Apr 1 13 11:52 AM

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In Romania, one or two days ago, the following item made the news, that a video chat school was opened in Iasi. So far they graduated 100 students, granting them diplomas. They say they teach them how to strip and lure customers and how to do their job better. This is all that I was told about this news clip. I didn't ask any follow-up questions, like: Do they teach studio camming vs working as an independent? Do they teach the differences between the many webcam sites, how each pay structure works? Do they teach the different business structuring for each site? Do they teach how to set up and administer your own studio? Do they give a primer on webcam equipment, computers, networks, internet and software? Do they teach how to incorpoate Skype and similar private off-site sessions into the workday? Do they teach camming lingo like, "bb" and "kisses" and how and when to use emotes? Do they instruct how to be safe? Do they teach about stalking? Do they teach about sexual harassment from studio bosses? Do they teach about piravy and screen capping? What is the caricula that they teach? What should they teach that they aten't teaching? Do they teach whete you might hang that diploma? I have a high school diploma but I have it hidfen away.

You stuck your forearm up the backside of an antelope
and you didn't know that you're going for a ride?