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Here is an informed thread from another forum regarding the consequences and might limit your future career paths..

Be aware of what you are committing to... I also put an important paragraph in bold type to highlight the ease at which you could be outed.

This applies for those working in camming in the USA though.

What Types Of Background Checks Will Turn Up Cam Work?

I've been scouring the boards here to try to get a comprehensive idea of the risks I am taking by camming and how those risks may impact me down the line. Here is what I know at this point:

The 2257 proof-of-age that you upload has a chance of being submitted to affiliates and thereby leaking at some point; however this isn't really a background-check-type-of-concern, it's more a general safety issue.

There's always a chance that you can get screen-capped, that this could be distributed and that someone could recognize and out you; but again, this is less of a background-check concern.

So... the two ways that I have seen triggering issues on background checks are as follows: 1099 tax forms and filling out the cam site as an employer in other forms.

The latter seems easy enough to avoid, and seems to be where cam sites turn up on most background checks.

But the former... from what I understand, most background checks do *NOT* kick up employment history from 1099 forms.

This seems to be a point of contention around here, and is what I'd like this thread to focus on.

What kinds of background checks will turn up 1099 form activity that is traced back to adult work? Will the one that an average employer runs on you hit it - for instance, working a retail job? What about those that, say, a school might run on you? A college that you're applying to work at? An elementary school you're applying to work at? A nursing job? A job practicing law? A government check? What about credit checks?

What I seem to have found here is that the average background check won't dig up 1099 forms, so for those you're good unless you listed your camsite as an employer somewhere else (which you shouldn't as you're an independent contractor). Credit checks, however, I've seen implied to reveal 1099 info. Is this true?

I've also seen that anything wherein you're applying for a license from the government risks turning up 1099 info of adult work. I've seen that specifically about nursing applications; would this apply to other sorts of licenses, like those to practice law / education?

Are there any other background-check / credit-check / etc. related issues that I'm overlooking?


For the moment at least, the possibility of having adult industry related 1099 payment records find their way back to a potential employer is directly related to the depth of the background check. If the potential employer requires you to fill out an IRS form 4506 'records release' permission form, you know that the odds of being 'outed' just went way up.

In general, the types of jobs / careers that will draw this sort of in-depth background check are...

- anything that requires a Professional License from the state ... nursing, engineering, attorney, CPA etc.

- any job that involves the 'public trust' ... banking, education, health care, higher level gov't worker etc.

Also, for the moment at least, prospective employers in lower skill level / higher 'turnover' fields like retail, food service& hospitality, etc. won't bother with the IRS form 4506 business.

I'll also throw out there that, where fields requiring professional licenses are concerned, getting by the initial background check and receiving your initiall license isn't the end of it. In my own case I had obtained my professional license to practice Respiratory Therapy in two different states right after graduating from college. When I went to renew my licenses after 10 years, one of the two states turned up the fact that I had worked in the adult industry. This resulted in my receiving an official reprimand for 'unprofessional conduct' from the state Professional Licensing Board, a four figure fine being assessed, and a cover letter being put into my professional license file that immediately informs any existing / prospective employer checking the status of my license of my adult industry related 'unprofessional conduct'. 

In my own case, it was fortunate that I had been able to bank enough money from dancing over the years that I really will never need to work as a Respiratory Therapist again. And of course the state could not revoke my License altogether since technically speaking I hadn't done anything illegal. However, had I still been dependent on Respiratory Therapy work, it's fairly certain that any upscale medical facility would not hire / would find an excuse to fire me ... leaving me limited opportunities to still find Respiratory Therapy work at state prisons, at inner city clinics etc.


Now that you mention it, this has been something that's been worrying me. I used to work at a daycare for about 6 years. Then, I quit that job and decided to cam off and on for a few months in 2011. I didn't make much, only about $2,000 but SM issued me a 1099. Now, I've been really looking for a job and my mom says that she can get me a job at the daycare that she works out, but I so scared that if I apply, they'll find out and not hire me and then my mom will know that I cammed. I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone know what kind of background checks daycares run and if there's a way I can run a check on myself to see what pops up? Wish I would've known about this before I ever cammed and it's ridiculous that it should even matter in the first place.


if you're not talking about a position that requires a state teacher's license, and you're not talking about a state gov't run facility, I highly doubt that they would bother to put forth the extra effort and expense to carry out an 'in depth' background check.

As to it being ridiculous that such things should matter, the state professional licensing boards and the institutions working in 'public trust' areas have the luxury of requiring that their employees adhere to certain standards of 'professional conduct' . And adult industry work is contrary to their self-imposed standards of 'professional conduct'. Obviously, sustained high levels of unemployment which in turn provides these employers with a multitude of qualified job applicants also provides these employers with the luxury of sidestepping any potential future controversies by simply 'losing the job application' from girls who have adult industry work in their background.

I will also combine the points above and speculate that, in the future, the degree of 'personal privacy' afforded to US citizens will continue to decline. Additionally, the relentless progress in information sharing / searching technology ... that already links the IRS, FAFSA, college bursar's offices, state title registration agencies, state Professional Licensing boards, soon ObamaCare, etc. ... will make it progressively easier and progressively less expensive for prospective employers to turn up information of all sorts about prospective employees. From potentially 'expensive' chronic health issues to potentially 'controversial' ast adult industry work to potentially 'irresponsible' bad credit reports, prospective future employers are likely to do far more research into the backgrounds of potential new employees than was ever the case in the past.

I think this addition also should be taken seriously:

 Only One Week Remains before the IRS Tax Return Filing Deadline ...

... and it is a 'sure thing' that if the IRS receives a form 1099 from any webcam host ( or strip club ) that IRS computers will be running an automatic cross-check. That cross-check will attempt to compare the name and social security number listed on the form 1099 income report with one or more tax returns referencing the same name and social security number. 

Failure to find ANY tax return filed with the same name and social security number will probably prompt an IRS inquiry ( i.e. routine inquiry of credit reports, bank accounts, college tuition payments etc. referencing that same name and social security number ).

Finding the same name and social security number on a PARENT's tax return, without also finding a separate tax return filed by the person of the same name, will probably prompt an IRS audit of the parents. 

It's much simpler to head off these potential IRS issues by filing a tax return before the deadline.

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May 24 13 12:31 PM

Will I Be Found Out/ Outed As a Camgirl, Camming and Vanilla Work?

Re: Will I Be Found Out/ Outed As a Camgirl, Camming and Vanilla Work

"And if someone judges you because you want to LIVE your LIFE and not just barely make ends meet...welll... F**k them! You ladies are the best and you have nothing to be ashamed of! -"


Agreed !!!

However, that does not change the fact that camming constitutes adult industry work. That does not change the fact that, from a technical standpoint, camming is the legal near equivalent of 'producing pornography'. And that does not change the fact that many prospective straight job employers won't expend the time or effort to 'look beyond' a particular job applicant's history of adult industry work - they'll choose to avoid any potential future controversy and simply move on to the next job applicant.

Agreed that it is 'unfair' for prospective straight job employers to fail to meaningfully differentiate between camgirls and girls performing other types of adult industry work. Unfortunately, unless and until adult industry work gets added to the official non-discrimination list of race, creed, color etc., the straight job employers remain free to do so with impunity. This is something that every prospective camgirl needs to realize, and evaluate, before choosing to start camming.    

Re: Anyone ever busted on vanilla job?

I was never outed at my vanilla job when I had one but I have been found out by multiple guys I know.
It could have easily happened that one of those guys be at my job tho..

This thread is kind of like "should I go to school.. What if someone in one of my courses outs me this semester?"
No matter where you are someone could out you...
So I say take the job if you want
Remember if you don't wanna be outed the only way to avoid it is to not cam altogether.       

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SW - Re: Cam girl past messed up my life forever?

Cam girl past messed up my life forever?

Almost 2 years ago I was a cam girl on Streamate.com for only about 6 months. I was registered to other sites like cams, adult work, myfreecams, webcams, mygirlfund and like 3 pso sites. I only made money on Streamate.com and closed the others.

I am now 5 months pregnant and registered for college. ..yet I can't decide a career field due to the fact I have a porn past. I wanted to go for social work, nursing assisting, veterinarian.....but my big goal was early childhood education. .A preschool teacher. Does that mean it's not obtainable because of my past?

I heard of police officers being fired because of a porn past and a guy who worked at subway.

Can I even be anything? How can I support my child?

Re: Cam girl past messed up my life forever?

Short answer: probably.

Teaching is one of the worst things you could go into with a past as a sex worker (aside from politics.) If you want to get an idea of how risky it would be you could pay to run a background check on yourself... I don't know anything about the different levels, I'm sure someone will chime in. If it's a very extensive background check and it doesn't come up with anything you mightbe OK. Possibly, but not definitely. If anything adult-related turns up I wouldn't pursue a career involving kids. There are ways to reduce your web presence all over this forum (mostly having to do with closing accounts, having videos taken down, etc) but it's pretty much impossible to get it all and you will be totally fucked if you're found out.

This is why I shake my head when we get posts from college students who want to start camming just to get through school... there's a very high chance that it could render your degree worthless, especially for teachers and anyone who works with kids. Camming is so so so visible compared to other adult work such as stripping, escorting, etc.

Basically, if teaching is the only thing that could ever make you happy, maybe it's worth the risk. But if I were in your shoes I know that I'd be anxious for the rest of my life, wondering when the other shoe would drop. The other things you listed probably aren't the best options for an ex-cam girl but there's pretty much nothing worse than teaching. I'd find something else.

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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