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Jul 24 13 9:06 PM

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There is a site out there that encourages stalking of women. It allows for users to upload pictures of naked women without their consent. Often these photos are stolen from women's facebooks and personal email accounts. What makes it worse is that these photos are then uploaded by state and broken down into different threads which are then categorized into high school or county. Aside from that, users are encouraged to post first name and last initial, and in some cases full names have gone up, alongside the photos. When women find their photos and try making contact to get their pictures down, the site ignores the request.

The fact that the photos are posted in very specific threads containing information such as specific schools they go to and what county or borough's they live in alongside their first name and last initial. In addition users are allowed to post demands on specific girl's accounts they want hacked in threads. Such specific listings of each girl allow for stalking behavior not just online but offline as well.


there's toooo many sickos in this world...
The same thing is happening with this sick man named Hunter Moore. He used to have a website where exes could post naked videos and pictures. He handed over the website to an anti bullying thing. We thought he had changed but it wasn't so. He NOW has a website where you can do the whole naked photos and videos but has added a mapping feature where you can stalk the women. You can post all their information. Is this the same man?? He seriously needs to be taken down.
There are photographs of me on there that were meant for an ex boyfriend of mine about 2 years ago, unfortunatly I was under aged at the time and it was a stupid mistake on my behalf. I want the images being taken off the site and the website to be shut down for good. It should be illegal as those images were mine in which I shared in confidence with my ex. Its a vile site and completely degrading towards women.

LOL bunch of knuckle draggers. If you give consent to have your picture taken naked or if you give naked pictures of yourself to someone else, there is no expectation of privacy nor agreement upon which those pictures can or cannot be posted publicly. Its your own fault for taking pictures of yourself naked you dumb ho-bag. Deal with it.
unfortunately we are all guilty of misjudgements in our adolesence...if we may suggest posting a sign in front of your ex-boyfriends home...visually for all to see...expressing your anger of sharing your photos...be explicit...we have to agree with 04:17:03 & 17:57:56...this will warn his girlfriend(s)of his intent...maybe his girlfriends will check his computer?...finding kiddiporn...do you think that if you hadn't taken these pictures he wouldnt have been with you?...boys have one thing on thiers minds if you want to call it that...take heart in that this website is already being discussed amongst us...whether we decide to act on it will be the decision of the mob...

one voice
many faces
How can we get this site taken down?? We have to work together.
Someone posted pictures of me and lies which are completely damaging to my reputation and I feel like I've been violated. I'm so upset by this and although my photos aren't nude, I feel as horrible as the other girls must feel that are on that site. We definetly need to take a stand this kind is website needs to be against the law, absolutely nothin positive comes from this website its damaging and hurtful to every victim on it.
I wish someone would take the site down....
There are underage pictures of me on there including my address and full name. Now I have men stalking me. I have looked through some posts and people are openly pedophiles and when I said that my picture was underage they told me to shut up and that there was nothing me or the cops could do.
What say us, shall the website go down?
Definitly should be taken down. That site puts women at a high risk for stalkers.
Really? If you want this site down, then you should also bring down every other "tube" site. The video's contained on this site are no different than you would find on other sites. If you have an axe to grind because your private videos/photo's got out, thats your problem. Protect your data. Human beings are untrustworthy and you know what? They sometimes lie, "of course no-one will see these pictures hunny, what do you take me for" Nothing stays the same. That guy that professed his undying loe today is posting videos of you 6 months from now ehn the relationship goes tits up. I sympathise that you have been embarassed, feel betrayed and had your feelings hurt, but the point still stands; If you don't want anyone to see pictures/videos of you naked and more, Don't make them.

With these eyes i've seen things you wouldn't believe . . .
How will we do it?
That is not open for discussion go read the rules
Blade Runner, you've made a valid point. Several other websites are similar to the anonib, and they can not all be taken down. What can be done is to focus solely on the worst offenders(specifically those who give any clues as to where the girls live, due to the danger that can create for them).
Also, it's not as though every one of those sites needs to come down. Only the ones whose focus are pictures posted without permission. If there was consent then that is on the ladies themselves.
If you find fault with anything I've said please address why.
Does anyone feel a DDoS coming on?
Calm down, there are bigger problems at hand than white knighting for sluts. Most of these girls have doubt in their minds when someone, whether it be a boyfriend or a stranger, asks them to do something on cam or take pics, yet they still do it. They then cry about being underage when it gets out yet they never considered that factor when they were being horny little whores.
They say they're being stalked well go to the authorities, anon can't do anything about that.
If they were being blackmailed into it from the beginning, then okay, I'll be a moralfag but if it's voluntary then I just laugh at their humiliation.
Well to the people who are saying calm down... big deal... dont put your photos on the web. i found myself on there and the pictures where of me clothed these people are desperate to find a photo of me naked.. which they will never find as ive never done such a thing. Absolutely vile website on the principle of exploiting women. ive contacted my local mp and ive also contacted the local press about this website. this website exploites and destroys womens repuations, some of you have said you shouldnt take photos of urself in the buff. come on guys.. how many people take a photo of themselves and send it there boyfriends.. its a pretty normal occurance and these women and girls do not deserve this kind of treatment absolutely vile wether they have taken a picture of themselves or not!!! I Got called a SLUT!! and ive never in my life been a slut. THIS SITE NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED AND SHUT DOWN. END OF!!!
Well, if you have no nudes, as you say, then why does it matter? If the pictures came from facebook, twitter, instagram etc then random people are viewing it there too. I'm sure you don't know everyone on your friends list or who follows you personally.
As for being called a slut. Do you really care what some anon thinks about you? And why are supposed to accept your opinion of yourself? It seems biased.
Damn straight!
couldnt we just deface it
All you men are discusting pigs. Seriously lets find naked pictures of your small dicks & all sit around a website & talk about it. You have no lives to waste your time looking up girls naked pictures, uploading them & talking about it. Its really a shame how pathetic & immoral most of you are. Im sure if someone posted pics of any of your mothers & had a bunch of creeps talking about her being a slut etc you'd all be outragged. Sooner than not this site will be taken down. Its one thing to have a website of naked girls without sharing their names & states they live in. That is totally uncalled for. I hope all you internet "tough guys" rott in hell & for everyone whos been affected by this discusting website lets get justice where deserved!
Everyone against this vile site please sign this government petition by clicking on the link I am posting. We need a little over 4,000 more signatures to hopefully end this awful website. Pass this link on to friends & family to have them all sign. Thank you so much for your support.


I am a victim of this website & would appreciate all the support we can get to shut this site down once & for all!!!
Expect those signatures.
Yeah you know why there are pretty much no pictures of guys that they care about? Because they are not stupid sluts sending them in the first place. Don't cry it's online or you got called a slut and stop trying to get websites taken down because of your personal stipidity. I fucking hate you sluts you sent the pictures
Hurrr cri moar whore. And you should maybe stop sucking so much cock during English class and pay attention.

A victim? If you were a victim of your own making, then yeah.
The site needs something done legally
i suggest any victim or any concerned citizen to drop a line to your local CRIMESTOPPERS tipline or to CYBERTIPS all tips are anon if you want them to be and can be easily submitted online.The only thing thats going to get this site taking down is to draw awareness to its dangers we must all work together and demand something be done we have to draw so much attention that we wont be ignored we are strong in numbers and if you havent already please sign the petition online at http://www.change.org/petitions/united-states-federal-bureau-of-investigation-shut-down-anonib-com-on-the-grounds-of-child-porn-and-endangerment-of-women SPREAD THE WORD WE STILL NEED ABOUT 4000 SIGNATURES
i had underage pics taken of my body put on that website....by my uncle Ernie.

he touched my pee pee and made milk come out of its eye.

am i a slut?
You're strong in numbers yet you struggle to get 4,000 sigs? You also fail to realize that quite a few anons favor that site and wouldn't take kindly to this sort of thing. Also, those anons are not like the script kiddies on this site who are looking for their moment of glory.
hows the crusade going,kids?

i noticed the site is still up.so is pink meth.

are we hackers yet?
I think it was brought down in the past by finding where the server is and reporting them to law enforcement.
Back online for all the viewing pleasure
Look this is not her fault but this website seriously has to be taken down i mean i posted a pick of me in my bikni on insta and its on that webstie and all and the person put my kik user name and im getting messages from these weirdos and its just disgusting. Everyone makes mistakes but why should others take a step further and post it on a website without one permisson ? And to report a photo is useless they make you ask for more photos and ignore your request this website is sick, And i think we should just start a petition because i don't want to sit around here having random horny guys message me and all and the best part is im 16 what is life.
First off, let me say, welcome to the internet. I do sympathize with you, you're just a kid having fun or whatever, I understand. Your pic probably ended up there because someone you know posted it, your profile is public, or it's private but you still accept strangers. If you're pretty or someone hates you, your pic will end up there or even on some other website. People on tumblr take random pics of girls and create blogs dedicated to 'hot teens' etc. Shutting down the site, petitions etc would not help. You have to start by protecting yourself first. You may not be protected 100% but you will limit it. I'm not trying to be an asshole, but that's how things work.

Can you post a link to your pics please?

I will help you get them removed.
I know that my questionable judgement as a young girl (and many others in situations like mine) is what led to my images being posted on this site... But that doesn't change the fact that I was underage and the images were stolen and are being used against my will.. You can call us sluts, and tell us we aren't victims.. You obviously don't know what it is like to suffer from depression and hate yourself so much that you ignorantly think these men will somehow make you like yourself.. I've moved past that part of my life, and have been working hard to live a positive life.. But when you are contacted by someone, telling you that someone has posted pictures of you on a site like this.. It is hard to move on; it's a constant reminder of the mistakes you made and are trying to put in your past..
This site claims that they will take down your images if you email them..
This is the single response I've got from the admin when requesting to have my image taken down...
"lol how i can know its you"
I've since then sent another email, requesting that they remove their underage content of me, but to that, I got no response.
All I want is that part of my life to go away. I know I made a Someone a huge mistake back then. I don't know if I can cope with this anymore. Someone please help me.
I hear you I cant get mine delted for anything. At least you got some kind of response mine has been up there for years. Its never coming down i have put in so many reports. Past is the past and beleive me if i could get that down i would in a heart beat but this sight it ridiculous. just perverts and assholes.
This website needs to be taken down!
This site is immoral and needs to be shut down.

only needs less than 1500 signatures now.
A 17 yo girl in DE just committed suicide 9 July 2013 because of this site!!! This site is sick and it's allowing hacked pictures from emails to be stolen from underaged girls and posted without their knowledge, they also stole my daughters pictures & posted them from when she was 16!!

please sign this petition to shut down this site, it works, and pass it around to all you know, it worked to shut it down in the past!
Someone stole pics I sent to my fiance years ago. They posted them pretending to be him saying "This is from when she and I dated, I lost the rest of them so someone please post more". However, my friends and I knew it wasn't my fiance because for one my fiance long deleted those pictures and only me, him and our closest friends knew we got back together long before those pictures were posted. Also, they put me down for the wrong college on that site. I have a feeling it's one of the guys in my area who always messaged me asking for pictures but I don't know which one. This site is absolutely disgusting! A lot of my friends are on there and most of them have pics from when they were 15/16 years old posted on that site along with their information. Please sign the petition and get this site taken down.
I have made dozens of complaints to this site , and they have ignored each and every one of them.I had my pictures posted there by several individuals so i did what the rules say , i reported them .nothing happened after the 20th report , on the contrary i got a email that only said "you go on cam and i delete" which basically meant that if i do a sex show for them they will delete it .I don't know where else to turn , i think i have tried to raise awareness everywhere about this site and what is happening to me but it seems that no one can do anything about it .I find it outraging and i really do not know what else to do.The pictures are not nude so according to the idiot's theory first , no i didn't deserve this , however seeing the way people talk about me and seeing it everyday things added to it , it brings me to the border of insanity.But no one does nothing , they do remove threads if they don't have many viewers , but the active ones they will leave them there for months and months and take advantage of the fact that there is nothing you can do to them.i would get a lawyer and sue them for blackmail , but sue who and where?And for those strong suporters of this place , that think people deserve to be there , well all i can wish you is that your mothers, wifes , sisters and daughters will end up in there for monsters like yourselves to wank over , i guess then you will reconsider how horrible the place is .

Their possible web hosting provider

Registrant: CloudFlare, Inc. 665 Third Street Suite 207 San Francisco, CA 94107 US Domain Name: CLOUDFLARE.COM
Calm the fuck down guys AnonIB was DDoS-ed before by someone named P4R4D0X, but the admin of AnonIB got CloudFlare which keeps the site online in case of a DDoS, so essentially the admin is prepared this time. Plus the site has been bouncing from one host to the next. Next thing you know you will have driven it underground into TOR where you won't be able to do shit about it. Stop being white knight moralfags for these sluts. They should know the consequences of being plastered all over the Internet. How many more Amanda Todd-ings do we need before all these whores realize that an ounce of dignity can go a long way? The FBI were investigating the website, but they closed their case because they realized what America has become; a country of whores...
First of all legally speaking if you post on Facebook ect you loose your rights to that image as it is Facebook's( read what you sign). Secondly face book works hard to tag you in these images and it can be shared as long as one person an (ex maybe) decides to allow permission to share it with others. So then if it leaves the host site it is not yours, your identity is not yours on that image.
That covers all the I am an innocent person and i wasn't a whore stuff.
Secondly to the nude parties, If you post a tit a erotic leg or anything online, Boom viral! And it is legal you don't have a right to images with you in it or all sites would have to blur out everyone in the background of everything so until CNN and Fox blur everyone shut up about laws. Combining these two points we get:
If you have a digital image of yourself and the mandatory online identity that society creates for you such as online birth records ect. If you put that data on the net it will multiply and spread and eventually match up with your identity. Instead of wanting to bitch on this forum you should spread public awareness to stop this from happening to others because hey this has been gong on so long some one this happened to could have prevented it from happening to you if they tried. If you take down the site the info is still on the net and WILL be re-posted. Also absence makes the heard grow fonder so watch out for sicko's. So do the right thing spread awareness and simply starve the site of content through education and common sense so money can instead go to fund porn sites that can do virtual reality A-I bot fucking with professionally designed slutty girls none of theses accidental amatures!

Ohhhh NO, a DDoS.....

they're like, totally destructive. There is NO defense against a DDoS!!
Keep me updated on what happens with the site. I just recently discovered it and found some not-so-pleasant pictures of friends.
This is Anonib's official hosting site information....when a site is holding infringing material with knowledge on their site, and you contact the hosting provider of this, and still, nothing is done, they are liable...this is what shuts down sites my friends!

VIA Email at [email protected]

root S.A.
35, rue John F. Kennedy
7327 Steinsel


+352 20 500


+352 20 500 900


[email protected]

Web Hosting Support: [email protected]

Server Support: [email protected]

File a complaint: [email protected]

Re: Copyright Claim

To the ISP Hosting Company: LU-ROOT-20081021

Please note that according to the DMCA, any person who knowingly, materially misrepresents that material or activity is committing infringement infringing and may be subject to liability.
The URL of my copyright picture's location is below:
Once a service provider wanting to avail itself of the safe harbors of 512(b) (system caching), 512(c) (information residing on systems or networks at the direction of users), or 512(d) (information location tools) knows that its system has infringing material, that service provider must expeditiously remove or block access to the allegedly-infringing material.
The DMCA states that while an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is not liable for transmitting information that may infringe a copyright, the ISP must remove materials from users’ websites that appear to constitute copyright infringement after it receives proper notice.
— 17 USC §201(a) The person who presses the shutter-release automatically owns the copyright to the photograph.
As a copyright owner, I have control who can copy, adapt, license and publicly display your photos, particularly for profit.
“Subject to sections 107 through 122, the owner of copyright under this title has the exclusive rights to do and to authorize any of the following:
•(1) to reproduce the copyrighted work in copies …;
•(2) to prepare derivative works based upon the copyrighted work;
•(3) to distribute copies … of the copyrighted work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending; …
•(5) … to display the copyrighted work publicly

The United States has copyright relations with most countries throughout the world, and as a result of these agreements, we honor each other’s citizens’ copyrights.”
— U.S. Copyright Office, FAQ

U.S. Code Title 17
Copyright is the legal protection extended to the owner of the rights in an original work that he has created. It comprises two main sets of rights: the economic rights and the moral rights. The economic rights are the rights of reproduction, broadcasting, public performance, adaptation, translation, public recitation, public display, distribution, and so on. The moral rights include the author's right to object to any distortion, mutilation or other modification of his work that might be prejudicial to his honor or reputation.”
— World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Collective Management of Copyright and Related Right

Extremely interesting and powerful avenues to shut down a site and hosting company in above link.
Yes, they steal womens photos, and use them to lure men in to scam money off of them. Only, there are copyright laws that protect the owner of any picture. Technically, if you made the picture, clicked the shutter button and created it, you are the official copyright owner of the picture and do not have to register or do anything, you own it. There are strict laws for anyone using your picture without your consent or permission. simply find a DMCA form , fill it out, submit it to sites, and they MUST remove your picture, it is internet law.
The info you gave to report the website isn't valid, I tried emailing the abuse address and it was immediately rejected as not deliverable
Yes, you are right! So, you type in Anonib.com in http://www.v3whois.com/w/anonib.com

Domain : anonib.com
IP : European Union
Availability : TAKEN
Protection : LOCKED
TLD : COM ()
Created : 2006-05-05
Updated : 2013-02-26
Expires : 2018-05-05
Domain Record : Domain Name: ANONIB.COM
Registrar: BIZCN.COM, INC.
Whois Server: whois.bizcn.com
Referral URL: http://www.bizcn.com
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited

Also in:

http://cpanel.net/website-owners/find-my-host/ is an excellent resource for finding the hosting site....once you do, it is the hosting site that is responsible for infringements upon its servers.

Also, note! they change their IP often to protect themselves....

their IP address currently is

This is an Excellent Forum to effect change. For we can collectively gather resources in one place : )
try googling anonib's IP address...very interesting : )


hois IP Live Results for -

IP Address: Hide Map »

Google Chrome Browser Extension (Alternative Website Reviews Version) <br><br>
- One click you can add new comments/reviews and can read other user reviews about any webpages of ANY websites. We have included reviews/comments about your current browsing site and your current page (and any products, articles that are being published on this current page) in our flag button popup window (simply click the flag button)<br><br>
- Display a country flag indicating the physical location of the websites you are visiting.Mozilla Firefox Browser Extension. Display a country flag indicating the physical location of the websites you are visiting. Hosting Company Owner Information

Other Sites on IP »

IP Location: Internet Usage Statistics European UnionEuropean Union
Resolve Host:
IP Owner: Cloudflare, Inc
Owner IP Range: - IP Range Whois for
Owner Address: 665 Third Street #207, San Francisco, CA, 94107, US
Owner Country: Internet Usage Statistics USAUSA
Owner Phone: +1-650-319-8930
Owner Website: www.cloudflare.com
BIZCN.COM, INC. is where Anonib. is a Rsgistrar, look at this link about who Bizcn is

how do you begin one of these forums? I am inspired to begin another one, for all predatory sites and information gathered on the predators themselves. Please share how to begin one of these.

check this thread out...frightening, of the hackers themselves, talking of how to hack into womens computers...naming their ip addresses....very scary
Domain Name: ANONIB.US
Domain ID: D38839793-US
Sponsoring Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 146
Registrar URL (registration services): whois.godaddy.com
Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Registrant ID: CR134086711
Registrant Name: Kevin Bollaert
Registrant Address1: 1765 Garnet Ave
Registrant Address2: #27
Registrant City: San Diego
Registrant State/Province: California
Registrant Postal Code: 92109
Registrant Country: United States
Registrant Country Code: US
Registrant Phone Number: +1.6196814317
Registrant Email: [email protected]
Registrant Application Purpose: P3
Registrant Nexus Category: C11
Administrative Contact ID: CR134086713
Administrative Contact Name: Kevin Bollaert
Administrative Contact Address1: 1765 Garnet Ave
Administrative Contact Address2: #27
Administrative Contact City: San Diego
Administrative Contact State/Province: California
Administrative Contact Postal Code: 92109
Administrative Contact Country: United States
Administrative Contact Country Code: US
Kevin Bollaert http://thumbs.mugshots.com/gallery/images/2/7d/c7/Kevin-C-Bollaert_mugshot.400x800.jpg

The face behind Anonib.com and ugotposted, google his image and name, really nice guy

Pulled from Pastebin, Thanks Anonymous!

Kevin C Bollaert

DOB June 27, 1986

Age: 25

Home Address:
3018 45th St , Moline , IL 61265

Phone Numbers:
(309) 230-9201
(309) 797-8050

Brian J. Bollaert, D.D.S.
Website: illinidentalassociates (dot) com
Employer: Illini Dental Associates
2909 19th St, East Moline, IL 61244
Office: 309-796-2251
Fax: 309-796-2274

Other Family:
Todd Bollaert
Regina Bollaert

Home Property Info:

Property Information
Owner(s) Bollaert Brian J
Parcel # 07-6506800-14065
Property 3018 45th St Moline, IL 61265
Mailing Addr 3018 45th St Moline , IL 61265
County Rock Island

Lot Number 16

Use Sfr
Lot Size Ac/Sq Ft .78 / 33933
Pool/Spa N

Tax Information
Imp Value $118,861.00
Land Value $25,676.00
Tax Year 2011
Total Value $144,537.00
Tax Value $144,537.00
Tax Amount $12,260.96
Improved 82%


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Kevin Bollaert, Eric Chanson, and Cody Alviar use their websites interwebdrama.com, yougotposted.com, and a few other similar sites that attempt to copy other revenge type websites to harass, blackmail, and go beyond breaking the law to attempt to destroy lives of people all in order to attempt to make a profit!.They try to make it seem as if their website is "following laws" in regards to ***, child ***, and other laws of that same nature:.

However, they do not follow the law in any way whatsoever". They have been recorded multiple times having conversations about how they plan to blackmail people into giving them nudes of people they want to post/. Several people have been told things such as 'give me xyz's nudes or I'm going to post your nudes'?. Clearly in a much more harassing nature than this example, but the point is these people are disgusting and currently are being sued for their wrong doings".

More than this needs to be done and I hope that by shedding light on this matter on this website more people will come forward and possibly raise *** until law enforcement decides its a big enough matter to charge them and put them in prison,.Please post any thing you have on them so we can keep track of what else they are doing. 55bed4

Kevin Bollaert uses his internet website company in order to fund the website www.interwebdrama.com. This site is used for the purpose of defaming and harassing people through the internet. He is an immoral person who has gone as far as posting children under the age of 18 nude on his "side" website that he has created in his spare time. I believe that anyone who is attempting to hire him to design their website or for any other purposes should know who this man really is and what he does for fun.
This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 02/28/2012 09:06 AM and is a permanent record located here: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/kevinbollaertcom/Moline-Illinois-61265/kevinbollaertcom-Kevin-Bollaert-interwebdramacom-harassing-Moline-Illinois-845821. The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year.

Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report.

Click Here to read other Ripoff Reports on kevinbollaert.com

please link up to this site, it is very informing   

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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#1 [url]

Aug 13 13 3:40 PM

ANONIB IS BACK UP AND BOOBY-TRAPPED. Exercise extreme caution

August 10, 2013 
Report spam
This site does NOT take down pictures upon request, using proper legal DMCA notices, they ignore all requests. They have huge Malware for this site, my computer was infected with three viruses each time I came into request removal, and a huge FBI warning that froze my computer and demanded 200 dollars to pay them by paypal. If this happens to you, just shut the computer down immediately and the virus cannot attack your system..them system restore it, and get a good virus protection system before revisiting this site. Three different times, my computer was infected with three huge viruses, just trying to request my stolen picture removal. They are owned by me and I never posted them online, only taken for my husband. I tried posting a comment to ask them to remove the picture, and they deleted my comment and have blocked me from commenting. The hosting site is unresponsive as well. This is clearly an illegal site. My stolen pictures were all over the web, a nightmare, but with legal dmca notice, i was able to remove every one of them! close to 200 and yes, it was a nightmare and alot of work, but I did it! and all, every single site, blog, owner, removed my picture, only ONE has not, Anonib. and i contacted close to 150 different sites. This alone says it all. I blocked the page on google, and you can too. It is pointless to try to ask them to take down anything, they do not listen. But, nobody sees this site, it is unheard of, and will continue to be less and less as sites like this are buried in search engines and seldom come up when they are so illegal as this. Each one of you that are posted on this site, you are not alone!! I am too, and it matters not what you did or how you got there, it is not your fault. I hold you each in my thoughts and prayers, and now , have surrendered this to God ! I truly believe in prayers. God Bless You Each!

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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#2 [url]

Jan 22 14 9:04 PM

Hi, I would like to report about an User who is selling of recorded videos about MFC-models. This user named MFC-Recycler is selling these videos on this site as below:


I had tried to make deleted this user but the Administrator of that site did not answer me anything. So please do something because he have many thousand videos about girls but he have no right to continue this activity. Thank you.

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#4 [url]

Oct 23 14 1:41 PM

Any luck with getting your stolen content removed from fileguide?

Apparently, they're still working on it...


Any luck with getting your stolen content removed from fileguide?

I won't put the url but if anyone has had success with getting there stolen content removed from fileguide can you please let me know..If anyone has dealt with fileguide..they will know the url..I'm on a private chat based site and I've got days and days of stolen content and I'm naked in these pics with my face so any help would be greatly appreciated..I've tried for the last couple of months to get these removed with no luck thanks ladies!       

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