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I am so sore in my lady parts!

I am sore! I have only been working 15 hours a week at most.. but its awful! Do you lovely ladies have any advice how to be nice to your body? lol!

Re: I am so sore in my lady parts!

Rule #1: Don't bend over backwards for customers. If they keep telling you "harder bb faster" they aren't worth your time. I have never ever encountered a customer like that who stayed for more than 5 minutes. It's not worth it to completely exhaust yourself for customers. Another camgirl on here once told me that "Your health is most important" and I've really taken that to heart. You should too!

1. Make sure that you are using toys that are comfortable for you. When I first started as a cam model I bought whatever Dildo's and toys I thought would be appealing for my customers. Turns out that a few of my "customer favorites" were actually toys that had were made with chemicals that severely irritated my lady parts (Doc Johnson). I eventually ended up being out of service for a few weeks due to a yeast infection. I did some good research into toys since then. Glass and 100% silicone are a good way to go. Lelo is a really good brand and their vibrators are not made too large. There's a whole section on this forum dedicated to safe toys.
2. Raise your rates. Play around with different rates and find one that allows you to make good money while not exhausting yourself so much.
3. Don't have real orgasm's on cam. Sometimes I do, but only with really a select few really good regulars who genuinely want me to have a good time and give me enough time to do it. If I attempted to actually have a real orgasm for every single private I'd probably only be able to be on cam for maybe an hour each day lol.
4. During a private if a customer wants to see what toys you have show him and then pick out your smallest most comfortable toy and say "This one is my absolute favorite, I love the way this toy feels" or something along the lines of that. 9 times out of 10 they will tell you to use that toy. +1 for you! smiley.gif When I started to realize that certain toys were causing problems I started doing this and it worked like magic.
5. Get yourself in a position that is easy and comfortable for you. Occasionally customers will ask me to change my position and I will. But if I asked single customer what position they wanted me in I know I would exhaust myself very quickly.
6. Turn your volume sensitivity way up. This can work out really well, you just have to make sure that you are talking quietly in freechat otherwise customers will leave because you are waaay louder than other models and they don't want to turn their volume down or they will turn their volume down and the effect this can have on privates won't be as dramatic. Here's the deal-io...Most of my customers like a lot of moaning. For a while I was having headaches after working because of constantly moaning lol and not breathing correctly. By turning my volume sensitivity I no longer have to be as loud for it to have as much of an effect and I'm no longer getting headaches.
7. Wear clothes that are easy to get in and out of. When I first started camming I invested in all this really nice lingerie and it was horrible trying to get in and out of it. I wasted a lot of time getting dressed and undressed. Now all I wear on cam is a tank top and panties. I can literally get dressed in 10 seconds.

*I also apologize for any typos, tried to get all this in while typing on a phone and I hate phones haha.

Re: I am so sore in my lady parts!

  • Don't use toys unless they ask for them
  • When you do use toys, try glass toys with tons of lube (coconut oil is the bomb)
  • Work on teasing them with your body and words to give your pussy a break

Of course, I should follow my own advice. I've been working a lot this week and over-using my Hitachi... my pussy's fine and the area looks OK but I'm pretty sure I bruised my pubic bone from holding the wand against my clit lmao. Totally worth it though cheesy.gif

Re: I am so sore in my lady parts!

Ah yes. Totally forgot the "Don't use toys unless they ask you too" part. Do that first lol!

Coconut oil is a really great inexpensive lube. It's naturally antibiotic and will keep you from getting infections. Just make sure that you buy virgin coconut oil. It needs to say "unrefined" on the bottle. If it says "refined" coconut oil it doesn't offer nearly the same benefits and can possibly upset the PH balance of your vag and lead to infections.

Re: I am so sore in my lady parts!

I think the best solution to this problem is to buy small glass toys, simple shape, without bumps, swirls, etc. I don't even feel them inside. Metal is in my opinion even better and more smooth, but it is also more expensive.Silicone, even if it is 100%, will cause more friction. So it's probably best to have glass as your first option, and only use silicone if customer requests so.

Re: I am so sore in my lady parts!

get the smallest toy possible, tell guys its all that will fit. thats a turn on cos they be thinking wooo she tight.

or dont use toys at all.

get a vibrator for the outside instead.

just rub ur self on the outside with fingers and hover over so u aint actually touching but i t look like u r.

bend a knuckle so it looks like a finger went in.

Re: I am so sore in my lady parts!

I've learned all of the above the hard way when I first started camming. (and didn't know about this forum).
Since I have been celibate for many years, the word 'ouch', and 'too tight' were a constant.
If you ask a custie what his dick looks like, they will most likely say that it's big, over 7 inches, thick, etc. brow.gif I was so naïve when I first started, and got huge dildos that were painful, just so I could make it 'real' for them.
I can go days, sometimes weeks without even picking up a dildo now, because I use words, and body teasing to get them off. I will use my dildos for blow jobs.
I only use a toy for penetration(and it's a small one), if they request one, and if they have been paying for over 5 minutes, or so.
Nobody has ever complained.
When a rude custie tells me to go faster, harder, I tell him that until I get going it will be painful. Then I turn it on him, and ask them if they really want to see me hurt myself.
Most of these guys don't know the female anatomy, so they just need some guidance.

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When I first started I figured I didn't need lube because I get ridiculously wet all on my own. Nope. Lube. More lube. Use twice as much as you think you need. I like coconut oil because it is solid, i keep a little container of it next to my dildo off cam and when i reach for the dildo I grab a lump of coconut oil to subtly put on me. I am totally taking the ice cube tray idea, because a big selling point for me has always been how wet i get.

I had a great vibrating dildo, but after a year it is starting to not feel great on me (and i broke the vibrator bit sad.gif) so I am replacing it. I'm going with a sooth glass dildo, small slim vibrator, and then a realistic dildo for bj shows and clips. I tried with Roger (yeah I named him) to get all in one, and I'm going to try it differently this time cheesy.gif

Re: I am so sore in my lady parts!

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stupid bad pun raccoon

best advice I can really give is to pace yourself - dont start up with the fast pace more intense play right off the bat, work into it and take little breaks when you can, and if need be load up on more lubes to just help cut back on some discomfort . I had a bad habit when I first started of going into high gear too soon, and at the end of even a short hour shift I'd be sore for a day or so, Ive had to learn to sorta- scale my hustle from subtle and attract pvts that would be more layed back - and gradually work my game up as my body was " warmed up" and ready to comply. Also hot showers and other decompressing tricks before or after a shift help too, as well as having a little bit of wine, or absinthe or whatever your choice is to sip on " not get drunk, just a glass or so to start to loosen up and relax) that seems to be where alot of owies come from is just being too tense

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