Apr 5 13 6:25 AM

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It took a little while, but finally I found a cheap way to call and to send texts to Romania, no hair-brained schemes involved, no calling cards, no web-based text-for-free stuff.

There's a prepaid mobile provider. They run off of the T-Mobile prepaid towers. You have to have an unlocked GSM phone, no CDMA (Verizon and Sprint use CDMA technology). Most T-Mobile phones will work as is, some need unlocking.

They have simple plans starting at $29 (comes with only 50MB of data services, not much these days). Their $39 plan gives you unlimited data but only at 128kbs, good enough for facebook. It also gives you $5 worth of international calls.

My calls to Romania-cellular are 2c a minute, dial direct, crystal clear sound.
That's 4 times cheaper than the FringOut.com (an app). The app still leaves you sounding like you're in a fish bowl, like the Incredible Mr. Limpitt.

Unlimited overseas texts, sending and receiving.

And they have local numbers all over the world, your friend dials a local number, waits for the prompt and inputs your mobile number, talk for free, unlimited, no cost to the caller, no cost to you.

I have to check with UL to see if posting the name of the provider is A-OKay here. Until or unless he gives a green light for me, pm me if you're interest is piqued. I don't think it's soliciting. If you enroll with them I gain nothing, they have no "refer a friend" thing like DirectTV does.

Gotta thank T-Mobile for being innovative and unique. It's their towers and technology that make it possible. No, this isn't a T-Mobile calling plan, just their towers, their signal.

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