Dec 11 16 4:33 PM

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Porn Stars Worry That Trump Will Crack Down on the Adult Industry

Erica Euse

By Erica Euse

Since Donald Trump was elected the next president of the United States, many have feared what his tenure in the White House might mean for their future. They have expressed justified anxiety over being deported, put on some kind of governmental registrystop-and-frisked, or even "grabbed by the pussy." However, there has been less conversation around what our First Amendment right to freedom of speech will look like when America is made "great again"—unless you're talking to people who have sex on film.

"[A Trump presidency] will have very dramatic consequences," said porn star and sex columnist Tasha Reign when we discussed what the next four years might mean for the adult industry. "In this situation, Trump and Mike Pence can pass whatever law they want since they have the majority [in Congress]. I am very concerned."

Reign has good reason to be wary of Trump, considering Republican administrations are traditionally bad for business. For example, under President Barack Obama, the Justice Department was far less aggressive than George Bush's in trying obscenity cases—Obama shut down Bush's Obscenity Prosecution Task Force and did not initiate any significant obscenity cases of its own, despite an outcry from anti-porn activists.

"The obscenity laws have not been enforced at all under the Obama administration," said Donna Rice Hughes, the president and CEO of Enough Is Enough (EIE), which is the country's leading anti-porn nonprofit. "One of the key things [we want Trump to do is appoint] an attorney general who will make the aggressive enforcement of all the laws that are currently on the books a priority."

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