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Meet the law graduate who used SUGAR

DADDIES she met online to finance her

entire $50,000 a year education




The law grad says she considers her sugar daddy one of her best friends and they care deeply for each other

The law grad says she considers her sugar daddy one of her best friends and they care deeply for each other

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PUBLISHED∫†12∫40†EST¨†29†May†2016†| UPDATED∫†01∫42†EST¨†30†May†2016

Candice Kashani graduated from law school debtfree

this spring, thanks to a modern twist on an age old arrangement.

During her first year, she faced tuition and expenses that ran nearly $50,000, even after a


So she decided to check out a dating website that connected women looking for financial help with

men willing to provide it, in exchange for companionship and sex a

'sugar daddy' relationship as they are known.

Now, almost three years and several sugar daddies later, Kashani is set to graduate from Villanova

University free and clear, while some of her peers are burdened with sixdigit


'Great resource': Candice Kashani has graduated Villanova University with virtually no debt thanks to sugar

daddies met online. Even with a scholarship, she faced $50,000 in tuition and expenses in her first year

As the cost of tuition and rent rises, so does the apparent popularity of such sites among students.

But are they really providing financial relief, or signing women up for something more exploitative

and dangerous than debt?

Kashani believes such sites are a 'great resource' for young women, but others say these

arrangements smack of prostitution and take advantage of women in a vulnerable situation.

Lynn Comella, an associate professor of gender and sexuality studies at University of Nevada Las

Vegas, said that it is not unusual for students to turn to sex work such as stripping, prostitution or

webcam work to pay for school.

But the sugar daddy sites are relatively new, and she says not entirely upfront about what they are

really about.

These arrangements are more vague than prostitution there

is an expectation of material benefit

but it is not always specified and sex is not guaranteed.

Ron Weitzer, a professor of sociology at George Washington University and criminologist with an

expertise in the sex industry describes it as 'prostitution light.'

'Sugar Daddy' arrangements have existed for ages, and it's unclear if they are becoming more

common because the phenomenon is not well studied.

But experts say at the very least the internet has made these transactions far easier to arrange and


'It allows you to hone in on what you want,' said Kevin Lewis, an assistant professor of sociology at

University of California San Diego who studies online dating. 'You could argue it is just making the

market more efficient.'

Kashani says she sifted through many potential suitors before finding one she clicked with. She

says she considers her sugar daddy one of her best friends and that they care deeply for each


'The people who have a stigma, or associate a negative connotation with it, don't understand how it

works,' she says.

But unlike most relationships, she is paid a sizeable monthly allowance that helps her pay for


U.S. undergraduate students last year finished school with an average of $35,000 in student debt a

figure that has risen steadily every year, according to Mark Kantrowitz, a financial aid expert. The

average graduate debt load is $75,000, and some longer programs force students into much

deeper debt.

Many students say their loans don't cover the cost of living, and with rent skyrocketing in most

major cities, they are left scrambling to make up the difference.

One graduate student at Columbia University in New York had a scholarship that covered almost all

of her tuition, but not her living expenses.

She spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the potential impact on her job prospects. She

tried to make do sharing

a room with a classmate and working a minimum wage job, plus any

freelance work she could get.

But still she struggled to pay her rent and utilities, and her grades suffered.

'That's just not why I am here,' she said. 'I wanted to find the most amount of money I could make

for the least amount of effort.'

So she found herself surfing Craigslist and Backpage.com and later, SeekingArrangement.com, the

largest of the sugar daddy websites. Now she has two sugar daddies, one she sees occasionally

and another who is more like a conventional boyfriend, except that he pays her a monthly

allowance and helps rent her an apartment closer to him.

SeekingArrangement.com said it is most popular in Los Angeles and New York. The average rent in

both areas is well over $2,000 a month, according to Zillow research.

The Columbia student says she plans to

continue 'sugaring' after she graduates to buy

herself time to find a more traditional job and

remain officially unemployed so she can defer

repaying the roughly $70,000 in loans she had

already racked up.

'There is a lot of moral panic about it,' she said.

'But what are the real estate and academic

´funding situations that led to this?'

Brandon Wade, creator of the site, touts it as an

'alternative to financial aid' but says the

company did not set out to target students when

it launched in 2006.

It stumbled on this niche and began in 2011 offering students a free premium membership, which

usually costs $30 a month. It charges sugar daddies $70 to $180 a month, depending on the

membership level.

Seekingarrangement.com also offers to connect samesex

couples looking for such arrangements,

or 'sugar mommies' for men. But the malefemale

'sugar daddy' dynamic makes up the bulk of its


It's difficult to pin down exactly how many students are involved in such situations, because they are

private transactions. And it's a niche rarely studied by academics.

SeekingArrangement.com says student users on the site jumped from 79,400 worldwide in 2010 to

1.9 million this year and students make up onethird

of its users.

And while it sees thousands of signups on any given day, the company says enrollment jumps

during August and January when tuition is typically due, sometimes to more than double its normal


Women who have used the site report experiences that run the gamut from

respectful chaste

dates all the way to aggressive solicitation online, even though it is forbidden on the site. Sex is not

guaranteed although most users say it is implied. The company says a few arrangements have

even led to marriage, although it is rare.

Some of the women say they feel respected and cared for, but remain aware that it is an

arrangement, not traditional romantic love.

'It benefits me in many ways we

have a healthy relationship, we travel together, I'm able to enjoy

the city more,' said the New York graduate student.

Still, she said, it is a job.

'It does kind of rub me the wrong way that some people don't see it as sex work,' she said.

Comella warns that unlike sex workers, many women doing this put their true identities online, and

that could put them at risk. While Seeking Arrangement runs background checks, there have been

reports of violence against both men and women stemming from sugar daddy websites.

Kristen Houser of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center says that violence is common any

time money is exchanged for sex. 'You need to pay attention that there is a power imbalance,' she


Wade says there are risks inherent in any dating website. He should know; he runs several,

including one that allows users to bid on dates and another focused on open relationships. He said

he created SeekingArrangement.com out of his own frustration with women.

An MIT graduate, he had difficulty meeting women and realized a site such as this would highlight

what set him apart money.

'Money and sex are things that people want,' he said. 'I think the controversy comes into play on

seeking arrangement because we are so upfront about it.'

Documentary reveals the sugar daddy dating phenomenon

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