Apr 21 06 11:05 PM

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Hi, welcome on our forum !
Maybe you would want to know who are the crazy people behind this website !

So, please allow myself to introduce...myself
SlideR, "L" for the close friends, and one of the two administrators of this forum, is just a young student that had once the funny idea to "chit-chat" with the nastiest women on the Internet ! The Webcam Models.

My first goal : to have fun !
Until I quickly realized that a large number of the girls i have talked to were not "pornstars"...but "ordinary" girls, even students.
Until I realized that they couldn't find a better way to earn as much money as they needed...and that they don't especially like their job, even when they don't actually hate it...
Until I also discovered the industrial aspect of this job and the studios - the suspect terms of employment, exploitative work conditions and unfair payscales that most Studio girls face every day...

My point of view on this job has come from what I learnt from you models, and I don't want to make any judgement on anyone.

I, the forum, and its team will try to stay fair and are only here to facilitate communication within the "cam-modelling" world, and between models and curious and open-minded people like us who want to know this industry better.

So, HATE it or LOVE it, we want to know your opinion on those topics ! cool.gif

Feel free to contact us, or to post any comments about this forum in the right forum topic. We need you !

Now I will yield the floor to my coworkers

C ya cool.gif

Update : I'm not a student anymore.

Do whatever you enjoy, Enjoy whatever you do.

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Apr 25 06 1:05 PM

Hi I am Uncle Lewis, and as one model friend said the other day I am something of a riddle:

"Who is Uncle?" she said: "It's hard to explain..Uncle is just Uncle."

Well perhaps I can do better than that. I am an American Political Sociologist who is interested in European Politics, Political Economy and Social Trends. I teach globalization studies in New York and in Paris and internet sex sites like keepshows, PF or *MFC*s or ImLive have been interesting to me - ever since one day last summer when I realized that we here in Canada, Western Europe and the US are involved in a very interesting export/import exchange. Live Video Chat is a kind of sexual intercourse in the original 17th century sense of the term as commercial relations between the sexes – with major impacts on all of the societies involved in the global chain of communication that this internet sexxxbizness helped to create.. I had to find out more and this quest has taken me on a year long,cyber Odyssey across today's Europe.

This global internet industry seems to recruit primarily straight out of High School or among University students and has found one of its best recruiting pools among the “student bodies” of the new members states of the EU and The Russias. The online web communities of clients, friends and models that form around this Sexlandia on line seem like a big intellectual puzzle. There are worlds in collision in these chat rooms where nearly all of the guys in them are Westerners and nearly all of the girls are students from Eastern Europe, Latin America or the Russias (plural). I have to ask myself what meaning will we finally give to all of this frenzy of text messages across continents, national boundaries and time zones?

I see that this “cybering/camming” thing is the sort of globalization on steroids that all too often creates the “perfect storms” in clients' and models' personal lives at home and abroad. And it has all been quite fascinating for an old guy like me who teaches both European and Russian politics with an eye on globalization and its social and cultural side effects...However I no longer think this camming thing is much fun – rather much of the time it is a theatre of the absurd and an echo chamber full of sexual misery.

But despite all of its distasteful aspects, I have developed an interest in webcam girls and guys, their studio workplaces and the global sex industry into which they all fit that is much broader than just commanding some young person to strip bareass. In part, this is because I have come to know many of the people involved in this internet services industry - where they offer themselves as “web content” for the pleasure of “cyber-sex users” - as bright and funny youth who are often better informed than many of my own students back home are.

So I want to know more about the global reach of this industry and a lot more about its impact on your lives too.

Thanks for your participation in our forum and your comments and feedback.

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Nov 26 06 11:28 PM

Hi there!

Let me introduce myself on here, my name is Supernova on this forum, but I am known by many nicknames..
I have been a visitor to cam girl sites since November last year. And Peekshows was my first experience with this phenomenon of a virtual world. Some time passed by and I discovered another site… where I spent a lot of time in the rooms and studio of a certain city

So I also fall into that category of lonely/ “too much free time” kind of guys, who like to talk to beautiful girls. And although I was never a customer, I was a regular visitor of one certain model/room on that site. I was attracted to that model, caught up by her “mind” so to speak. It was only later that I found out that it was actually her TRANSLATOR's mind that had so entranced me, lol.

But to stay on track, I had come to know some guys in that room too, including Slider and UncleLewis. And so I became interested in how this business works. And I began to understand that the girls I spoke with knew so little, really next to nothing, about what happened outside their room/studio. This was the main reason that decided me to cooperate in making this forum. Simply to make it possible for girls/models to communicate with each other. And of course to learn more about the industry they work for, with help of Uncle Lewis and all his readings that are also sometimes so useful...lol.

After a while I began to understand that this forum wasn’t very interesting for the girls in the way I had hoped for at first. It was a real disappointment for me to find that out.

But I still do believe in the forum's original idea, which is described in the “why are we here” topic. The evolving situation in Kiev over the last weeks supports that rationale for why we are still around. And this means to give as many girls as we can, some real information and a little "truth" about their situation. I am glad to know that I am not the only guy who shares some info with the girls who are in need of it at the moment.

I am still in contact and talk with some of girls, even though they are not on the site any more and now have new workplaces. I can only hope they take me as I am and that it doesn’t matter to them what I might have given, or not given, to them (financially) when they were working on cam. I hope I gave them something better than money - i.e. real information.

Once again, sorry for my late introduction....

P.S. I was away for a while from this forum, but all the "unregistered" supernova posts are really mine..


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Aug 28 11 6:26 PM

The Hurricane Irene - now baptised a tropical storm -paid us a visit.. I may be offline for a few days. waiting for power and internet service to be restored in New England.
If you need help email camgirl at [email protected].

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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