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Step One: check on redirects and basic site info:

EXAMPLE USING THIS SITE: Goto www.getlinkinfo.com (always type it in manually or from your bookmarks..... NEVER CLICK A www.getlinkinfo.com/ address because that could be spoofed in the first place and give you false information.

type in search box this link I made: http://bit.ly/QM0L8Z
press the "get link info" button

Notice: URL (is the URL you typed in search box)
Notice: Effective URL (is the final site it leads to, or the final redirect that can be discovered using this tool)

Notice: Preview (is a thumbnail of what site looks like if you go there)

NOTE: IF THE Effective URL still looks like a redirect/shoterned URL ITS NOT SAFE TO PROCEED! DO NOT GOTO THIS WEBSITE!!!


Next step: goto domainsigma.com
Enter the domain portion only of the Effective URL from the last step into domainsigma:
EXAMPLE: http://camgirlnotes.15.forumer.com/index.p...st&CODE=00&f=26
you just enter: forumer.com (the domain is always the first two or three parts to the left of the first single / and domains work right-to-left...

Scroll down to Server Properties section.....
It has a map and the location of forumer.com's servers

Also it has the IP. Click the IP to see what other sites are hosted at this IP... notice forumer.com is all alone. This means as far as domainsigma can research.... no other site is run on the forumers servers....

You can use this information to find out where your data is travelling, and how safe the website is.....

Now you finally have enough information to decide if you actually want to click the link.... or leave it be!

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Jamie Addante 2 days ago
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For the link-phobic:
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