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Well I guess models are still fighting the pirates, so here is something interesting.

I found this model on MFC touting on her profile a company from the Netherlands selling subscriptions per incident or for a monthly rate per month based upon her status as a cam model(part time, full time and top model).

After viewing the site I simply giggled at the naivety.

We have created three pricing plans so that there is a payable solution for every Cam Model. Even when you’ve just started we’re there to help you protect your content and privacy. The more popular you get the better our plans suit your needs! The pricing below are monthly fees and you will only have to pay for what you’ve signed up for. There will never be any hidden fees so you will always pay the same amount, unless you upgrade to a higher plan or if a special agreement has been made between you and us. Our services also come without any hidden or long term contacts, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Cam Model Protection VS. DMCA.COM and a random lawyer

Pricing DMCA.COM

For a do-it-yourself takedown you pay $10.00 per month and you pay $199.00 PER TAKEDOWN for their professional service. Our Pro membership is $169.00 per month and UNLIMITED!

Pricing Lawyer

The start fee for a lawyer usually is somewhere between $500.00 to $700.00, and is also for one or more takedowns from one website. Our Superstar membership is $269.00 per month and is UNLIMITED and you get your personal agent for 2 hours per week!

Our Plans & Pricing


For New & Part-time Cam Models
    • Unlimited Takedowns
    • Access to Protection Badges
    • You, your fans or White Knights deliver pirated content to us
    • We report the pirated content for removal
    • Affiliate Account Included
    • Have Your Fans Donate You This Membership NEW


or €5900/mo


For Current & Full-time Cam Models
    • Everything from the Starter Membership, including:
    • 7/24/365 Monitoring
    • Everyday Links Removals
    • Full Support
    • Have Your Fans Donate You This Membership NEW


or €14900/mo


For Top Cam Models Most Desired!
  • Everything from the Pro Membership, including:
  • Search Engine Takedowns (Google Search, Google Images, etc.)
  • Image Removal from Social Media (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.)
  • 2 Hours Per Week Personal Agent
  • Manual Searches on Porn Tube Sites
  • Have Your Fans Donate You This Membership NEW


I just wondered and was curious if she is touting this website and company and probably paying for it, I did a quick search for her online. Ooops, took me 2 seconds and I found 30 very recent captures of her public shows online as recent as today. So go figure if anyone thinks they have protected privacy on the internet. Oh yeah, here check out the website.


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Apr 7 15 1:39 PM

SW - Our cam footage is being recorded then posted...

Our cam footage is being recorded then posted

So today I came across a site called http://myfreexxxvideos.xxx/ and basically what I'm getting from it is that users can record us while we cam and upload it to this site. If you want to see if your on there just search your mfc username. We put ourselves at risk for this when we do cam but its still not right and I just wanted you guys to be aware of that you might be on this site along with others. If you guys no any other sites like this post them on this thread so we can all search and look ourselves up. Another site I found was Cxxgirlcxxs.cxx

Re: Our cam footage is being recorded then posted

Oh you just found out? Lol
The most intresting part f*cking mfc doesnt help at all. First they tell you, send the link to each vid. So you do so, after mfc pulling cat's balls for over 2 weeks and finily delete vids. But this fuckers upload vids again. 
and this fuckers alsocan EARN moneyon downloads of OUR vids.
Look at this: 
You go online- working for awhile- you didnt earn sometimes even a dime= result . You wasted your time, you didnt earn anything and hey this fuckers can even earn money on you. Niccceeeeeeeeee.
And mfc like a slug office, send the link to your vid..2 weeks later fuckers again upload, and if you have lets say 100 vids, copy/past each week vids for an hour links. I wish i knew a hacker who could put that site down.

Our cam footage is being recorded then posted

Quote Originally Posted by Jxxxxxx View Post
Now I'm thinking twice before camming on mfc....thanks for the heads up
I know how you feel. It's not MFC's fault though. They're not the ones recording and uploading those vids...it's some other scumfuck(s) doing that. Models on other sites get recorded too. MFC public chat cum shows get recorded A LOT. Just something MFC models need to keep in mind when weighing the pro's and con's of public cum shows.

Streamate records models' private shows and plasters them on porn sites. I was visiting a porn site earlier today, and while waiting for it to start...one of those Streamate videos came up (where they show you a model in the middle of a private show or Gold show) showing some model eating another model's pussy. I was like "Uh...I didn't wanna see this..." and clicked the 'Skip this ad' button to get that off the screen.

Re: Our cam footage is being recorded then posted

I know that a thread like this *seems* like a great idea. People record us, and they put the videos on sites that we probably can't find with a google search. If there were a list of sites we could check, it would be easier to find our stolen footage and have it removed. It's logical, and your intentions are good.

===>>>BUUUUUT... Cam girls aren't the only people that read this forum. Here in CC, it's supposed to be ladies only, but it's not. Not by a long shot. 
A thread like this would be a gold mine to a guy who wants to watch our videos for free. It might help some ladies get a few videos taken down, but in the meantime, it would direct 100s or 1000s (or more) of guys straight to the videos we want removed. In other words, this thread is free advertising for the sites that take advantage of us. To make it worse, all these guys will laugh their asses off at us for being the "dumb bitches" that accidentally helped THEM out.

Re: Our cam footage is being recorded then posted

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Apr 7 15 2:00 PM

Re: Our cam footage is being recorded then posted - who done it.

Re: Our cam footage is being recorded then posted

This guy now runs a ton of websites that has our stolen content..he just keeps making more and more websites with our stolen content..I posted this information on another post a couple weeks ago..this is the same guy that hosts the website FG..I won't say the full name so that's the abrivation of it but here's a link to people and or companies that have complained about this hacker/thief:


Here's the information on this piece of shit hacker/thief:
Ed Tella
Phone: 203-525-6355 (may not be his current number or address)
170 October Lane
Plantsville, CT 06479
United States
(Above information was pulled from a Whois of his tella.info domain)

Email: [email protected]
 (one of several videos featuring Ed during his time working for Datto Inc.)

William Shane Atkinson:

Owns and operates several websites like Ed. He also posts on File-Guide and doesn't adhere strictly to porn related files. He also posts television and movies (as does Ed).

William Shane Atkinson
Phone: 336-685-9030 (may not be his current number or address)
6201 Quail Hollow Dr.
Pleasant Garden, NC 27313

I've already tried to have my content taken down months ago with DMCA's and it doesn't work because this hacker jumps servers that are overseas and the DMCA's have no legal grounds. If anyone ever figures out a way around this and gets there content down please let me know..or maybe someone takes the idiot to court and sues his ass and gets these sites removed..I am sure it will happen..it's just a matter of time..hackers that steal content all eventually get taken down and even have been doing jail time! I can't wait for that day to celebrate 

From the research I have done on this ass is that he probably has an automated recording software that records all cam girls especially on the free chat sites..so when we jump on cam..his software starts to record our sessions then he cuts them down into image files and posts them to his site..I was on a private based site only and I was recorded from my private sessions..basically he hacked the site and recorded me while I was doing private shows..so even no free chat sites are not safe..sucks..hopefully someone takes this asshole down 

"I would no more be a Master than a slave. It does not conform to my idea of Democracy." Abraham Lincoln 1856.

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