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I browsed several adult chat websites and i thought there were no real guide to adult chat sites to help customers. that's why i created a website to help webcam girls customers to find the lowest prices for the best value. 

Price comparison:
Consequently, i picked the rates from the 10th first webcam girls at livejasmin, camcontacts, streamate, imlive, myfreecam and calculateed the total average for each in order to compare webcam girls price for private chat sessions between those. It appeared that myfreecams was the most expensive and camcontacts was the cheapest adult chat. 

Nevertheless things are not so simple. The myfreecams webcam models are fluent in english on average and they communicate by voice. On the other hand, many camcontacts models communicate by text because their level of english is poor. Plus, the camcontacts webcam girls dont have always a high quality webcam. On the other hand, myfreecams models all possess a premium webcam. 

Features comparison:
The real difference between the major adult chat services lie in the free live feed. Myfreecams, streamate and Livejasmin offer free live streaming from cam girls whereas imlive partially provide free live chat and camcontacts doesn't offer free webcam chat at all. Nevertheless, camgirls don't talk and don't do anything in their free chat room. 

Call to Webcam girls:
I am kind of lost now because i see there are independent cam girls and i d like to know which platform they use to get in touch with customers. I d like to cover every aspect of the webcam girls market. Which websites should i review now?
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Apr 30 13 12:26 AM

"Independent webcam model" means a model who works at a webcam site but who does not work for a studio.  There are very few models who own their own sites because marketing is too expensive for a single model.  Only famous women can do it.  If you studied only the top 10 earning models at each site you reviewed, then they were probably all independent webcam models.  Models from the U.S., Canada and U.K. tend to be independent while models from Eastern Europe or Asia tend to work for studios who contract with the webcam site.  Models are able to block members based on their regions.  In this case their webcams never appear to the customers causing them to not realize that they are hidden.

When you do a review, you might want to look at the Alexa traffic ranks to get an idea of the amount of traffic each site receives.  LJ is the most popular webcam site by traffic.  It is helpful to mention the typical number of models who are online at any given time at each site.

MFC is a very complicated site which takes time to learn.  Private shows cost 60 tokens/minute, but the price of the tokens ranges from a little under 8 cents/token to 10 cents/token.  A member would be foolish to enter a private show purchasing the 200 token package for $19.99.   They are mainly paying $74.99 for 900 tokens or $149.99 for 1875 tokens which makes a private show cost $5.00 / minute to $4.80 / minute.  Private shows are expensive at MFC by design to encourage users and models to use group shows or shows in public chat.

There are 5 payment processors available on my MFC account.  The other two become available after you have been a longer term customer with good credit.   The payment method using tokens is safer for a member than the one that has the credit card information on account.  If a thief breaks into the account, only the tokens stored in the account are at risk of being stolen.  When the credit card information is linked to the account, the thief can make purchases using your card without knowing the card information.  Sites that have the credit card information linked to the account have paranoid security procedures that harass customers and sometimes misidentify the legitimate cardholder as an unauthorized purchaser damaging his credit rating.  It is safer to use tokens.

Written in the review of MFC at Adult Cam Sites:
I also consider than tipping a webcam girl to get a service is not logical.

Tipping allows the rates for shows to be negotiated, photos and videos to be sold, games to be played and creativity to flourish.  It is replacing the archaic system that used only private shows with fixed rates.

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Apr 10 14 10:42 AM

Hello, I am new on this adult cam thing, which site would you recommend to start? I think there are just too many when looking for google .. jasmin.com, myfreecams.com, bestcam24.com, chaturbate.com, cam4.com.. For what I read myfreecams.com is too complicated?
Which one would you recommend for starter models?

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Apr 10 14 2:55 PM

Advantages and Drawbacks of Camming. Some things to think about..

Welcome to the CGN Forum, Lauram. For up-todate information on the main web-cam sites, I recommend that you check out the sub-forum on Stripperweb.com - "the camming connection."

On CGN, we have lots of open topics in Models Issues and Read the Members, that deal with the advantages and drawbacks of camming. One of the main concerns that you need to consider carefully have to do with the Model Release Forms that web-content providers will have you sign than give them total copyright over your performances. Once your sex shows become their "content," you forfeit all control about how and where your shows will be used by the web-sites where you are enrolled.

In addition, most of these sites depend on a "Sex Shows For Tips In Free Chat" business model that make it very easy for members to pirate your shows and then post them on pirate forums that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This overrides any blocks on particular countries or states that you may have put on your room.

Please take a look at this thread on "privacy issues" in Models Issues  - http://camgirlnotes.fr.yuku.com/topic/3193/PiracyPrivacy-and-Other-Questions#.U0asa15V7Yk
This is just one of many open topics that deal with piracy/privacy issues. 

Remember once it's out on the Internet, there's no calling it back.



P.S. Here's how to gain access to the restricted models section on this forum.

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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