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This forum is in its major part dedicated to the cam models, but membership isn't and can't be denied to non-model websurfers.
So, to protect the privacy of the models who are registered, and to prevent any trouble with their employers, certain information and topic areas posted on this forum will be restricted to models and admins only.

These restricted forums for models (and admins) include the topical sub-forums, "Models2Models; "Cam-Experiences." In addition to full access to all areas of the forum and unlimited posting rights, model members also have their own mailbox and PM privileges.

If you want to be given access to the "models-only" topics by the CGN Administrators, first you have to register, and second, we will have to verify that you are a model.

If you don't know a member of the CGN Team personally, a simple mail with pics and a motivation letter would be appropriate...
Joking !

Just write in your mail :
1) your website - the place where you can be found as a model and...
2) your model nickname, of course.

To contact us, please send your email to : [email protected]

Now that may seem complicated...
Yes ! But that's the only way.

The CGN Team will alert you as soon as you are promoted to the model status on the Forum.

Thank you for visiting !
The CGN Team

P.S. : Don't forget to specify your CGN registration nickname in that mail.
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Do whatever you enjoy, Enjoy whatever you do.

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Mar 13 14 12:05 AM

Oh I'm sorry I'm not actually a model I just wanted to post a warning to any models that may come acrossed this forum page about an MFC member who is recording sessions and then posting the videos for sale on CamGirlCaps.com his MFC name is MFC_Lover and there are 100's an 100's of videos I already sent a message to the site telling them that person did not have permission to be posting the videos and especially not for monetary gain and if they did not remove all his material legal action may be taken. Sorry didnt I'm trying to pass this along anywhere it seems practical I came across this forum researching for a model friend who thought her sessions were being recorded. Sorry if im ill placed or out of line for posting here, good day and stay safe

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