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future after camming

i just noticed one one topic that girl claimed its really hard to have a future after a camming.. i worry. i am camming to survive because my parrents cant afford that and i am a student living faaaaar away on my own. and studying daily studies( means every day i have lectures from monday to thursday). also they arent very easy( electronical engineering and its programming). i get free studying and like 100 bucks scolarship, but not sure if its possible to survive with only 100 bucks per month. my average is 9.5/10. but if camming will impact my future, whats the pint of studying then? how to prevent myself from recorded shows or taken pictures? how to know that? how to be less visible? i dont put any photos or videos in site. i dont advertise myself on twitter, fb or other social medias. once i found video on the internet when i was topless talking. thats all. i wroted emails to those all sites and they tooked out the video. but what if there are some who are floating?? i want to be sure about my future!

Re: future after camming

Well, since you're already camming, most of the damage is done. However, based on the info you gave in your other thread, you have much less of a paper trail than most camgirls. As long as you don't get arrested for tax evasion/distribution of pornography/whatever it would be in your area (which would be permanent proof of camming), as long as you don't list your studio or site as an employer on anything (applying for a line of credit, etc), and as long as you're not planning to go into something like politics or early childhood education, you'll probably be safe on a general background check.

However, you could still be found out by someone seeing you online. The main issue here is pop ups/promotion and recorded shows.

Since you're on SM, you want to use geo-blocking. Not necessarily to prevent someone in your area from seeing you (geo-blocking is only slightly better than useless in that regard) but as I understand it if you have geo-blocking enabled at all that serves as an "opt out" for all kinds of affiliate advertising. You don't even need to block your country, you can block Barbados or some other small area that's not likely to affect your paying traffic. This will also serve to make you disappear from the main page--the only people who will be able to see you on the list are people with customer accounts.

To minimize capping, minimize the number of people who have the opportunity/motivation to cap. A lot of people will see you in free chat but not many will bother to record you and share the video if all you're doing is sitting around talking/typing fully clothed. Gold shows are a gold mine for cappers--$3 (or $0 nowadays) and they can get a broad-appeal show that they can share with the world, and since there's so many people in the show even if you find the vid you'll have no way of knowing who recorded it. The risk is lower in premium chat and lower still in exclusive (since there's only one person watching.) Of course, someone could still cap you in exclusive, but in my opinion one guy who's paying a lot of money for a show is a lot less likely to cap you than 20+ guys who paid a few bucks (if that.)

Frequently search tube sites and porn forums for your cam name, variations of your cam name (e.g. sexxxygirl13 = sexxxyg1rlthirteen, s3xxxy_girl13, etc), and any tags, descriptors, or niches that fit you, such as brunette, bbw, squirting, milf, etc. When you find a video, DMCA their asses. It's like playing whack-a-mole but if you keep up with it it should keep your web presence down. If you find a picture of yourself somewhere where it's not supposed to be, reverse image search it to find where else the pic is on the web.

I haven't been on SM for 6+ months so this info may not be entirely up-to-date, if it's not I'm sure someone active on SM will correct me. There is no way to be 100% sure, however, considering your choice of career (that is, not childcare-related) and the unconventional way that you've been getting paid... you've probably got a better chance than most of us at keeping it under wraps.

Re: future after camming

Electronical engineering and programming? I wouldn't sweat it one bit.
The point about an 'adult' industry background potentially compromising future professional career opportunities is almost entirely dependent on the apparent 'risks' a future professional straight job employer thinks they will be taking if they decide to hire someone with an 'adult' industry work history. This can be a 'big deal' if the industry involves 'public trust' ... i.e. working with other people's bodies, other people's money, other people's children, etc. It can also be a 'big deal' if reputation plays a big part in a company's business model. But an 'adult' work history probably plays a much smaller part for companies where the employee has a 'behind the scenes' role.

The two exceptions where engineering is concerned are applying for a professional engineer's license with a state professional licensing agency, or working for an employer that does work for the gov't such that employees are required to undergo a security clearance. These will prompt an 'in depth' background check, which is highly likely to turn up IRS 1099 payment reports which officially link a webcam host payer company ( which is obviously involved in the 'adult' industry ) to the person's name, address and SS#.

Also, a big 'unknown' is the increasing use of facial recognition searches. Four years from now, after a person graduates from college and seeks 'professional' employment, will the employer be able to snap a pic of that applicant and, before the interview is over, have facial recognition match results showing 'adult content' pics and/or video clips found somewhere online showing a person whose face matches the applicant's face ??? Right now there's no way to quantify this risk. However, four years ago, adult webcam hosts didn't issue 1099 payment reports to the IRS either. And unlike four year old webcam host payments which never created a 1099 'paper trail', four year old 'adult content' pics and clips floating around the internet will still be available for facial recognition search matchups.

And another big 'unknown' is the degree of competition which will exist for professional jobs 4 years down the road. If the particular industry highly values individual talents and abilities, and you have and are able to demonstrate those individual talents and abilities, then an 'adult' industry background will probably play a very minor role. However if the particular position simply requires a professional credential, having an 'adult' industry background could play a very big role. If the economy doesn't improve, there may also be a huge number of unemployed / underemployed Americans with professional credentials and previous work experience available. Also, there may be an increased number of foreign H1-B workers and/or DREAM workers with professional credentials available ( who cost employers less money due to their willingness to accept lower salaries, plus creating significantly lower employee benefit costs ).

My basic point, of course, is that investing 4 years worth of study time and tuition money to obtain a college degree in hopes of landing a well-paying, secure, professional job is already a 'calculated risk' these days. Adding an 'adult' industry work history can only decrease one's chances. However, if a girl has already placed herself in the position of having a 1099 issued reporting payments made to her by an 'adult' webcam host, and if 'adult content' images of the girl already exist on the internet, there probably isn't much additional risk involved to continue camming / receive more 1099's from 'adult' businesses / creating more 'adult content' images on the internet.

Re: future after camming

Quote Originally Posted by sxxxx
no, 15 smiley.gif not 5, but 15 smiley.gif so why i shouldnt tell my first name for a guy who never got see me naked, never asked and we are spending hours just to chat??? you can find nice people there afterall! so if i say after thousands of dollars spended on me for a guy my real first name?
You are being extremely naive to think these guys actually care about you.

That kind of thinking will get you into the most trouble. They are customers, NOT your friends, they will NOT protect your privacy in the future. What they will do when you least expect it is tell the whole world everything ALL about you.

Customers who insist on knowing your real name are the most dangerous of all. These are horny men jacking off. After they cum, they are disgusted with themselves & YOU. They think no more of you than the tissue they use to clean up the mess after they are done.

If you waited tables, yes, you would be friendly. But the customers there are NOT your friends either.

Technically, if you worked consignment from home on projects with a degree, camming would not come up. But then you could be doing those things now, building up your resume instead of camming.

Porn once on the web is ALWAYs out there, somewhere. You going into the profession you are now, know better than anyone else. Hence why I have to assume you are a troll. A guy fucking with all of us & not a real cam girl.

Re: future after camming

Quote Originally Posted by Txxxxxx
I hope that doesn't mean what I think it means. shocked.gif

Yikes! I'm just now reading that part of her post. OMG, please stop giving your real name to big spenders and people who you think care about you. And if they really did care about you, they'd respect the fact that cam girls are supposed to protect their personal identities, and they wouldn't give you a hard time about it. I had lost a couple of MFC tippers who thought they were entitled to my real name/phone number. They saw so many other models giving that information to their spenders, so they expected me to do the same. LMFAO.....

Just because a man's got money doesn't mean he'll always be "that nice guy who cares about you." You'd be surprised at how some of these guys can go from being a nice, generous spender to being an entitled, butthurt, psycho troll who's now sending you nasty messages calling you a "whore." Yawn.....

When these guys spend money on you, you don't have to do anything more than smile, thank them, and give them the flash or show they paid for. Some girls choose to send out pics/vids to certain spenders who they feel deserve it, and that's fine if you want to do that. As far as your personal information (real name, phone number, the name of the city/neighborhood where you live, Facebook page, )...nah, don't give that shit out. Save the personal information for your family members, friends and boyfriends IN REAL LIFE outside of camming.
Quote Originally Posted by sxxxxx
My real name is available only for like bunch of people who spended bunch of money for chatting with me and who cares about me.”

No, no, and no!!!!

This is so far beyond the realm of dangerous, it's on another planet. Even phone sex girls don't give out their real names. How much more dangerous is it for you whose FACE is on cam? Guys can reverse-image the shit out of you, and if you have any pictures from your private life, i.e. on a blog, Facebook page, etc, mightn't they be able to pull those up? If they have your real name to toss into the search engine, well all the better for stalker creep then, isn't it?
From what I'm reading here, you've given your real name, your location and your educational interests? Sweetie, please, please, please stop. It's not too difficult to design a completely new life around yourself while still drawing from your personal experiences. You're already at the risk of being discovered simply by camming. Stop making it easier for them.

Look, these viewers don't care about you, hun. They're paying for a fantasy. A FANTASY. Do NOT get it twisted with reality, because that's when you cross a seriously dangerous line. Not for them, and not for your studio, but for you.

Do you honestly think your studio will care if someone starts stalking you? From what I've heard about studios, they'd probably just let you go so they aren't forced to deal with the headache of it all. And remember, the guy isn't spending "bunch of money" on you. He's spending it on the studio.

That's not me trying to tell you that even if he spent $100.00 per hour on you that giving away your real name is okay. It is NEVER okay, and you need to be more careful.

Can you be polite? Hell yeah!
Should you give your big spenders special things? That's up to you. But those special things shouldn't be personal things.

But don't for a moment think they truly, honestly care about you. If someone broke into your home while you were on cam and started to frighten or to harm you, do you want to know what those supposed caring guys would do?

That's right.

They'd probably leave the chat room so as not to have anything to do with it. They might tell another camgirl in passing, but are they gonna pick up the phone, dial the operator, try and reach you at whatever location you've given them and report an emergency to someone?

I highly doubt it.

This is, of course, a worst case scenario, but you need to think worst case if it's your intention to ignore our advice and to keep giving out your personal information. Because you'll be asking for it then.

Don't do it, sweetie. These viewers desire you only for as long as their erection lasts. They may really enjoy having conversation with you, and some may be very nice guys. But do they honestly give a flying fuck about you once they've blown their load? No.

Some are probably chatting you up to see exactly what they can get from you, whether it's free minutes, free pictures or more of your personal information. One of these days, these guys are going to demand to see you, either in a free Skype show or in person, because since you gave them your real name, you obviously care enough about them to give it all away for free.

Don't do it. Most guys are going to milk you for all you're worth just to see what they can wring from you.

Don't be a wet cloth, sweetie. Take control, and stop being naïve. The loss of a few big spenders isn't worth the loss of your life.

Re: future after camming

answers: a) i use fake country! and only one guy knows my real country( i needed financial help and he was a trully friend there and i trust him and i know him very well, i think i can say that after 1.5 year knowing that person! he helped me a lot when i had some studio problems)
b) i use fake birthday. just about the month;
c) my real speciality is called little bit different than electronical engineering and programming, its just what i study, but combined whole subject has a different title;
d) i dont give my real country to anyone! noone knows which country i am from actually, its basic rule on eastern european models- they never set a current country on their profiles;
e) i dont have any social accounts like twitter or instagram. i have facebook, but it isnt attached to my real name, in any post or any other kind. my name is lathin phrase, email as well( without full name). and i would never ever ever give a guy my full name( had few exceptions when i was begginer, one guy wanted send flowers, and another guy the one who doesnt use streamate anymore but we still keep in touch). after that i changed my adress.

Re: future after camming

You've basically got every girl on THE camming forum telling you it's a bad idea to give away personal info. Girls who have been doing this for a looooong time, some of whom have made those same mistakes and been burned so know exactly what they're talking about... and you still think it's ok. Seriously, stop thinking these guys are friends or anything like it, they are not. They pay you money so they can wank. Sure sometimes they just want company/ someone to be human with, but those ones are probably the ones you want to avoid the MOST since they have difficuly distinguishing between the fantasy and the reality and will cause you endless problems down the line.

You like being social with guys, you're ok giving most of your money away to someone else, and you'd prefer not to be camming - why don't you do bar work?

Re: future after camming

The moral of the story sxxxxx is to wise up! Do not give out your private info, even for $1,000,000.00. That money can be given to you one day and the next day you'll be on the front news with your parents crying about your body being found in your apartment. Make shit up, it's easy.

You will NEVER know these men. Even after 10 years. These men come to the site looking for several things with the utmost being that they are looking to ejaculate to someone. Yes, they can be very generous but you're also being generous by streaming and gracing them with your time and presence. Do not share anything remotely close to what you're going to school for. It is none of their business and these men can write down several things about you and go on a treasure hunt right to your door step and or university. It has happened before, this is why the term 'stalker' exists.

I'm not sure what site you work on (SM) I believe and if so already you've proven that you do not know squat. These men and everyone else can already SEE the country you're from because it's plastered right there on your profile whether you're streaming or not. SM doesn't allow you to choose which country you come from. For marketing purposes they SHOW it. I really hope you wise up because no amount of money is worth losing your life or dealing with a stalker. Make things up, you'll be happier you did.

Re: future after camming

like right now i felt like the only way to escape from this fukcing camming nightmare is to kill myself. either i would quit, i would sty in street and famine. i work, i still will have be in the industry forever whats the fucking point then.
from facts- i wont be able to work as engineer( well, thats my dream job and im studing for that).. i dont have any friends( except that guy), i avoid everyone, i forgot about my family long time ago, never had a bf... i have even never had sex... maybe i believe that all people are like me. maybe its naive... so i destroyed my possible future... so whats the pint of living then? i dont want to only exist my whole life just to get money.... i want help for people, make something useful, something that would change earth in a good way... but i wont even be able to do that...

Re: future after camming

Sxxxx its not that black and white... You can keep doing your study and get your job.
Hopefully they wont find out about your camming past, if they do they might not care and keep you at your job. Dont assume the worst case scenario... It might you get fired - than you can start again in another company, but maybe it will never come that far.

Only thing we all are afraid off bec of the things you shared is that you are not carefull enough with protecting yourself and your identity.

You knew this was a risk, but you had to take it. As you state it, it was either camming and providing for yourself or being on the streets. You should be proud of youreself you are supporting your study and getting your own money for food.
Keep studying so you can achieve what you want


yeah, but i dont want that kind of life... i dont want have business.. i want work in a company when i have my place and i do my best to provide best quality i can. thats what i want. if after camming business from home is the only way- id rather kill myself now... thats not what i wanted. i am camming just to get through studying. but if studying is wasteless... and i already messed my life.... forever...and will never be able do something i love( not like now, i do something i hate)

Re: future after camming

There's no future after camming, there will be always camming, unless you do better with something else first.

Re: future after camming

I,m just saying it will always be with you, it will influence future life decisions, career decisions, everything. Just ask those women who gave up future political aspirations, everything that involves in being popular in a non porn field, when they started camming. It will never go away. You might get out of it for something thats better for you financially, emotionally, but it will always influence the future decisions you will make.

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