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we present to you xxxxxx CamPlace.xxxx] !!! Redacted by Ul

we are a team of top industry veterans which currently run already top industry brands including brokerbabe.com ,bitterstrawberry.com , labelsex.com, Rubmaps.com and many more...
as well we were all owners and partners in the past in sites like  imlive.com, camsathome.com and nocreditcard.com

we gusrantee premium traffic only with over 60% commissions and over 90% for referring users from other sites !!!

start passing your members where they 'll make you real money !!!
xxxxxx redacted by UL
for limited time we have a special promotion of 20% EXTRA COMMISSIONS !!!! hurry up register today !

xxxxx redacted by UL and enjoy  all this: 

1) HIGH COMMISSIONS:  . stop working got pennies, and sites that rip you off and keep 70% of your money . with CamPlace you make over 60% commissions and over 90% for referral of your members from other sites that pay you there only 30%. we care about YOU !!! we let you get most of the money you work for. models and studios are paid what they're worth. 

2) BE FIRST  : be among the first to register and enjoy the freedom to choose your nickname, get better position and ranking and enjoy higher placement on the site. 

3) QUALITY TRAFFIC  : enjoy quality leads. no more tube traffic and cheap leads. we provide you with premium members from dating sites, escort sites, member area. your member value with CamPlace will be rocket high compared to webcam sites that send you cheap traffic of non spenders. 
4) FEEL FREE: we let you do whatever you want. no annoying rules that restrict your work. CamPlace even give you tool to sell more items like phone/skype/email etc in order to better communicate with your fans. no longer being a 'prisoner' or other websites rules. we are open minded and believe we need to serve your needs. any idea is welcome. 

why wait ? xxxxxx redacted by UL !!!

for details contact us anytime
[email protected]: xxxxx

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Aug 23 13 12:13 PM

Read The Rules. No Recruitment of Models or customers is allowed on this forum

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Aug 24 13 1:57 PM

Models React to Camplace's ad blitz.. It's "here," but they don't wanna go there.

Members from dating sites? Escort sites? No. No no no no no no no no.
Do you understand what this means? Dating site guys will think we all want to be their girlfriend which is probably the furthest thing from the truth. They will not be able to make the distinction between "Hot webcam girl" and "girl who really actually wants to hook up". 
Escort sites? Why? Why on earth? The vast majority of cam models do NOT want to meet up. Ever. No no no no no no no no no.
Also, why would you think members from dating sites/escort sites would be more likely to pay?

Also... There are 5 models online on your site right now. One room had 1 registered member in it. 
The other room had 3 registered members in it. I have no idea if any of them are willing to pay.

The chat I'm seeing:

my desre is now 0 to do that for you
u have to make me wanna do it
can u pm plz?

But hey, at least I can make 'real money' on your site, right?
I stopped reading at "stop making pennies."

Clearly, you have no understanding of your competition or their bottom line.
With the amount of exclamation points used in the pitch, you girls would be idiots not to jump on this opportunity!!!!!

Clearly, these people are serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Incidentally, I'm still waiting for the camsite that has a fair and equitable IP licensing scheme in its model agreement. This isn't that site.
Hard to totally trust someone that guarantees something but can't even spell "guarantee" properly.

"we know from previous cam sites that the traffic we're discussing here is premium traffic for cam models.
 it will convert very well, far better than most traffic coming to cam sites from tubes."

I've noticed that you throw around the word 'premium' like it actually matters. Premium traffic does not necessarily mean paying traffic.

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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Aug 24 13 7:05 PM

More info if you need it....

Camplace has servers in Bratislava and Moldavia. Domain name is Praestone.com. Contact is a Sergey Babyan(maybe he is a concert pianist on the side). They are registered in Nicosia Cyprus. Most visitors are from Italy. Their ICANN registrar is Enom,Inc. 

IP Location:Slovakia Slovakia Bratislava Lightstorm Communications S.r.o.
ASN:Slovakia AS42005 LIGHTSTORM-COMMUNICATIONS-SRO-SK-AS LightStorm Communications s.r.o. (registered Dec 01, 2006)
Resolve Host:

Feel free to contact them at [email protected]

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Aug 24 13 7:24 PM

Camplace asked for our attention..They now got it..FAQs for Members

About Camplace
What is CamPlace?
CamPlace is a site enabling high-end video chat between individuals. In CamPlace you can watch amateurs and porn stars live from anywhere in the world. We are proud in our cutting edge technology and features. All video chat communication done on the site is live. You can do free video chat. No account is needed. Recorded shows are also available if your favourite performer is offline. Each performer has its own bio page where you can learn more about her or him and see also their schedule and likes, as well as watch their photos and videos. You can search models around you, or anywhere in the world with our simple search tool. Our Search allows you multiple search filters to specify exactly what you are looking for in seconds. You can go online yourself; all you need is an internet connection and a webcam. Some activity on the site is paid. All prices are disclosed before you enter a paid activity. We charge with tokens that you buy in advance. Token are charged per service or per minute depending what activity you choose.
CamPlace mobile
CamPlace is also available on most smart phones including iphone, android and windows phones. You can enjoy in on the go. Don’t wait to get home. Try us anywhere, anytime on our mobile site with the same URL.
Search the site
Each performer has its own bio page where you can learn more about her or him and see also their schedule and likes, as well as watch their photos and videos.

You can search models around you, or anywhere in the world with our simple search tool. Our Search allows you multiple search filters to specify exactly what you are looking for in seconds.

You can search by language, location, age, gender, weight, looks and many other parameters. As well keyword search is an option based on keywords from the model’s bio page.
Are all cameras live?
Yes. All webcam streams are live. We do offer recorded video chats but those are clearly marked as recorded shows. Unlike recorded videos, in live stream you will be able to interact with the model. As well you can do two ways streaming and view each other live.
Video chat basics
Each model needs an internet connection and a webcam in order to stream her video feed. Our platform enables multiple models to show their stream to multiple users. We enable multi public chat and private chat. Member then can log in to the website and watch those live streams. A browser flash plug-in is needed to watch live stream. This is usually automatically detected by your browser. This is very common piece of software.
How can I communicate with models?
During the video chat you can also type (text) and chat (voice) with the performer if you have your camera turned on. If your camera is off you may only hear the model if she has her microphone on. The voice option is available only in private chat with the performer.

You will see the live stream on the right side and chat on the left side. You can write and add emoticons to your text messages. Hit the ‘send’ button to send the messages. Once the message is sent it will appear in the chat box. Please note that in public chat your messages may be seen by other users or member.

You can use the text/chat system to send requests to the model. The model to make special hit the "Send" button or your enter key to send the message.

Models are not obligated to fulfil the member’s requests. It’s their choice. If you don’t like the show given by the model you can end the chat. This is your choice. Remember the model is a real person broadcasting for you, in order to make you a satisfied customer. Be respectful to the model and you are most likely to get the best show!
How do I end the chat?
At any point during the chat you can end the chat by simply clicking the “end chat” button. If that was a paid session than ending the chat will end the billing. You can also return to the chat or review the performer, or look for other models to chat with.
What happens if I am disconnected during paid chat?
Technology issues are rare but may happen. In case you got disconnected during a chat, please try to log in again after a few minutes. Your billing with stop at the moment the chat was disconnected. If for any reason you are unable to reconnect please contact support.

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Aug 24 13 7:28 PM

Camplace FAQs for Model

1. Can I be a Camplace model?
• Models need to be between 18-45 years of age.
• Currently we accept only females.
• Models can reside anywhere they want as long as it’s legal to engage in adult webcam in their country although from time to time we may block users from certain countries based on our sole discretion.
• Please note- you are not an employee of Camplace. All models appearing on the site are independent contractors.
• You need to be healthy and have a decent hygiene to perform on the site. We may decide to block your account if we see inappropriate issues.
• Models do not have to be nude during their performance. Models can decide what to do in the webcam performance.
• The following activities forbidden during webcam performance forced or violent sex, child pornography, any presentation of minors, incest, rape, torture, defecation or urination and any way of sex involving bold.
c. How do I choose my Model name
• Model name needs to be 5 letters or more and can contain also numbers but must begin with a letter.
• Names may also include symbols like @,#, !, ?, &, etc.
• Names cannot be illegal, offensive or abusive in any form and cannot indicate the model is minor (e.g. littlegirl)
• Model sorting is not done alphabetically but by other parameters decided solely by Camplace and related to the models performance, rating and other.
• We will review the name you choose and may decide not to approve it, or if it is already taken you will need to choose a new name.
• You can change your model name but it may be a long process.
d. Documentation
• While completing your registration please note you must use your real details.
• In order to have a valid account you need to upload during the registration process at least one government-issued ID that contains your name as used on the registration form, date of birth and photo.
• The photo ID must match the photos used on the site.
• We may check the ID and if it is not 100% clear we may ask for an alternative ID.
• We do not accept ID copies in fax. You must upload a digital scan of the ID.
• We will review your documents and try to get back to confirm your account or ask for further details within 12-24 hours. You can check the status of your approval in the model panel admin.
• Once your documentation and forms are approved you may perform live.

Model Payment FAQ
1. How much will I earn?
• Your earnings depend on how much time you spend performing on webcam and how many tokens you receive from members.
• A model can make even $25,000 per month if she is very successful but many models make $1000’s per month.
• Members buy tokens which is the currency of the site. Each token they pay you is worth $0.05 USD (five American cents)
• You can earn token in tips during a free show or by doing private/spy/group performance, or when members pay for items you sell on the site like video, image etc.
• Please use the below chart to review your payout options and user costs
Session type Rate/30 seconds Model earnings
Private show 25-50 tokens per minute $2.50-5.00 per minute- model decides rates
Voyeur/Spy show 10 tokens per minute $1.00 per minute (per user)
Group show 5 tokens per minute $0.50 per minute (per user)
True Private show 40 tokens per minute $4.00 per minute
Tips n/a $0.05 per token
• A model in a private show with 30 tokens per 30 seconds price, with one more member spying, would earn 60+20=80 tokens per minute which equals a rate of $4.00 per minute plus any tips she received during that show.
• Your payouts and earnings are updated every hour and appear on your account stats. Once you see your earnings move to the payout it means the money has been paid.
Promotion payout: for the first 30 days following your first paid video chat, we will add pay you 6 cents per token received. That means you can receive up to 75% commission.
Referrals: for referrals, meaning new member that registered through your referral link, you will receive 7.5 cents per token that member spent in your video chat.

4. Refer a member
• Camplace offers its models the option to refer a member to the site. In that case you will get a higher payout for that member for all the tokens he spent in your room. The payout will be 80% higher. So instead of getting a 50% base average your payout will be 90%.
• All you need to do is to make sure that member used your referral link when he signed up for the site.
5. Rules
Models must follow these rules as well as all guideline and terms in the model agreement:
• No Spamming. You may not spam your referral link in any way.
• Do not post your referral link in inappropriate sites especially site intended for minors.
• No referring from Camplace. You cannot tell Camplace guests to open a new account using your referral link allowed.
• Note that not all referrals will count. A user which already had an account in the system will not count as referral. As well our system tries to determine legitimate referrals from fraud.
• No fraud, abuse or cheating. If you try to fraud, cheat or abuse the system, your account may be suspended, blocked or deleted.                  

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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