and doing many double sessions so I told her I was coming over to force her to have a weekend rest now to start with she wanted to go to work while I was there but I got her to take the time off. When I was there she was a completely different girl the long hours were showing on her face all she wanted to do when ever she sat down was sleep I even had problems getting to come out for meals and she is a huge food lover. Anyway over a meal we talk about work again and it seems that her bosses have decided to follow the far eastern approach to management. Now there are arguments over the girls taking breaks, they are strictly enforcing the 10 sessions in two weeks or you do not get paid and that a minimum must be made before they get paid. Models are pretty much banned from making friends or talking to friends. All models chat logs are reviewed to make sure that they are not speaking to friends and warnings are issued if they are.
There are many other problems but I can not give details as it would be to obvious as to the studio and the girls involved if I did but most of the girls there are now being treated like objects that are only there to line the pockets of the bosses.
To the commentators in this thread that say the studios earn there money by setting up the girls and support etc this studio gives no technical support what so ever I have sat up a few times and talked some of the girls through fixing the PC they work on and most of the girls use there holiday snaps as profile pics. Sure they set them up but what the studio gives is not worth 50% of the models income. 10-12 models earning 200 euros every two weeks means the studio gets a hefty cut for sitting around in an office monitoring (Perving) over the girls cam feeds and doing very little else sure they supply the network connection and machines but of the 8 girls I know there only one doesnt have a laptop of there own they are only stopping in the studio to have somewhere away from family to work.
All of this may not be news to any of you and others may think it is a load of rubbish but I just thought you might like an insight into another studio.

There are a lot of studios in Bucharest, some are shadier than others.

I started camming 3 months ago at one of the biggest studios in Bucharest - one that also employs some of the most succesful Romanian models on MFC.

The bright side: the boss is decent (not asking or forcing sex on models, usually very nice to us), the connection/cams are pretty good andthey teach you the basics about working on camsites.

In my first month it was cool - but after that, they introduced a minimum amount you have to make (and about 12 out of the 60 girls I know about were fired after the first pay period, about 3 are being fired every 2 weeks now) and things went downhill from there.
I even had one of the managers ask me to not become friends with the other models  
They now ask for a minimum amount of time online (6 hours, at least 5 days a week) and they make you pay fines if you don't respect the program. Also, in the last month they were late in giving us the money and they are making us use debit cards that have huge taxes (personally, i lose about 15% of what I make because of that).

Main reason why most romanian models don't go independent is because some of them tried and MFC denied their request for a new account (my guess is the studio put in a "good word" to make that happen).
Some of the girls that left now use skype/messenger for shows and get paid via paypal or western union.

That's about all I know so far about the "videochat industry" in Romania
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Jul 29 12 5:14 PM

MissJane..This was a great thread on Ac's forum started by Sassyxxx, a former model in the AVC studio in Bucharest. but we posted most of it already in "The Situation In Romania" here: http://camgirlnotes.15.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=2794

I am leaving your post up, because clearly some of these posts struck you as particularly relevant from a Models' point of view. Thanks for reminding us of what the real working conditions are like in the Manila Studios..


"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Jul 29 12 5:40 PM

Thanks for that post, Miss Jane.

From the mouths of babes....

I have been told the same exact thing by models I knew or know.

One model told me about her quota's, another about the penalties, while another about the treatment of their bosses.

One also told me how she felt threatened when she saw her ex- boss on the street in her neighborhood.

Albeit, there are good studios too, but remember, their rules.

Wonder what Proximus' opinion of these comments are, if I wrote them I would be considered stuck in the 60's still.

Thanks Miss Jane, again. camgirlnotes/bq.gif

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Jul 29 12 7:40 PM

Studio models who work at MFC have difficulty opening an independent model account at MFC because MFC requires the studio administrator to close her studio account before she can open an independent model account. If the studio administrator refuses to close her studio account, then she is stuck. If the model encounters this situation, then she must apply various nefarious tactics to defeat the studio administrator.

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Aug 7 12 10:51 PM

Every site protects its studios because of various reasons as there are :
- active recruitement
- regular organised schedules
- fair play rules respecting
- certain of content-filling
In short : kinda all what a site needs

Only few home-working girls find the self-discipline to work as she would work in a studio

Studios are therefor added-value for sites

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Aug 8 12 3:39 AM

My friend said to me today, out of the blue, that for her working in studio is lots better because the fun and jokes the girls have with each other. It is so much more fun sharing about and laughing about the customers.

She has enough of a full life when she is not on cam, that for her it is just going to a job, and leaving work behind the minute she walks out the door of the studio. For her, the less money made is just sometimes, the more money made is just sometimes.

The studio is owned and run by a younger woman that was formally a model. My friend is alternately annoyed by or admires her boss. But she never has to have the job intrude on her life, home, or relationships. My friend is smart enough and ambitious enough to start her own studio and has thought through and laid out plans for such. But she also does realize that this then becomes her life. Glupi, consider that many models would rather "pay rent" temporarily, than fully engage in this industry leading to making it permenent status. This is the same dilema faced by any salesman that thinks of being independant or starting thier own business. That amount of investment (money is the least of it) does tend to define one's future in that line of work.

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Jan 2 13 8:05 PM

I'll never go back to MFC

OKay.  I worked for MFC hated it.  I worked for LiveJamin and hated it.  I worked for streamate and it was okay.  So now I work for Black Diamond and I make twice as much and they give bonuses and gifts.  I get tons of training and support.  I'd never go back!

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Dec 1 14 4:39 PM

i think it's better to work from home

I've been looking for webcam jobs for quite a while and i never took the necessary steps to do it, until a few months back, i bit the bullet and signed up for Chaturbate. I think it's difficult because there's too much competition and too many girls, but despide that i managed to make a decent amount of money and now i'm looking forward to increase my earnings by signing up for another different cam site so i can cam on 2 sites at least. 

I say that because i think working in a studio is not the right choice. I think you can earn more if you work from home. Correct me if i'm wrong.

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Mar 18 16 12:04 PM

I do not know why, but this profession like to present with a bad hand, comparing almost to the work of an ordinary prostitute, devoid of elementary brain and able only to undress for money. I have to say - this is a myth. Personally, I have a university degree and, in general, I have since my childhood to this day engaged in dances, as well as the study of foreign languages ​​The reason I'm here is quite simple - no other work does not bring me such income, even your favorite specialty. To build your career, you need to be humiliated in front of the command, which I do not just love. A working webcam in my possession there was a lot of free time, which I'm happy to spend on their child, as well as vacation resorts. And this despite the fact that I will never be for the money to appear in porn or just someone to sleep. But the reality is that our society, unfortunately, is not yet ready, for any fashion model, as well as dancing in a club girl, equivalent to a true prostitute, which is not the foreign countries in which I have more and more want to move. There's such prejudices do not exist.

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