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I have had the good fortune of meeting some of my friends (No sex No money). Okay I paid for seperate hotel room and dinner. I have been in a former soviet block country and now understand the mentality of the online models a little better.
In talking with a person who lives in the country (not a model) she surprised to find out that this existed but she said she understood it very well. It was a fact that as long as her husband came home at night put bread on the table it was expected that he could have a mistress. She actually approved of prostitution saying that it would ensure he didn't fall in love with this person and he would be home at night. When chatting about modeling she said they could find other methods of employment but was surprised at how much they made. When I asked so if you had a daughter if she would mind she said yes, she wouldn't want her daughter to do it but would not think it was bad if her friends daughter did it. According to models this is where the problem occurs. She could let friends and neighbours know but then her parents would find out and if they cast her out she would then lose the support of neighbours and therefore her friends. So she can never let any friends know and that is hard mentally.

She would like to get out of the business but she and even her boyfriend says that they need the money right now. When times are hard mentally at work she will go on break call him and say I am quitting right now and he will calm her down saying yes yes but you are okay and she is back at work the next day. It is not the sex act that upsets her it is the client who comes in and acts as though he owns her. Even though a client may pay the bill she feels he has to be respectful and saying I paid the money shove the dildo dam it is very upsetting.

Ultimately she says there are girls who can handle it and girls who can't.

In terms of starting the business those I spoke to said they saw what the studio said but they were not stupid and knew what they were getting into. They had no doubt that they would be giving sex shows but were surprised at the number of men who just want to talk. I asked if I found a person to support you would you quit. Yes but they would be back because they know the man want something else. They would have to know the man a long time before accepting it, because they know they will get paid by the studio and it or another will be there but the client won’t.

The dollars they make in US funds would seem small to you and I, but they think it is “much money” If you think that you spend a 100 dollars on a meal going out they can get a 10 excellent meals for that same money it brings a new perspective. (When was the last time you spend only a hundred to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant with drinks? When was the last time you got a 6 pack for 3 dollars?) And I was asked "why should I work many long and hard hours scrubbing floors to make the same money? Those are the women you should pity."

They are just interesting conversations I had.
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Jun 23 07 5:45 PM

Thanks for the witness Grthngs. From all the recent posts that have been made for a couple of weeks, this is by far the less "off topic" one !

I'm seriously thinking about a new forum : Non-camgirl Notes .. lol

To keep it serious, i don't think that camgirls are the biggest priority to care about around this world, far from that, some of them even do the job they like and i would even encourage them to persevere in it if they think that it's their way. Every job has value, they say...

But is it normal that a student chose this job in order to afford her studies ?
That's where things go wrong according to me. It's a global issue resulting of a very fragile economical status of some countries all around the globe.

Are the governments even aware of it ??

Do whatever you enjoy, Enjoy whatever you do.

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Jun 23 07 10:09 PM

Agreed.. SlideR
and of course the tax departments are aware in countries where this is all legal..
And the department of bribes in the countries where it isn't...

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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