Sep 9 13 3:40 PM

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So another night/morning staying up going on cam girl website looking at them for free but this time i couldn't take it anymore this girl was so attractive i could just fall asleep in her arms.

I now want to see her on cam next time but scared it going to be an expensive habit just to see her. I do like chatting normal in free chat but then had urge and took her private.

I have checked back every now & then to see if she is online again. I feel like such a desperate loser for doing this and dont know how i am going to stop.

I feel guilty and ashamed now but other part of me is saying it is ok to do this.

I only do it because I have never had a proper girlfriend or had sex so chatting to her made me feel good i could talk to a girl and see her then in private the closest thing to sex on webcam with her. I didn't go on cam it doesn't work on my phone.

1) Don't OP.Stop! Cam girl sites r just as addictive as alcohol....

Btw, wat site?

2) camgirl sites are pretty cool if you know which girls do public shows and just wait for the other suckers to give them tokens so they do their show.

I don't see how someone could be addicted to one though. They are so fake.

3) No need to feel guilty or ashamed. Just don't spend too much money on it.

4) It's a waste of money, dude. Cam-girls exist to swindle you. Couple of times wouldn't hurt tho

5) Why do you need to pay? Try cam4, plenty of girls on there masturbate their and you don't have to pay for a private show. Or try chatrooms. I've had some luck getting girls from chatrooms to fap on cam.

I don't think you should be ashamed of watching cam girls. I just think it would be a waste of money after a while, depending on how often you pay for these shows.

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