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Jun 21 13 2:23 PM

Hey Dude, You have got to stop spamming this forum.
I have removed your signature advertising your favorite model on your favorite web-site.
We don't do this here. Read THE RULES.
One more offense like this and you WILL BE BANNED.

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Jun 22 13 4:12 AM


Well I couldn't pass this admission from a cam model about men who visit them on cam sites...

What more can I say?

Ooops, I didn't say it....

"Why u girls get offended when they call u bb, babe, hun, whatever? I call these guys bb, baby, babe, hun, dear all the time, is easier, we talk to soo many, is difficult to spell their exact name especially in freechat, it's the easy way of talking girls, dont get offended, they do what we do, talking to many models always, they lazy, dont wanna bother asking ur name or reading around, men are simple creatures haha. "

Ok guys, oops, I mean hun, bb, babe, baby, you're lazy, umm... monkey see, monkey do("they do what we do"), don't read, and men are simple creatures.

FFS(for fucks sake) , yes I'mDaBadMan, would have me defend myself for ranting and raving on some crusade because why? I don't understand how fucking stupid some men truly are. Seriously, you need to go on a website to pay to interact with a beautiful woman, who cares less about you as a person, except for your fucking bank account. And you want to pay to masturbate? Yet, it appears to me, these lovely gals disrespect you behind your backs and you get angry at me for writing what they say about you? I forget, it's entertainment and your right to have a simple mind and be dissed behind your back, and then defend yourselves or get angry because you can't look past yourselves. Makes me laugh, but then most of these "hustlers", yes, forgive me, they call it a "hustle", know that you can't control yourselves anyway. 

Sometimes, you have to admit that you're an asshole before you can accept the truth or even have the courage to see the truth. 

Lol, ok rant is over. Get back to wanking, guys.

P.S.- Hey ThatDude, you simple sheep of a man.... baaaa baaaa simple sheep have you any wool?

P.P.S.- Well I might as well add the rest of her understanding of the mindset of a simple man,lol. 

"In real life when u meet somebody for the 1st time and exchange names 99% of the time u dont even remember that person name after a few seconds, only when the person become 'important' u memorize name and other details, is the same online with these guys, for me they all bb until they become good spenders, then they change to 'david from texas', 'john from uk', 'rick from canada', etc."

Now it all makes sense, until you pay for whatever you are there for, you are not important to be remembered. Once you pay, you become worthy of being someone important... until... you stop paying, then it's back to square one.

You know why I write this "fodder" because it returns back to the premise that once you end up on these sites as a client or customer, you are fucking fodder. If you pay or tip, you become important fodder. If you do not pay you are worse things than what I have posted from the typed fingers of the very women you so desperately need to gain her attention and stroke your ego, her ego and your cocks. I ain't even going to say sorry fro the harshness, because obviously, you do not care how disrespected you are viewed as. Think about it.... why are you there? And answer truthfully, or are you afraid of the truth? 

You should be insulted, angry and pissed off for being judged and in some circumstances, stereotyped, or am I wrong and you're all just too simple minded, and can't think straight when all that blood rushes to a different appendage. These women state how offended they become at the fodder that enters their worlds, and expect some decorum of respect, so why shouldn't you guys? Oh yes, I know the answer to that as well(was a rhetorical question) or possibly not. Go figure.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil...is for good men to do nothing
Edmund Burke(1729-1797)
Irish Philosopher,statesman

�With integrity, nothing else counts. Without integrity, nothing else counts.�

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. � Albert Einstein.

"To see what is right, and not to do it, is want of courage or of principle."


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Jun 22 13 10:45 PM

When a model begins with, "Hi, bb.  Hru?" or something similar, I usually ignore her or will not give her tokens.  She has to put forward more effort to get my tokens.

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