I would like to hear stories from guys who have met hosts in person

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May 4 17 12:04 AM

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I realize that 99%+ of customers never meet any hosts for all sorts of reasons - money, time, married, etc. But some do (hell, it's not that unusual for a host to marry a member) so I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their story (or stories).
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Aug 10 17 6:07 PM

Late reply.. but I have met one a few times. Overall it was a good experience. Completely different from online interaction. The times we met were more honest and sincere than anything I expected.
We basically did what everyone does on dates. And in the end it turned out I was the one who was less serious and less trustworthy, the opposite of what a random outsider would expect. Life is funny like that sometimes. Could've been something great, but if you don't go in there with enough trust it will never work out. Be honest, be kind, be respectful. That is all.

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