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Contours Studio, St. Petersburg.Ru - main Russian Model agency for keepshows
Here is their Ad for Cam-models and explanation of the job of a Video Chat Hostess..

Interesting reading even if our translation from the original Russian leaves a little to be desired

Work for girls in studio - Work at home

The "Contour " Studio offers you highly paid work for girls in St.-Petersburg.
The videochat is a dialogue with people worldwide through the Internet.
You sit in cosy studio. At your order a videocamera and a computer.
You open the program of "videochat" - and then you enter into the huge world the Internet. Now thousands of people worldwide can see you!

Basically the clients are male-foreigners for whom it is a pleasure
to get to know Russian girls on the Internet.

Most Probably, your interlocutor will become interested in your person, interests.
Or passionately he also will ask you to Show popku! (your ass?).
Some presyshchennyj (?)seek new sexual sensations, others just want friendly conversation.

A huge world will open to you, and in it there is everything: from the lowest up to the highest. Here is your personal space on the Internet, your own reality. And what it becomes depends strictly on you!

It is the world of your freedom where you can be yourself, develop your talents and abilities, find new interesting friends, take your place as a person.

Also what is the most interesting is that it is also a unique opportunity!
It is a good place to earn money !

It is one of the best opportunities to find work for girls in St.-Petersburg!

Live questions, Live answers, conversation without borders!

Bodies: +7(812) 973-79-69 e-mail: [email protected] Registration: Registration on keepshows

@pochta.ru @fromru.com @front.ru @hotbox.ru @land.ru @mail15.com @mail333.com @pisem.net @pochtamt.ru @rbcmail.ru

>Main >Studio >Work for girls >Earnings >Conditions >Requirements >The questionnaire >Contacts >Partners >Registration

It is convenient to work with us!

Our studio is located in downtown Petir within in a 5 minute walk from the "underground " station XXXXXXXX (?).

You choose, when and how much time to devote to work. It is possible
To adhere to the basic schedule of work of studio:

For 12 hours: Day shift From 10:00 Till 22:00
Night shift From 22:00 Till 10:00

For 8 hours: Morning change From 7:30 Till 15:30
Evening change From 15:30 Till 23:30
Night shift From 23:30 Till 7:30

Or choose another schedule convenient to You.

The studio gives to You the most advanced communication facility:

The high-speed fibre-optical Internet.
Digital telecommunication.
Qualitative system of transfer of the videoimage.

And also...
sorudnichestvo with professionals:
XXXXXX, The visagiste, the photographer.

Working with us is fun, and earning money is so easy!

Bodies: +7(812) 973-79-69 e-mail: [email protected] Registration: Registration on keepshows

@pochta.ru @fromru.com @front.ru @hotbox.ru @land.ru @mail15.com @mail333.com @pisem.net @pochtamt.ru @rbcmail.ru
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The branch of Elivebusiness.ru - the Russian Video Chat Agency - operating in the the Baltic Countries.
Again we apologize for the quality of the translation from the original russian- but you will get the jist...

Job Description and FAQs

from [www.webchatmodels.com/orabote.htm]

Главная О работе Обналичка Раскрутка Дополнительные услуги FAQ Контакты

What is a videoconference, (i.e. cyber-chat) ?

Direct dialogue through Internet chat takes place with adult, foreign men who find pleasure in and who will pay money for conversation with nice young ladies from the former USSR. And it is important to them to see sobesednitsu on the screen of their computers. For many of them it is means of psychological stress relief, during breaks from work, or during family strife which happens so often in families where the father gives too much of his time to his work. They consider Russian girls of some of the most beautiful of all the nations in the world and consequently are ready to pay money to chat with their Russian dream girl in the flesh.

How cyber-chat works.

The usefulness of having a working knowledge of the English language has already been explained to our models, and although it is not obligatory, it is most desirable. Sometimes visitors include having their own cam and the girl can not only see that it is written by the interlocutor, but also to see him. The general chat - is free-of-charge. But the visitor can ask private conversation (-and-). Then all the other visitors present in free chat room automatically diappear from the program and the model and the visitor appear alone to each other in a private person-to-person talk. From this moment, the visitor starts to pay money to the model who is acting on her own account. The sum which the visitor pays varies from 2 up to 4 dollars a minute for private dialogue (and sometimes more) - so for the girl-model it is important to keep the visitor in the private session as long as possible. It is the basic work method for this industry. A very good model can easily make from $200 up to 500 dollars per shift (?), by communicating with many visitors in the private session.

Physical appearence of models: contrary to the widespread stereotype of - 90-60-90 measurements which we have all gotten used to in our concept the "perfect model", this work does not demand great height and the so-called distance from " legs to ears "...
On the contrary, most commonly the special physical features which are most desired in our models are beautiful eyes and a charming smile. We must recognize the diverse tastes of the male population of a planet. Sometimes, the girls who shine the least in real life, have such successful careers in video chat that even the most highly paid model from the glossy fashion magazines would probably envy them.

We work and we take chances:

This kind of work can resemble gambling on some days. In your guest chat sits not just one visitor, but often three or more persons. For the girl, it becomes important to attract their attention and to entice them to go into a private session where the visitor will starts to pay for dialogue. The general audience on the Internet where our models work can reach more than one million persons. So There will never be a lack of interlocutors? So the more you chat , the higher your wages will be.

Answers to most often asked questions - here

Главная О работе Обналичка Раскрутка Дополнительные услуги FAQ Контакты

Question: What is necessary to get a job?

You must be at least eighteen years old. This basic requirement of the American partners cannot be broken under any conditions. It is necessary for you to have a passport. And also motivation and desire to earn money. All the other needed skills for this job you will learn during work.

Question: What's the interest of this work in a general perspective?

The Work of a cam model is unique adapted to the society in which we find ourselves. Please carefully consider the opportunity offered by participation in our field against the costs of other jobs, because our jobs combine many attractive features which most other jobs today can not offer you.

For instance. we don't require special training or high levels of skill - it is enough to be yourself, and to show some imagination, interest and humanity.

Question: What are this job's most "attractive features "?

Being a cam model offers you a chance to earn significant amounts of money, 700-1000 dollars a month are normal for those who treats this work as their main job. And that is far from the top limit. To be a model - means independence. Above you there is no eternally dissatisfied, and even the incompetent boss, nobody imposes anything on you, except for the duties strictly stipulated in our contract, and you do not have to deal with the unfriendliness of your colleagues. The free expression of your individuality is very important for us. To be model - means freedom and comfort. To be a model means that you define for yourself the pace of your work.
This creative work renumerates you according to the amount of effort you put into it. It is equally suitable for those who want a convenient quiet life, and for those who are determined to earn a lot more money by greater work effort. In any case - here in our studio there is none of the routine, monotony and boredom, which so often accompanyies most of other kinds of professional activity. To be model - means to participate in absolutely legal, serious business, all aspects of which are safe legally, technically and morally. Because we earn money together with you - we are sincerely interested that you feel stability and security in your chose life-style.

Question: Sounds too good to be true. How is it possible?

This is no fantasy. Due to a modern communication facility, in particular a global computer network - you, who are living in Latvia, can work for a large western company through its representatives in our country.

Accordingly, work is paid according to the pay-scales accepted in the international community. As a matter of fact the very structure of this company is international today among its employees, you can meet webchat models from practically in any country of the world. For the inhabitants of developing countries, iwe can consider that the presence of the video chat industry as a significant additional plus for the growth of its business, and the independence of its national economy.

Question: How does the work shift works?

Actually, sex chat with subscribers in private sessions occupies a rather small part of your working hours - for example, hour or an one and a half out of a ten-hour shift. The rest of the time you need to be simply by a computer, waiting to answer a call. "Your Waiting time" belongs to you - you can have a good time or spend time to your personal advantage, using enormous resources of the global network of the Internet.

Question: I am a student, how can I combine the offered work with my studies?

Yes, the schedule of work is made by you, this means, that you can come in after your other activities or before them. This office works around the clock, 7 days in a week.

Question: What is the payment of your models?

Our models receive a share from those sums which have been credited to their account from the visitors to their chat-room. The base rate at employment makes 50 %, but it can go up to 55%, 60% and even 70 %. At the normal traffic of a model over a month, your salary cam hardly fall below a minium 300-500 dollars.

Question: What should do model during work. Is there any room for personal familiarity with the clients?

We work with the largest, legal sites belonging the American companies. Accordingly we are compelled to submit to requirements of the legislation of the USA. Everything that a model does, while on videocamera, is your private affair. You can sit, smile, make eyes, or can simply draw melons on a wall or paint your nails. If the visitor likes to watch you or they want to chat with you the model on the Internet - that's your reponsibility and that the basics of our business. No peronal familiarity with clients during work is required. The model works with the staff absolutely alone and she independently makes the decision to agree to requests and wishes of the visitor. Technically it is done by means of a computer with the videocamera connected to them. You can see (and can and not see) your interlocutor, and they see you. Conversation thus is supported by means of text correspondence through the keyboard, as in most typical chat rooms.
The system is organized so that to block connections with subscribers from Latvia (who actually not present in any case), the Near Abroad and even from Eastern Europe. Subscribers also do not have any opportunity to receive any personal information about you. Thus, all contacts occur exclusively with people who are separated from you by huge distances and a barrier of anonymity. And ith people whom you never will meet in a real life - unless you seek it and certainly no if don't want it. Actually, the most models consider their interlocutors as a kind of virtual essence, and video chat itself as a kind of a video-game.

Question: What duration of the working day? Are there any days off?

The working day means the chosen schedule of work. The beginning and duration of changes are adjusted by the worker. As those are no days off per se, the model can choose any day to be free. Our models organize their own work time, so each girl can feel that the amount of her working hours depends first of all on herself.

Question: I heard that some of models marry foreigners, visitors to their chat? Is there any truth to it?

Unfortunately - yes. Some visitors do get involved in emotional soap operas with chat models, come to Riga, and sometimes have meetings that end here with hard landings, or sometimes - with weddings. This means that the studios can lose models. But though we are not supporters of such practices, we do not interfere with any personal contact during a chat if the model chooses to flirt with the visitor, by any means available to
On the contrary. we even encourage our models to flirt with visitors since the total earnings from such personal chats exceed all the others and therefore the earnings of the model can grows many times over in amount.

Question: Do you train models?

At present vocational training is not offered. It's nature itself that has awarded girls with their physical and personal charms, and this your professional assets for this work. Naturally, our models receive consultations concerning the job procedures, and also on technical questions. On each computer there is a translation program which noticeably helps the work of girls with a basic knowledge of the English language.

Question: I should think. What qualities will help me to earn more?

In our complex and excessively fast world, people are disturbed by series of stress related, psychological problems. Many find for themselves some consolation in cyber-chat - for certain you must know personally many persons for whom virtual reality plays a significant role in their lives. Cyber-chat - is the form of virtual interaction which is the most suited for today world. People are ready to pay for its use. Your task is to entertain and interest the interlocutor as long as possible to keeping him " on line ". Someone wants, needs to be listened to. Someone who does not have many real friends. Someonewho is heavy on a shower(??? what the hell?). Someone who simply wishes to see good show. Certainly, the knowledge of basic English at the level of simple conversation is extremely desirable. But experience shows that in most cases nothing more is required. Your interlocutors for certain will appreciated signs of the qualities that are desirable in any woman - the skills to listen, to understand, to support, to inspire. To conduct a conversation which will distract them from their daily problems, and make them feel better about life. Even if you don't like to conduct long virtual conversations at all - all the same there are other means by which you could become popular. It could be the " language of a body ", eloquence of a mimicry and gestures, grace in clothes. Work as model - is a fine way to learn to perfection this fine art of managing men's emotions and desires

Finally, - you need self-discipline. To apply some the simple rules which don't fall outside the limits of usual business ethics - all of which is not hard for a reasonable person. Nevertheless, self discipline will make life easier for you, and for your colleagues. And the main thing, it helps to earn more through additional effort - and simply not losing that in itself is your hands(???).

Question: All of this seems to Me a bit dubious from a moral point of view... ??

We understand that the moral aspects of this job does bother many of those who are considering their own committment in this kind of (sex)work. But many social practices became eventually accepted even when they were in the beginning called into question from the conservative point of view of the majority of society. The basic argument for those who has chosen for themselves a successful career in the sphere of cyberchat - is, certainly, keeping their studio work outside their dailly life and maintaining their personal anonymity. Cyber chat with the customer occurs exclusively in private - and remember, for you it remains always virtual. Your participation in work of our studio is never disclosed - only you can decide, who from your daily life will know about your work activity and who for whom it will remain a secret. We also would like to explain, that there is no similarity or connection between the traditional, real, escort business - which, is really frequently kriminalizovan - and your work as virtual model. There is a civilized technology here, where again civilized standards operate.

Question: Okay, now I am interested. What's next?

Send on email: [email protected] the small information on, a photo, a phone number, and we we shall communicate to appoint interview.

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And this is how Peekshows advertises itself to US Based Cam Models and Studios.
This actually helpful since it gives us the exact technical requirements and US legal criteria that Models must meet to work on line for almost all American Web-sites.

Studio and Model Information


PeekShows pays ontime every week!
Multiple Payment methods availible.
PeekShows studio payrates are some of the highest in the industry!

PeekShows has alot of easy ways for your models to make extra money:

3 types of shows
Private, Semi and Voyeur.

ViPeeks Image galleries.
Where models make money when customers purchases access to thier picture gallery.

Model Incentive Program.
For models to refer new users to PeekShows through a trackable link we provide.
The model will earn 20% of that customers purchases on our site,
for as long as she remains an active model.

Model Wish List.
Once completed, customers can visit our online store and purchase gifts for the model,
from her own selections. When an order is placed, we contact the model for
her shipping address, and we pack up the gift and ship it off,
all without the customer ever knowing the models address.

Model Blogs!
Models can easily create a Blog, which is visible to users from her bio page.
Customers can read the blog, as well as post comments to the blog.

More features are soon to come!

Studios are paid weekly by check.
The pay period starts Monday and ends Sunday.
Checks are sent out on Friday for the previous week.
Studios in North America can expect their checks in 2-3 days if sent by mail.
Studios outside of North America can expect payment in 1-6 weeks depending on the postal service in your area.

Wire Transfers are also availible.
They take about 2 to 3 days from the time we send them to the time they arrive in your bank.
Wire Transfers are sent once your total payment due is over $1200, or once a week, whichever is longer.
There is a $55 transfer fee, for each wire transfer.

Please fill out the SIGNUP form for PayRate Information.

N.B. Well actually they are currently offering about $1.50 per minute for private sessions for US Based free lance models. And they don't guarantee a similar pay scale for foreign models

You Must have a Computer with at least a 400Mhz Pentium II processor or equivalent and 128Mb of ram. BUT, we recommend that you have an 800Mhz Pentium III with 256Mb of ram or better, for best results.

You will also need a video capture card and a camera. We recommend the use of WindowsXP with a capture card and a camcorder. Other video sources often work with our system, but for best video quality and speed a video capture card with camcorder setup is preferred. Sorry, No Firewire.

You must be running Windows! Sorry, no Macs.

Broadband Internet Connection. (Cable modem, DSL, etc.) We recommend an intenernet connection with at least 128kbps to 256kbps upload speed.

(STEP 1.) Submit the Studio Signup Form
Completely fill out and submit the Studio Signup form. Once we receive your submission we will email you the necessary forms and contracts, as described in the table below.
(STEP 2.) Sending Paperwork!
Please follow the instructions and complete the necessary contracts that we send to you. Then email them back to the person who sent them to you.

Below is a description of the forms we supply, and who needs to fill them out. You will emailed the forms that you need when after you submit the Studio Signup form.

Studio Forms:
Form: Descripition:
(MSA) The Master Services Agreement(MSA) contract needs to completed and returned by any studio that will be contracted/paid directly by Broadcasting Concepts, Inc.. Once you complete this form, please scan and email it to [email protected]
If your studio is contracted/paid by another studio or affiliate who is in turn contracted/paid by Broadcasting Concepts, Inc., then you do not need to complete this contract, please refer to the Brokered Master Services Agreement(BMSA).
(BSA) The Broker Services Agreement(BSA) needs to be completed and returned by any studio or affiliate that will be contracting with and paying other studios to provide models to PeekShows.com. If you do not hire or pay models directly, and you only hire and pay other studios, then you only need to fill out the BSA and the Service Order, you will not need to fill out the Master Services Agreement(MSA). On the other hand, if you hire and pay other studios, and you also hire and pay models directly, then you will need to fill out the Master Services Agreement(MSA), the Service Order and the Broker Services Agreement(BSA). If you ONLY hire models to work directly for you, and you do not hire or contract with other studios to provide your models, then do not complete or return the BSA. Please email your completed BSA to [email protected]
ServiceOrder.pdf The Service Order needs to be completed and returned WITH the Master Services Agreement(MSA). If you are required to return the MSA, then you also must return the Service Order. If you are not required to return the MSA, then you do not need to return the Service Order. When returning the Service Order, please email it to [email protected]/
BrokerServiceOrder.pdf The Broker Service Order needs to be completed and returned WITH the Broker Services Agreement(BSA). If you are required to return the BSA, then you also must return the Broker Service Order. If you are not required to return the BSA, then you do not need to return the Broker Service Order. When returning Service Orders, please email to [email protected]
(BMSA) The Brokered Master Services Agreement(BMSA) is between you and any other studios that you hire and pay. This contract is not with Broadcasting Concepts, Inc., it is a contract for studios to provide to other studios that they contract with. Please do not return this contract to Broadcasting Concepts, Inc. upon completion, you need to keep it on file yourself. BUT, please make sure to provide the studios Custodian of Records information from the last page of the contract to [email protected], as we will need to list this Custodian of Records information on http://www.peekshows.com/custodian.html. You will only need this contract if you have also filled out and returned a Broker Services Agreement(BSA) to Broadcasting Concepts, Inc.. This contract can be edited by you, and changed however you like. We only offer this contract to you as a guideline of what you should have with any studios that you work with to provide models to PeekShows.com, and we offer no guarantee whatsoever that this contract is correct or legally binding in your area or any other areas.
Model Forms:
Form: Descripition:
(Model Release of Liability Waiver) The Model Release of Liability Waiver needs to be completed by EVERY model that wishes to be added as to the system. You will scan and upload the completed and signed version of this Model Release when you add this model to the system. This Model Release original then needs to be kept on file by the models Producer or Custodian of Records. If this model works directly for you, then you need to keep a copy of this Model Release. If this model works for a studio that contracts with you, then you still need to keep a copy of this Model Release, and so does the studio that the model directly works for...

(Title 18 USC 2257 Required Identity and Age Verification Form)
The Identity and Age Verification Form needs to be completed by EVERY model that wishes to be added as to the system. You will scan and upload the completed and signed version of this Identity and Age Verification Form when you add this model to the system. This Identity and Age Verification Form original then needs to be kept on file by the models Producer or Custodian of Records. If this model works directly for you, then you need to keep a copy of this Identity and Age Verification Form. If this model works for a studio that contracts with you, then you still need to keep a copy of this Identity and Age Verification Form, and so does the studio that the model directly works for...

All persons who appear in any visual depiction contained in PeekShows were/are eighteen years of age or older at the time of the creation of such depiction's. The records required by Section 2257 of Title 18 of the United States Code with respect to visual depiction's of actual sexually explicit conduct are kept by the appropriate custodian of records, except with regard to visual depiction's of actual sexually explicit conduct made before July 3, 1995, which are exempt from the requirements set forth in 18 U.S.C. 2257 and 28 C.F.R. 75.

Privacy Statement: Your information is held in strict confidence in a manner not accessible from the Internet. PeekShows keeps any and all records confidential. Your privacy and confidentiality are safe and are of top priority. If you have questions about this policy, please e-mail us at [email protected]

Login | Paperwork | Contact | Signup | Help

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Model Information for Peekshows. FAQS. May 2006.

Question: How do I signup to be a model on Peekshows.com?

Answer: Just fill out the model agreement including signature, date and initials on all sections and subsections. Then fill out the fax cover letter and fax or email the documents along with a copy of your ID to 702-262-1216 or [email protected]
Question: How long will it be before I receive my first check?

Answer:We send out checks weekly, by Thursday, for the previous week (Monday through Sunday). Although it depends on what part of the world you live in how long it will take to get your check. Generally models in North America will receive their checks within 2 to 3 days. Models in Russia can expect checks within a week or two. Most countries in Europe usually take up to a month to receive checks by mail.

Question: Can you send payment via Western Union or similar wire transfer service?
Answer: We do not at this time send payment to models in any other form than a check.
Question: Do I have to work a certain schedule or minimum number of hours per week?
Answer: No. You can upload a schedule for customers to see, but you do not have to work any certain hours. You also do not need to work a minimum number of hours. You can work whenever you want 24 hours per day 7 days per week 365 days per year. It's all up to you
Question: How do I make money?
Answer: Models make money for every minute in a private or semiprivate show.
Question: What type of Content can I show in my room?
Answer: First of all you must follow all of our rules and as long as you do not break your local obscenity laws, you have nothing to worry about.
Question: If I have my own website can I link to Peekshows.com?
Answer: Yes, We have an excellent Webmaster Program in which you can link to Peekshows.com and make money at the same time!

Question: When I get paid, do I pay my own taxes?
Answer: Yes. You are responsible for paying your own taxes. You are not an employee of Peekshows.com. You are a self employed sub contractor and simply offer your services to Peekshows.com's members. Peekshows.com complies with all reporting requirements of the IRS.
Question: Is performing on Peekshows.com legal?
Answer: Yes, As long as you are not breaking any obscenity laws in your community.
Question: How do I get Technical Support?
Answer: You can email [email protected] or our 24 hour Live Customer Service chat window.
Question: How much does it cost to sign up as a model?
Answer: Nothing. There are no fees for signing up as a model.

Question: What kind of Internet connection do I need?Answer: We recommend cable modem or DSL.
Question: What are the minimum computer System Requirements?
Answer: We recommend a 400MHZ processor or better with a minimum 128MB ram. You will also need a webcam or video camera with a capture card.

Question: Is it easy to hookup a camera to my computer?
Answer: Yes. USB webcams are very simple to install. Video cameras with a capture card are only slightly more difficult requiring one to open the computer case and plug in the card.

Question: Can I do shows with my girlfriend?
Answer: Yes, We do allow female/female shows. We do not allow male/male shows or male/female shows.
Question: Are there any reasons that would cause Peekshows.com to terminate my performer account?
Answer: Yes, if you break any of the rules or if your account has been inactive for more than one month.
Question: Will my Mac work with Peekshows.com's software?
Answer: No. Currently the PeekShows3k software does not support Mac computers.
Question: What is considered valid ID?
Answer: Any valid (not expired) government issued picture ID with your birthdate printed on it.

All persons who appear in any visual depiction contained in Peekshows.com were/are eighteen years of age or older at the time of the creation of such depiction's. The records required by Section 2257 of Title 18 of the United States Code with respect to visual depiction's of actual sexually explicit conduct are kept by the appropriate custodian of records, except with regard to visual depiction's of actual sexually explicit conduct made before July 3, 1995, which are exempt from the requirements set forth in 18 U.S.C. 2257 and 28 C.F.R. 75.

Privacy Statement: Your information is held in strict confidence in a manner not accessible from the Internet. Peekshows.com keeps any and all records confidential. Your privacy and confidentiality are safe and are of top priority. If you have questions about this policy, please e-mail us at mailto:[email protected]

120 Day Probationary Period: Effective immediately, any model that currently works for any company affiliated with Peekshows.com will be put on a 120 day probationary period at the time that the model stops working for the said company. During a probationary period a model may not work for any affiliate on Peekshows.com. After the 120 day probationary period is over, the model is free to work anywhere on Peekshows.com desired. Basically, once you have begun to work anywhere on Peekshows.com, there are only 2 ways to go to work for a different company within Peekshows.com:
1. Wait 120 days until your probation is over or,
2. If all involved parties (both affiliate companies, the model & Peekshows.com) agree to the models transfer and submit the Probationary Period Model Release Waiver to Peekshows.com's main office at 702-262-1216.

Pay rates mentioned above apply only to models in the United States. Peekshows.com does not directly hire or contract any models from outside of the United States. If you are from outside the U.S.A. and wish to work on Peekshows.com, please contact us and we will put you in contact with an affiliate, studio or sister site in your area.
Need Help?
Click below to chat live with our customer support team!

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Jul 10 06 9:47 PM

What is the Customer Promised in terms of what cam-models are expected to do?

FAQs from MyFreeCams.com...July 2006.

Question: What is MyFreeCams.com? How does all this work?
Answer: MyFreeCams.com is an online video network connecting men and women from all over the world through high-speed live video chat with full audio support.

When you first arrive at our site, you will be granted only Guest privileges. This means that every time you enter a video-chat room, you will be given a random nickname like "Guest1234" - which the girls largely ignore since it changes all the time. Your font in the chatroom will be tiny, and after about 5 minutes of chatting, you will be redirected to our free registration page. You will also be forbidden from accessing members-only areas of our site such as the photos and videos of our webcam models.

So the obvious thing to do is to Register for Free. All you need to do is choose your username and password, and enter your email address for verification - your username will become your nickname in future chat sessions. This will be your free lifetime membership to MyFreeCams.com, meaning you can come back any time you want. Once you login to your free account, you'll be able to chat with the models, your font size will be bigger, and you'll never be kicked out of the chat. And if you are worried about spam, don't be! Read our Privacy Policy.

Question: Is there anything on this site that is not free?

Answer: Yes, we offer premium services such as Private 1-on-1 sessions with the performers, voyeur shows, and access to personal photos and videos of the performers. The way it works is you must first login with your username and password and then purchase tokens to use all around our site. We accept all major credit cards and all transactions go through our secure server.

In addition, as soon as you make your first token purchase of any size, you will be automatically upgraded from your basic membership to our premium membership. This will allow you to speak in private (whisper) to the model during public chat, send models e-mails in your personal message center, make your nickname and font bold weight, and unlock lots of other cool features!
Question: How much do the premium services cost?
Answer: We currently offer several options for purchasing site tokens or credits:

200 Tokens for $19.99 (approximately $0.10 per token)
550 Tokens for $49.99 (approximately $0.09 per token)
900 Tokens for $74.99 (approximately $0.08 per token)

Your credit card statement will discreetly read PAYCOM.NET*ActiveSof.

As you can see, you get a discount for the bigger purchases.

Once you have some tokens in your account, you can spend them all around our site. You can take a performer to a private session which will cost you 60 tokens per minute. Or, while a performer is in a private session with someone else, you can watch the show using our Voyeur Show feature which will only cost you 20 tokens per minute. And as mentioned earlier, just having once purchased tokens lets you do all of the cool things premium members are allowed to do, without any extra cost or spent tokens.

Also, remember that unlike other live cam sites, we deduct your tokens every second, NOT every minute. So if you only want to be in private for 90 seconds, you will only use up 90 tokens, not 2 minute's worth. Just another example of us always putting our customers first! :-)

Question: What happens in a private show?
Answer: The short answer is "whatever you want to happen!"

Our performers are eager and willing to do whatever they can to make you happy and fulfill virtually any fantasy. If you're not sure if the performer is willing to do what you desire, feel free to ask them in the public chat and they will let you know.

Generally, you can expect to see the performer fully nude, masturbating, and interacting with you in any way you wish. You are completely in control and your conversation with the performer is completely private. And remember, we never leave our clients unsatisfied!

If you are unhappy with your private session or if you experience any technical problems please end your private session right away and Contact Us right away! While we are glad to issue refunds for real problems, please do not tell us you were in private for 2 hours and are requesting your money back. :-)

Question: What exactly is a Voyeur Show?

Answer: While a performer is in a private 1-on-1 show with another customer, you have the opportunity of watching the full hardcore show at only 1/3 of the cost of a private session. You will remain in the public chat room but you will receive all of the video and audio from the private show. You may not interact with the performer but only watch the action as it is being directed by another person. This is a great option if you want to watch private performances inexpensively.

Question: Can I e-mail or otherwise contact the girls?

Answer: Yes! We've designed a state of the art Message Center where you can send messages to your favorite performers and receive messages from them, all done instantly! You will even know exactly when they open each of your messages. All the girls love to hear from their fans. This message center is available to our premium members, in other words, members that have made at least 1 token purchase of any size on their account.

Question: Can I chat privately (whisper) with the girls in the chat room?

Answer: Yes, our premium users can take advantage of our whisper feature. While in a free chat room, you may prefix whatever you type with "/whisper" or simply "/w" and this will send a discrete message only to the performer. She may then reply in a whisper to you! This is only available to our premium members, that is, those members that have purchased tokens at least once on their account.

Question: What is a premium membership? How do I get one?
Answer: The premium membership is just a fancy term we use to describe regular members that have purchased tokens at our site at least once. There are no additional fees or charges. We just like to reward our members that have purchased tokens with additional benefits like access to our Message Center, "whisper" privileges, a bold font and inreased font size in the charooms, and other cool stuff!

Question: What is the model rating? How is it determined?

Answer: The model rating is a 0-10 point score to show our users the average rating the model has received from her past private show performances. After reasonably long private sessions, users are asked to rate their level of satisfaction with the performance. The final score is calculated based on those user ratings and it is then weighted by other factors to make it as fair as possible. If a model's rating is not shown, it means she is new to the site and has not received enough reviews to make her score eligible.

Question: How much of my money goes to the performers?

Answer: Unlike many other cam sites, we put the performers first. After we pay our many expenses running and constantly improving the site, virtually ALL of our profits go to pay the performers and their agents or managers.

Question: Can I send the performers gifts?

Answer: We love it when our members connect with the models on a personal level and wish to send them a gift. You are free to use our message center to exchange address information and send the models whatever you like!

Just 1 word of caution, however. Since our models are located in so many places around the world, it is often impossible to guarantee that your gift will actually arrive at its destination, especially in a timely manner. For this reason we encourage our members to make use of our "Tip" feature which we personally guarantee is the safest and quickest way to give money to the model. We realize this is less intimate than you may like, but including a nice message and telling the model what you wish you could get her with the money might be the next best thing!

Question: What is the Tip feature?

Answer: The Tip feature is just a way for users to transfer tokens to a model's account, more than the site would automatically deduct for premium services like private shows. A payment above the cost is known by many things in different countries around the world but in America it's called a Tip. :-)

Tips are 100% optional, they are not required in any way, and performers do not expect them. But if you choose to send a tip, whether after a private show or in any other case, a private message will be sent to the model through the message center letting her know of your gift. All of us at MyFreeCams appreciate your generosity!

Question: I have billing problems or questions. What do I do?

Answer: If you experience ANY problems at all with purchasing or using tokens at this site, please do not hesitate to Contact Us right away. We are around nearly 24 hours a day andwe will help you with your problem instantly and likely credit you extra tokens for your troubles!

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