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How to prepare for the interview, even videochat in Iasi :)
Posted on 2014/07/25 by chatlive.ro - Studio videochat iasi

I recently watched a video on youtube type animation super interesting that, although ironically a bit of the interview for a job with a lot of detail in detail those little details that most of us ignore, even when it comes an interview for a job in videochat.

But first, here is the video I was talking about above: 

;) I hope you enjoyed watching it even as much as I liked it, too.

The creators of that video said, when you look for a job and want to apply for a job (even when talking about a job to videochat) should be careful about the following:

     to delete your Facebook account :)
     be qualified / D for that job (that you fit the job requirements)
     to prepare your resume as it should be (simple and to the point, without exaggeration, without lying, without blabla possible sites and what they're looking strictly to emphasize your employer)
     and take care of the most important four points when you present at the interview:
         be clean / A (neat / D)
         to be clothed / adequate for well
         be punctual / D
         to be polite / D and say thank you, etc.
     and not the end, to be patient, to report to appropriate additional interviews, etc..


In videochat but look interview itself has a long traversed normal form, although it is a job like any other and should be treated and this field with respect and fairness.

In terms of personal and professional I had the pleasure to hold interviews and other fields in the past (sales, IT) and believe me, and there I had all sorts of surprises, which more or less unpleasant. And that is why we do not capture anything :)

I tend to believe, however, that videochat girls from Iasi coming to interview for a job at videochat prepared completely wrong because of the image that has videochat in Iasi.

Most girls think that videochat job miracle is supposed to sit in front of a computer and a video camera, and where all the men of the world or to pay billions to see you naked ... and I'll make a lot of money with no effort without work, without knowing English or French, etc ... WRONG! At least at the level of 2014 is totally wrong to think that. Not to tell you that most girls think videochat studios will provide tens of millions of USD (or euros) bonus simply because you'll engage there.

Not girls! Videochat is a job like any other, which requires sacrifice, work, life experience and not least: yet more work. If you want to do video chat to win 1000 lei per month yes, it's simple ... stay online, you stitch down 2 euros per member account and easy easy, collect more money than if you were a seller of lemonade / coffee to simply stands on Stefan cel Mare.

But if you want to earn big money in videochat, should treat job to videochat model with respect and dedicate yourself completely! If you work 24 hours in 24 to simply stands selling lemonade or coffee, you get more than a salary of 1,500 lei. But if you work 24 hours in 24 to videochat, you have to pay very high chance that jump slightly from 20,000 (twenty thousand) lei per month.

 site studio videochat chatlive

Whatever your desires end, when you prepare for a job interview to videochat in Iasi, have the following issues:

     to qualify for some of the basic requirements for a job in videochat, including: to be communicative, to be jovial and charismatic, witty and instantly be smiling, have no idea even to a minimum to medium in terms of language English and to like to have fun (dance, take pictures, play games, etc). Obviously, issues such as a vast general knowledge or extraordinary appearance will not only be additional advantages, but do not count that you will make money in videochat without the effort.
     to be extremely neat. Although once you get videochat grab a notice that you pay more attention to this aspect, it is very important to the videochat job interview, to be cared for in terms of what manicure, personal hygiene, etc. . Not present at the interview makeup super loud or whatever, but do not come without even a bit of lipstick. Why? Because you sell videochat image and personality. And if you put all inappropriate interview certainly will not make a good impression.
     come dressed and accessorized properly. NOT held office since you will not interview for a job at the BRD, but not in a Sexy attire because you interview for a job strippăriţă.
     present yourself at the interview on time! Never later. And this is true both for the videochat job and when you interview for any other job.
     Come prepared with questions, since the interview is where you will answer any questions you have about videochat. It is very important both for you and for us to be a future employee well informed!
     be uninhibited. Through our hands have been at least 100 girls and job interviews to videochat studio ChatLIVE I kept at least a few hundred. Do not bite anyone but the most important thing I want to understand is that ChatLIVE not mind! True, some of the information you will digest harder. It is true that it is very possible to not come to us, but to go to another studio that will lie to ... But when you learn the truth, you know that we have been honest with you, and we are happy for that!

At the end of this speech, I understand that, how hard is videochat on so beautiful it can be if you know how to approach it properly.

Most girls working in videochat get to hate the job, and I emphasize the word go. Why? Because they will not address videochat properly and thus come to hate this job.

To be a successful model in videochat have to like life:

     you must like to dance, you feel good. Nobody in the world will not like a woman dancing forced mechanically. While a woman who beats the pleasure will surely attract the eyes of everyone in the audience;
     have to love you, your body. And if you have body parts that do not favor you or you do not like, that does not mean others will not love. Ba worse, if you do not like you, or how you like your clients? It is clear that you have to get pissed off when you undress and you get to your bares those parts of your body that you personally do not like.
     you must understand that you sell! Mom how important this phrase, nor imagine! If you consider yourself cheap will sell cheap! If you think luxury and act like a woman luxury you sell expensive! If you think luxury but really you're not a woman even luxury, you will not sell expensive!
     Do not get me wrong, do not sell your virginity body or whatever. But I understand that selling picture! If you advertise cheap will sell cheap. If you advertise your house, you sell very expensive! Finally ... you understand what I mean in training, and if you accept advice and criticism of the ChatLIVE. Nobody's perfect, we're not born perfect, but we can refine and improve our puterm / improve!

There would be much to say, but time is short, and if I write too much here you have not understood anything :) So, dear / dear readers, I greet with respect :)
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