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Hello!  I have a rather odd and specific question.  I have dual citizenship in the US and another country.  I live in the other country and I have a government ID (but I also have US documents, of course).  I want to get into videochat for a period of time and I was thinking of using my non-US ID (because I don't live there, after all).  So will I have to fill out the W9 form?  Will camming show up on background checks if I move back to the US?  Thank you so much in advance

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Nov 14 14 6:42 PM

Hello Iskkhara, On the issue of background checks look at this topic in Models Issues that was reposed from Stripper Web last August.
Re: future after camming - a Model exchange on SW
I don't know the specific answer to your question, but I has been addressed in several topics here and in the "camming connection" on Stripperweb.
If you're Canadian, things have become much more complicated for cam models there because of the new Prostitution Bill: C-36 which effectively bans the purchase, and public advertising of all "sexual services."
Look at what I reposted on that in The Situation in Canada and the United States.

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